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Not so grand: Super Bowl tickets reach $1,000

October 16, 2008 |  2:25 pm

Last season's face value for tickets topped out at a mere $900 Apparently the NFL hasn't gotten word that the economy is in rough shape.

The league announced today that for the first time, face value of 25% of the tickets for this season's game in Tampa will be $1,000.

That's a little more than the value of my 401k at the moment. About 75% of the tickets will go for only $800, and there will be 1,000 tickets priced at the rock-bottom value of $500.

So if you've got the dough, and some connections, you can probably go to the game.

Tickets for last season's game topped out at $900, though the average price of resold tickets on StubHub was about $4,300, the Associated Press reported.

-- Mike James

Photo: Last season's tickets were available for a top face-value price of a mere $900. Credit: Alan Diaz / Associated Press