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Mike Singletary says his actions are 'pretty much me'

October 31, 2008 |  3:15 pm

Mike Singletary

If 49ers head coach Mike Singletary was frustrated by his team's performance on Sunday, he is more so now. Someone leaked the fact that he dropped his pants during his halftime speech to demonstrate to his players that they "were getting their tails kicked," in Singletary's words.

He was on the (Dan) Hampton and (Laurence) Holmes show on Chicago's 670 AM this morning and talked about it.

Everything that happened during the game, after the game, or whatever, that's pretty much me. ... The thing with the incident where you hear 'he dropped his pants at halftime' or whatever. ... The locker room is really sacred, there are some things that -- what is said or what is done should stay in the locker room and it's not like I didn't have anything on after I had my pants on.

Singletary wants to find out who it was.

"It’s unfortunate," Singletary said on a separate interview on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, according to "We will find out who is leaking information out of the locker room because what happens in the locker room should be sacred and stay there."

I'm just glad there is no video of that locker room speech. Boxers on or not.

-- Debbie Goffa

Photo: San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary at a news conference last week. Credit: Paul Sakuma / Associated Press