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DeAngelo Hall finds a home -- but Raiders remain lost

November 7, 2008 |  3:09 pm

Deangelo Hall DeAngelo Hall wasn't unemployed for long. The big-money cornerback was signed Friday by Washington, two days after the Raiders gave him the boot.

Around the same time, in Green Bay, Charles Woodson, another former Oakland cornerback, spoke his mind about the franchise and Raiders owner Al Davis. Woodson, a starter for the Packers, talked about his old team with Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal.

"It's a sad state of affairs out there, and I really feel for the guys I know, guys like Nnamdi [Asomugha], Derrick Burgess -- those guys who I know week-in and week-out, no matter what, they're going to go out there and play hard," Woodson said. "That's the thing with Al -- it's hot or cold with him. If you're on the good side, you're good; if not, he'll get you out of there. So that's what you're seeing now."

"Oakland, it's sad to see it, because my first few years out there, with [Coach Jon] Gruden and [senior assistant] Bruce Allen, those years were great years. I think if those guys could've actually stayed out there, it would have been a different story. But they were pretty much forced out of there as well. I hate to see it. I love the community, I love the team, and like I said, those guys that I know, I feel for them the most."

On whether his relationship with Davis ran hot and cold: "With us, I guess, we had a relationship, we didn't talk that much or anything. We would talk in passing, at practices or what-not, but I never spent any time in his office or anything like that. I think once Gruden left and

Bruce Allen [left] and the other administration came in, that's when it kind of went the other way. It was never me and Al, it was just the other people that came in. I would just say that we had a decent relationship."

On whether a change of Raiders ownership is overdue: "You know, the way things are going right now, something has to be done. Because if you look at coming into this season, the moves that they made, the players that came in, they threw a lot of money around for no reason, really. Some decent guys, but to throw that type of money at the guys they did -- not very good moves. So they've got to get somebody in there and allow someone to actually have some control because it ends and it starts with Al. They have to get somebody in with some control."

-- Sam Farmer

Photo: Oakland Raiders cornerback DeAngelo Hall is shown during a training camp session in Napa this past summer.  Credit: Eric Risberg / Associated Press