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Chris Kaman off the job: 'I just do stupid stuff'

November 12, 2008 |  1:00 pm

Chris Kaman Reporters at the Clippers' practice on Tuesday asked center Chris Kaman about a New York Post report that suggested the Clippers are trying to trade him.

Club officials and Kaman batted down the rumor. But Kaman also took time to banter with the media about his media habits.

I don’t watch any TV. I don’t even turn my TV on. I have DirecTV. The only thing I’ll ever turn on is for a football game or a basketball game. I frequent the Internet probably once or twice a week, just checking my e-mail.

Kaman instead stays busy with various hobbies.

I shoot my bow and arrow in my backyard, fly helicopters around. I just do stupid stuff that you wouldn’t think I’d be doing. But I’m the one doing it. I think it’s a waste of time watching TV. I think it’s a lot of propaganda and there’s stuff on there and it’s like, ‘Who cares?’ TV doesn’t rule me. I just try to pick and choose what I watch."

So what does he watch?

If I’m going to watch something, I’ll usually download it from iTunes and then watch it that way. I don’t have to worry about commercials. Other than that, I go on Yahoo mail, and then Yahoo Movies to check out what’s going on. If I need to search for something, I’ll go to Google or whatever."

Kaman tries to stay informed through other means. He said that he consults his roommate, "who's on the Internet all the time. I get my info from him."

That way, Kaman has more time to shoot bows and arrows and fly helicopters. You know, the stupid stuff that we wouldn't think an NBA center would be doing.

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Chris Kaman squeezes through the Denver Nuggets defense during an Oct. 31 game at the Staples Center. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times