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The Raiders-Chargers game in 3-D? I can't wait!

December 3, 2008 |  4:30 pm

3D glasses.

It's always Christmas Day for me, at least whenever there is a new television invention.

I had SO wanted to take a week off work the first time I had cable television available in my Cincinnati neighborhood. All my friends and colleagues had already entered that new world but it seemed as if I were getting 40 pounds of gold when the cable guy came and hooked up my first box. I was transfixed by some awful Tom Skerritt movie (can't even begin to remember its name) but it didn't matter. I had HBO!

And the wonder is still with me.

On the day when Nickelodeon appeared on my cable, whoopee! Up all night with Nick at Nite! ESPN2? Now I could watch sports I didn't care about ... 24 hours a day.

The whole digital idea was cool and when we got our first flat screen a couple of years ago I was trying to figure out how much vacation time I could take immediately and just stare. When our cable provider, Cox, started rolling out a whole new tier of HD channels, I was refreshing the Cox home page 10 times a day to see when our city would go on line.  Charles Barkley's sweat on TNT HD so real I wanted to towel off his face. What could be better?

Glasses And now I'm going to the Mann Chinese Six theaters Thursday night to watch an NFL Network broadcast of the Oakland Raiders at San Diego Chargers game in 3-D. It's a limited trial -- the 3-D game will also be shown in one theater in Boston and one in New York. The producing company is 3Ality Digital.

It's an invitation-only evening of experimental theater. Whatever the future of 3-D sporting broadcasts is, it's too soon to tell.

But according to a USA today article, Fox is going to show its BCS bowl games (that means not you, Rose Bowl, on ABC) in about 150 theaters nationwide including a yet-to-be-determined number in the Los Angeles area. Would you go to a theater and put on goofy glasses to watch Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford throw a pass into your lap, or at least have that feeling?

In my Friday media column I'll have a report on the 3-D experience and hopefully a hint of what might be the future of this experiment. But here's my question. I wear eyeglasses. So do I just put the 3-D glasses over my regular glasses? (The answer is yes.) But won't that be uncomfortable? (I am told no, it's not.) But if I don't wear my regular glasses will I be able to see just with the 3-D glasses? OK, is it too late to get contacts?

-- Diane Pucin

Top photo: A pair of 3-D movie glasses. Credit: Roslyn Rahman / AFP / Getty Images

Inset: The glasses Diane will wear over her regular eyewear. Credit: Real 3D Inc.