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Mr. K-(rod)lutch? Rodriguez up for a big MLB award

October 22, 2008 |  3:25 pm

Big headline on Angels' website: "Was K-Rod MLB's most clutch performer in '08?" This is some sort of official MLB award they're giving out tonight, and Francisco Rodriguez is one of six finalists. Alex Rodriguez, not exactly Mr. Clutch to many fans, won the inaugural award last year. (By the way, is it me, or are the baseball awards getting to be like the Grammys? Next year: best liner notes.)

The qualifications for the clutch award include this language:

He is the player that rises to the occasion when his team needs him most.

The fans vote on it, and presumably it does not include postseason clutchness, or lack thereof. If it did, we're not sure K-Rod would be foremost in voters' minds.

--Steve Clow