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Last call: Is Dustin Pedroia a Hall of Famer? and today's game of the day

November 18, 2008 | 10:30 pm

Is Dustin Pedroia headed for the Hall of Fame? He became the 20th player in baseball history to win the rookie of the year award and most valuable player award.

Of the previous 19, five aren't eligible of the Hall of Fame. Three because they are still active (Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols and Ichiro Suzuki), one because he hasn't been retired long enough to be on the ballot (Jeff Bagwell), and one because he is on the ineligible list (Pete Rose).

Of the 14 remaining, eight are in the Hall of Fame. Of the six who aren't, you can make a strong case that three of them (Don Newcombe, Richie Allen, Andre Dawson) that they deserve to be there. So, the odds are in Pedroia's favor to eventually make the Hall.

A look at the players who have won both awards (*-in Hall of Fame)

Dustin Pedroia
Ryan Howard
Ichiro Suzuki
Albert Pujols
Jeff Bagwell
Jose Canseco
Cal Ripken Jr.*
Andre Dawson
Fred Lynn
Thurman Munson
Johnny Bench*
Rod Carew*
Richie Allen
Pete Rose
Willie McCovey*
Orlando Cepeda*
Frank Robinson*
Willie Mays*
Don Newcombe
Jackie Robinson*

And finally, today's Game of the Day (My best score is 36. Deal with that, people!):

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-- Houston Mitchell