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Last call: Vin Scully and Chris Joseph

November 24, 2008 | 11:07 pm

Lastcall2_2 Don Barrett's, a great site for keeping track of the comings and goings of local radio, has a report from the recent dinner where the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters honored Dodgers announcer Vin Scully., usually a pay site, is free until the end of November (just type in free as your user name and as the password when asked).

Scully tells a great story about the most important Dodgers game he ever called, and I won't ruin it by even hinting at it here. Just check it out at the link and enjoy it in his own words.


By the way, why is it when a local athlete is arrested it's a top story everywhere, but when a local athlete is named a Rhodes Scholar, it barely gets a mention? Aren't they both newsworthy? Or is it just more exciting to write and show about an arrest than it is to write and show about an athlete getting one of the highest honors you can get? And that's for using his brains.

So, congratulations to Chris Joseph of the UCLA football team for becoming only the fifth UCLA athlete to be so honored. Maybe while you are in England, you can be arrested for something and really get noticed.

The other four UCLA athletes to earn a Rhodes scholarship? 1997, Annette Salmeen, swimming; 1969, Harold Griffin, football; 1962, William Zeltanoga, wrestling; 1925, John Olmsted, tennis.

In addition, another UCLA student, Scott Hugo, a senior majoring in Political Science and History, also was a Rhodes Scholar recipient. He is a starter on the UCLA rugby club team.

-- Houston Mitchell