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Clippers' team dinner: The check, please

Baron Davis during media day at the new Clippers' facility in Playa Vista on Monday.

Who grabbed the check at the Clippers' team dinner on Monday night?

It wasn't rich man, poor man eating dinner. More like rich men, richer men.

But it wasn't the $65-million man (Baron Davis) doing the honors.

"I picked up the check," Clippers Coach Mike Dunleavy said. "It was my meeting."

Smart guy.

Besides, there is a method to these things.

"That's what Coach is supposed to do," Davis said. "I'll get the team dinners on the road."

None of the rookies, including first-round draft pick Eric Gordon, was forced to test out the vocal chords or perform any other silly stunts at the dinner table. That, apparently, comes later. (Gordon, incidentally, lost about 10 pounds during the summer.)

This isn't to say the rookies aren't busy meeting the needs of the veterans in training camp.

Said Dunleavy: "I told them, 'You know what? In my day I had to carry the shot clock.' "

If you spot Gordon at a local Coffee Bean, the odds are that his order will take some time.

"I get about three or four players," Gordon said.

Who orders the most frou frou drink?

"Baron," Gordon said. "He gets more than everybody."

Presumably, Davis skips the whipped cream. That would be a definitive lane violation of the Jenny Craig diet.

-- Lisa Dillman

Photo: Baron Davis during media day at the new Clippers' facility in Playa Vista on Monday. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

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