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Who are these celebrities? An Aussie Open quiz

January 28, 2009 |  9:00 am

Ken Rosewall MELBOURNE, Australia -- The Australian Open puts out a list each day of celebrities expected to attend. Scheduled to be on site Wednesday during the day were: Stephen Curry ("film and TV star" and hard to Google because the Davidson basketball player Stephen Curry, whom I have heard of, kept coming up); Lyn Collingwood (actress, "Home & Away"); Gary Ablett Jr. (Geelong Football Club champion); Lauren Phillips (TV presenter, which, I guess, isn't someone who just gives you a TV); Ken Rosewall (tennis legend and, finally, a real celebrity, pictured here); Wendy Turnbull (also listed as a "tennis legend," which seems really unfair to Ken Rosewall); and Guillermo Vilas (yet another tennis legend). That was the day session.

For the night session, not even any tennis legends. But celebrities nonetheless, they tell me: Red Symons (ABC Breakfast Show radio presenter); Glenn Robbins (TV star & comedian); Trevor Marmalade (TV personality & football commentator, and this can't be his real name can it, and how, how is this man not on radio row at the Super Bowl this week?); Sam Moran (member of the children's band The Wiggles); Eddie McGuire (TV & AFL identity); and, finally, the Honorable Rob Hulls (deputy premier, and see if you can notice why Mr. Hulls probably is a fan of Gary Ablett Jr.)

Anyway, I tried to spot one of them (other than the three tennis players). Just couldn't do it.

-- Diane Pucin

Photo: Ken Rosewall, during an appearance at the Sydney International tournament two weeks ago. Credit: Greg Wood / AFP / Getty Images