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Jemele Hill responds to Lou Holtz, Hitler flap

October 22, 2008 |  4:12 pm

Jemele_2Jemele Hill, top left, made a Hitler reference in a column for

Lou Holtz, lower left, made a Hitler reference on the air for ESPN.

Both were wrong. Both apologized. One was suspended, the other wasn't.

LouHill, the one who was suspended, responded to many requests for comment today in her personal blog.

It couldn't have been an easy situation her for. After all, she still works as a columnist, and one you should read, for ESPN.

In any case, she handled it with class and managed to make a reference to one of the country's best sports columnists, the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins.

-- Randy Harvey

Top photo: Jemele Hill. Credit: Courtesy of ESPN.

Lower photo: Lou Holtz. Credit: Joe Raymond / Associated Press