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Shaun Phillips: 'We need to get rolling'

November 13, 2008 |  3:22 pm

Shaun Phillips is a linebacker with the San Diego Chargers and posts every week on this blog.

San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips, left, and safety Paul Oliver celebrate after beating the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Today I was thinking that we haven't won two games in a row this year. That's kind of crazy to me.

Since I have been in the league, we have had a four-loss year (2004), a seven-loss year (2005), a two-loss year (2006), and a five-loss year (2007). This season, we have five already so we need to get rolling or I am going to go crazy.

This will be a fun game in my eyes because it is against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are notorious for having a great defense and some outstanding linebackers.

I take this game personally because I am dedicating myself to be the best linebacker on the field this week. It is a personal battle because here are two linebackers in James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley and they are both at the top in the league for sacks, while I'm sitting with 3 1/2. This is a great opportunity for me to show that I'm one of the premier linebackers in league.

I love to play in cold games because it reminds me of backyard football and that's the kind of game we want it to be. A lot of guys on our team come from cold weather cities, but we get spoiled being in Southern California. This game comes down to what team is more physical and determined and I am more than ready. It is time to get back to work and ready to win a HUGE game.

Remember to vote for me in the Pro Bowl.

-- Shaun Phillips

Photo: San Diego Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips, left, and safety Paul Oliver celebrate their victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Credit: Paul Buck / European Pressphoto Agency