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NFL rules the TV rankings

December 17, 2008 |  6:00 pm

Andre Frazier (left) tangles with the Cowboys' Terence Newman.

It's hard to argue the numbers.

While I wish more of you were watching "The Office", the best-written comedy on television as long as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" isn't giving us new episodes (and does anybody have a clue if there are going to be new episodes and, if so, when? Larry David, if you read this, please e-mail!), or "Desperate Housewives," which has picked up steam this season having moved five years in the future.

I can't blame you for not watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Or "Orange County." Those are my (not-so-secret) addictions.

But so far this television season you all are watching NFL football. Early and often.

The NFL sent out a release (below) that uses this season's Nielsen Media Research. Notable? Of the top 15 most-watched television shows this viewing season, 13 are NFL games. Only the "60 Minutes" edition featuring Barack Obama (sorry Pete Carroll) and the season premiere of "CSI" cracked the NFL domination. And I missed both those shows!

Program (Game)


1. FOX Sunday National (mostly Cowboys-Steelers), 12/7

25.7 million

2. CBS Sunday National (Broncos-Jets & Pats-Steelers), 11/30

25.5 million

3. CBS Sunday National (mostly Patriots-Jets), 9/14

25.2 million

4. 60 Minutes (Obama interview preceded by late SD-Pitt finish), 11/16

25.1 million

5. CBS Sunday National (mostly Steelers-Ravens), 12/14

24.4 million

6. FOX Sunday National (mostly Cowboys-Cardinals), 10/12

23.7 million

7. CSI (season premiere), 10/9

23.5 million

8. FOX Sunday National (mostly Cowboys-Giants), 11/2

23.3 million

9. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-Cardinals), 11/23

23.3 million

10. CBS Sunday National (mostly Colts-Packers), 10/19

23.2 million

11. NBC Sunday Night Football (Giants-Cowboys), 12/14

23.1 million

12. FOX Thanksgiving Day (Seahawks-Cowboys), 11/27

22.7 million

13. CBS Sunday National (mostly Colts-Steelers), 11/9

22.4 million

14. FOX Sunday National (mostly Giants-Steelers), 10/26

22.3 million

15. NBC Sunday Night Football (Cowboys-Packers), 9/21

22.2 million

Source: NFL, Nielsen Media Research

-- Diane Pucin

Photo:  The Steelers' Andre Frazier, left, tangles with the Cowboys' Terence Newman during Sunday's game at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. Credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images