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Red Sox Nation responds: Part 2

October 7, 2008 |  3:00 pm

More from Red Sox Nation:

"If you could send something to that classy gentleman, John Lackey, that somehow explains to him that it isn't how the runs are scored in a baseball game that matters, it is ACTUALLY scoring the runs that is the most effective way of heading back to Anaheim...with another game to play.  Oh, and also give him the heads up that it isn't anywhere else in America, that was Fenway Park... I think he has grown acquainted with it. Maybe the Angels were a better team; I mean heck, they did win 100 games in the grueling American League West Division. And yes, they did beat up on the Red Sox during the regular season, but I only wish that I could inform Mr. Lackey, and for that matter Mr. Hunter, that 'better' teams find the way to win in October.  Quite a CLASSY organization.  I venture to say it sounds like an organization that Hank Steinbrenner might operate.''

Dan Shea
Tolland, CT

Torii Hunter responds to shouts from the crowd after his two-run single in the eighth inning of Game 4 of baseball's American League division series against the Boston Red Sox in Boston. "Can someone point out to Lackey, Hunter and company that the "better" team needs to look for their 'better Angels'? The devil is in the details and the 'better team' did not play good much less 'better': misplayed routine flyballs. Lackey the 'joke' is on you--running errors on the bases, closer K-Rod went K-Poof, and abysmal hitting as a team. If Pedroia hitting the Green Monster is such a 'nothing' hit, the Angels sure could of used plenty of nothing 'cause they didn't have anything.

"There is nothing worse than sore losers. I'll say this about the "Angioplatsies", they sure are the better complainers. The Red Sox own them in play off baseball. Can it get much 'better' than that?"

T. Davison, Boston

"I had a ton of respect for the way the Angels played against us the last week, but after reading this sob story, I've come to the conclusion they're nothing but a bunch of crybabies.

"Nobody told them to let that '3 run popup' fall in front like the Keystone Cops, nobody made Vlad take a brain [lapse] rounding third. Tell those whiners to start looking around the clubhouse before they start making excuses."

Gino Grossi

"The frustrations of losing can certainly move players to make some rather foolish sounding statements in the heat of the moment and as a long time Red Sox fan, I can understand John Lackey's need to lash out at something, someone, anyone after another series loss to the Boston Red Sox. But John, as well as some of the other grumpy, petulant Angels, need to figure out that gum-flapping has never won a single baseball game. There will be no asterisks in the record books denoting the fact that the "Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim in the 2008 ALDS.

"However, Angels pitcher John Lackey insists the Angels were actually the better team. No John, unfortunately games must be played and won on the field and not at post game press conferences with a spew and a splurt of pent up frustrations and foolish sound bites. I'm no sports expert, but perhaps once John Lackey and some of his  'angry' Angels catch on to this subtle, yet important detail about winning baseball games, their fortunes might actually improve."

Joe St. Laurent, New Hampshire

-- Mike DiGiovanna

Photo: The Angels' Torii Hunter responds to shouts from the crowd after his two-run single in the eighth inning of Game 4 of baseball's American League division series against the Boston Red Sox in Boston on Oct. 6, 2008. Credit: Elise Amendola/Associated Press Photo