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Totally Random

November 2, 2008 |  5:29 pm


The so-called world’s worst boxer finally retired Friday night -- but not before finding someone he could beat.

In his 300th and final career bout, 39-year-old British super-featherweight Peter Buckley defeated Matin Mohammed (pictured above, left and right, respectively) on points in Birmingham, England, recording his first victory since 2003.

Buckley’s record in those 300 bouts: 32 victories, 256 defeats and 12 draws -- the worst on record.

Buckley told the BBC the proudest moment of his career was a fight in Austria against Harald Geler for an intercontinental WBA title. A loss. "He'd been knocking a few people out but he was nothing special and I had him over in the ninth round, but ended up losing on points over 12," he said.

Lows? Ah, there have been a few.

Life after boxing? "I definitely won't miss getting punched in the face for a living," he said.

Trivia time

Name the only professional football player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame who never played a down in the NFL.

A bleeping mistake

The Philadelphia Phillies' World Series championship celebration at Citizens Bank Park on Friday lasted one word too long, in the view of defenders of polite speech.

On live radio and television, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley inserted a two-syllable profanity in between “world” and “champions” when given his chance behind the microphone.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that "the crowd loved it, erupting into cheers for several minutes. Local TV and radio stations covering the event live, however, were less amused."

Anchors quickly issued on-air apologies, even at CBS3, which was covering the event with a several-second tape delay. A spokeswoman for the station said a technician "hit the button but missed by a hair."

Fans were more forgiving. "I thought it was awesome," 17-year-old Steve Reinhardt said. "It got the loudest applause of the day."

One too many hits

What are the greatest hockey quotations of all time?

Here are five nominees, from the re-release of Chris McDonell’s "Shooting from the Lip: Hockey’s Best Quotes and Quips."

5. "I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body." -- Saku Koivu.

4. "Getting cut in the face is a pain in the butt." -- the Calgary Flames' Theo Fleury.

3. "Wayne came over to the bench one day after seeing [Zdeno] Chara and said, 'That's why I'm quitting.' " -- Rangers Coach John Muckler, laughing about Wayne Gretzky's comment on Ottawa's 6-foot-9 defenseman.

2. "Tell him he's Wayne Gretzky." -- Oilers Coach Ted Green, after Shaun Van Allen suffered a concussion and couldn't remember who he was.

1. "How would you like it if, at your job, every time you made the slightest mistake a little red light went on over your head and 18,000 people stood up and screamed at you?" -- Hall of Fame Montreal Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante.

Trivia answer

Billy Shaw, who played offensive guard for the Buffalo Bills from 1961-1969, all in the American Football League.

Final thought

Also from McDonell’s book is this explanation by Bruce McNall as to why he made the Gretzky trade in 1988:

"Luc Robitaille is a great kid and good player, but ask anybody on the street and they'd probably think Luc Robitaille is a type of salad dressing."

-- Mike Penner

Photo credit: Andrew Yates / AFP / Getty Images