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Rush Limbaugh won't trade paint with NASCAR

October 31, 2008 | 12:10 pm

Rush Limbaugh Sarah Palin Rush Limbaugh was quick to clarify his remarks after he leaped to the connection between NASCAR and "hayseed hicks.''

As you will see in his statement, he acknowledges he tried to put words in the mouths of "Democrats and the media.''

But he did it clumsily. It appears as the first thing he could think of to say after defending Sarah Palin against those who think she's a "hayseed hick" was something about NASCAR.

As you can see, Limbaugh is the one who made the connection, not the Democrats and media.

By the way, the most recent poll of NASCAR fans show they are evenly split between John McCain and Barack Obama.

-- Randy Harvey

Photo (left): Rush Limbaugh. Credit: Bruce Thorson / US Presswire
Photo (right): Sarah Palin. Credit: John Heller / Associated Press