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Bill O'Reilly returns to 'The View,' but everyone behaves

Bill O'Reilly on "The View"

Bill O'Reilly returned to "The View" on Thursday, the scene of a heated debate in 2010 that resulted in "View" hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg walking off the program. This time, everyone remained seated.

The "O'Reilly Factor" host once again sparred with the women on the panel, including Barbara Walters, with topic No. 1 being the debate over access to contraception and Rush Limbaugh's criticism of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke.

As soon as O'Reilly sat down, Walters charged into the debate, noting that Fluke had appeared on "The View," but not "The O'Reilly Factor" because "maybe we were just more objective. But I will move on!"

While it was apparent Behar and Goldberg were ready for a fight, O'Reilly appeared to be on his best behavior, condemning Limbaugh's use of the words "slut" and "prostitute" to describe Fluke, while still debating the issues.

When talk turned to the current GOP primary elections, O'Reilly even got a rare chance to play nice guy. When asked whether Newt Gingrich should drop out of the race, O'Reilly responded: "No, he's having fun.... What else does he have to do?" To which, Behar said, "Get divorced and get married again."

"Oh, that's not nice," O'Reilly said. "What's wrong with you? Come on."

Behar responded, "Oh, I'm sorry. You're so nice and I'm not."

Back in 2010, a debate over a proposed Muslim community center to be built in Lower Manhattan boiled over into Goldberg and Behar stomping off the set. Walters scolded both of them on-air.

O'Reilly returned to "The View" in 2011, whereupon Goldberg and Behar strapped themselves to their seats.



About (Late) Last Night: Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart debate

'The View' 'ambushed' Star Jones, says 'Today' show colleague

Barbara Walters, Star Jones discuss her "ugly" departure from "The View"

--Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Barbara Walters and Bill O'Reilly on "The View." Credit: ABC

'Dancing With the Stars': This season's celebrities will be ...

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 14: Click to see more photos

An NFL star, a former TV super nerd and a Motown star — it could only mean the return of "Dancing With the Stars." The next team of celebrities (yes, that term is very elastic) for the 14th season of the ABC dance competition series was officially announced Tuesday LIVE!!, as host Tom Bergeron might proclaim, on "Good Morning America."

Child stars, singers, atheletes and TV hosts are aplenty this season. But has the sheen worn off the dance floor? Last season's finale, which saw sentimental favorite J.R. Martinez take home the mirror ball trophy, was the lowest-rated fall finale to date and was down significantly in the demographic of views ages 18 to 49 from the previous fall finale. Maybe the roster for this season will be enough to give the series a boost.

The 14th season will have a two-hour premiere Monday, March 19. 

PHOTOS: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 14 stars

Here's the list of celebrities who will be getting sequined up this season (in case you don't already recognize them from the photos here) ...

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'The View' 'ambushed' Star Jones, says 'Today' show colleague

The View

Donny Deutsch, Star Jones' colleague on the "Today's Professionals" regular segment of NBC's "Today" show, wasted no time at the start of Thursday's installment: He lashed out at Barbara Walters and the other co-hosts of "The View," saying those "mean girls" owed Jones an apology after her return on the show the previous day.

"They ambushed her yesterday," said Deutch in reference to Jones' return to the ABC daytime talk show, which she left under bitter circumstances nearly six years ago. He said it was like "watching the mean girls in the seventh-grade cafeteria take on a vulnerable girl."

Jones had returned to "The View" apparently to discuss her campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women. It was her first time on the show since 2006, when she abruptly departed. When she was informed then that her co-hosting contract would not be renewed, she blindsided Walters on air by announcing she was leaving. She was gone the next day.

On Wednesday, after Walters warmly greeted Jones and embraced her, she almost immediately plunged into the topic of Jones' departure. Though Jones tried to deflect the topic, Walters pressed her.

"It was ugly," Jones said. "It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media. ...I made the decision that I wanted to go out on my own terms. I wanted to control it so that when I walked back in here, if I were ever invited back, I would feel good about coming in."

On "Today," Deutch said that Jones had made "a mistake in the past," but called Walters' and "The View's" treatment of Jones "cruel."

"I don't know if their numbers are down," he said. "But they owe Star an apology."


Star Jones is returning to 'The View,' but just for a day

Late Night: Barbara Walters says you can't trust the Kardashians

Barbara Walters, Star Jones discuss her "ugly" departure from "The View"

--Greg Braxton

Photo: Barbara Walters, left, embraces former co-host Star Jones as Joy Behar, right, looks on during "The View." Credit: Ida Mae Astute / ABC.

Barbara Walters, Star Jones discuss 'ugly' departure from 'The View'

Star jones barbara walters the view

Barbara Walters isn't one to hold a grudge, apparently, as the grand dame of "The View" welcomed former co-host Star Jones back to the show Wednesday, nearly six years after Jones' spectacular flameout and departure.

Jones appeared ostensibly to promote a campaign raising awareness of heart disease in women, but the topic everyone wanted to discuss was what happened back in 2006 when Jones abruptly left the show.

Walters introduced Jones by saying, "I say this genuinely. I am so happy to welcome back Star Jones." She then embraced Jones as she arrived on the stage.

Jones appeared to take stock of the changes since her last appearance. "A new couch," she noted. "Mm-hmm. You've got two black girls. Sherri and I are not the same person."

But Walters wasted little time in getting down to the good stuff, asking Jones about details of her departure. When she was informed her contract would not be renewed in the summer of 2006, she blindsided her co-hosts by announcing the development on the air. She was gone the next day.

"Are we really going to go here, Barbara? Do we care at this point, my sister? I honestly don't," Jones asked. But of course Walters did.

"It was ugly," Jones responded. When asked to elaborate, she said, "It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media.... I made the decision that I wanted to go out on my own terms. I wanted to control it so that when I walked back in here, if I were ever invited, I would feel good about coming in."

However, not everything during Jones' appearance was sweetness and light. Joy Behar took the opportunity to bring up Jones' novel, "Satan's Sisters," which Behar described as "about a bunch of talk show hosts who sound like bitches." Behar suggested, "It must have been about 'The Talk!' "


Star Jones is returning to 'The View,' but just for a day

Late Night: Barbara Walters says you can't trust the Kardashians

Barbara Walters' most fascinating people: a peek at the list [Poll]

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Star Jones and Barbara Walters. Credit: Ida Mae Astute / ABC 

Star Jones is returning to 'The View,' but just for a day

Star Jones on 'The View'

Star Jones left "The View" in a blaze of controversy in 2006 after a major falling out with the ABC chat show's Queen Bee, Barbara Walters. Six years later, it appears all (or at least some) is forgiven, as Walters announced on Wednesday that Jones would be returning to "The View" in February.

But before heads explode, it should be noted that Jones is returning just as a guest. She'll be on the show on Feb. 22 to discuss her participation in the American Heart Assn.'s Go Red for Women campaign, raising awareness of heart disease in women.

It's a subject important enough to Walters and Jones (who both underwent open heart surgery in 2010) that they set their differences aside.

"Star and I have been heart-to-heart now for many years," Walters explained on the show. "We've had lunches together and discussions together. We had open heart surgery within months of each other. So we are very happy to have her on, and it will be a nice day for all of us to see her."

When ABC declined to renew her contract in 2006, Jones announced on the show that she was leaving, surprising Walters. The next day, Jones was dropped from the program completely. Rosie O'Donnell replaced her for less than a year.


Late Night: Barbara Walters says you can't trust the Kardashians

Hank Williams Jr. slams ESPN and Disney on 'The View': 'Mickey is a mean mouse'

'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Star Jones is a shark, and she keeps on swimming

— Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Star Jones at the 60th anniversary celebration of the "Today" show in January. Evan Agostini / Associated Press.

Charlie Rose, Gayle King to host CBS 'The Early Show'

Gayle king
Charlie Rose and Gayle King will be joining CBS' embattled "The Early Show" as hosts in what is being described as a complete makeover of the struggling early-morning news series.

Rose, who has an interview show on PBS, and King, who has a morning show on OWN, the network founded by her best friend, Oprah Winfrey, would join current co-hosts Jeff Glor and Erica Hill in a revamp of the show. It would be broadcast on a new set being built on the West Side of Manhattan, said sources who were knowledgeable about the situation.

CBS declined comment. Rose, who is part of the "60 Minutes" news team, could make a relatively easy transition, but the status of King's show at OWN is initially uncertain.

Earlier reports from the New York Times said that Rose and King would be part of a two-hour show that would emphasize hard news and have a more conversational format, like that of "The View" on ABC and "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. The more popular "The Today Show" on NBC and "Good Morning America" on ABC have a multilayered format that mixes news with entertainment and lifestyle features.


Howard Stern likely to join "America's Got Talent"

Sharon Osbourne to Piers Morgan: "Please Don't Go"

Ashton Kutcher's Paterno tweets send actor running for PR cover

--Greg Braxton

Photo: Gayle King. Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images


Hank Williams Jr. slams ESPN and Disney: 'Mickey is a mean mouse'

Hank williams on the view 2
Hank Williams Jr. is gone from ESPN and "Monday Night Football." But he is not going quietly.

The country singer of ESPN's "Monday Night Football" theme song who parted ways with the sports network last week after making comments on "Fox & Friends" comparing President Obama to Hitler made his first appearence since leaving the network on Tuesday's edition of ABC's "The View," showing much of the outrageous and rambling personality that was on display during the Fox News Channel program.

Wearing a New York Yankees/Mickey Mantle jersey and orange-colored sunglasses, Williams took several shots at Disney-owned ESPN, saying at one point, "Mickey is a mean mouse." Though he insisted he was misunderstood and was using an analogy between Hitler and Obama to make a political point, he declined to apologize or take back his earlier statements.

When co-host Joy Behar said that mentioning Hitler in his Obama statement was "treacherous"  and that he could have mentioned Stalin or another controversial world figure, Williams replied, "I didn't go to Harvard. I'm not smart enough to know the difference."

Williams kept repeating that ESPN had violated his constitutional rights: "I guess it's called stepping on the toes of free speech." Noting that ABC, like ESPN, is owned by the Walt Disney Company, host Barbara Walters pointed out ESPN was making a point in showing Williams the potential consequences of free speech, Williams clapped his hands: "That's good. I applaud them. That's their freedom of speech."

"All My Rowdy Friends," the theme song sung by Williams, was pulled from the broadcast after the "Fox & Friends" segment.

One of the more bizarre moments in "The View" interview came after the panel pointed out a phrase from ESPN's statement cutting its ties with Williams: "The success of "Monday Night Football' has always been about the games, and that will continue."

Williams replied with a quote he said President Harry Truman made in the Rose Garden in 1948. "He was asked a political question and he said, 'Son, never kick a cow turd on a hot day.' The bottom line, folks, is, Mickey is a mean mouse. He stepped into this pile — ESPN, and how he is doing this." He stood and started shaking his arm as he were trying to get rid of something.

He then turned and pointed to Mickey Mantle's name on his jersey: "This is my Mickey, right here."

Near the end of the interview, Williams said he had recorded a new song about the furor, "Keep The Change," that had been downloaded 100,000 times since Monday afternoon. He then announced, "As of May 1 in 2012, ladies and gentlemen, me and my song will be free agents. America is a country of choice and options, and I have choice and options."

Williams gave his summary of the situation: "Disney, ABC, ESPN, me and the opening of 'Monday Night Football' are like the Spanish-American war. They're history."


MTV Hopes Size Doesn't Matter with 'Chelsea Sizzles"

Michael Douglas-starring Liberace pic heading to HBO

— Greg Braxton 

Photo: Hank WIlliams Jr. shows "The View" co-hosts Sherri Shepard and Elizabeth Hasselbeck the dictionary definition of "analogy" on Tuesday's show. Credit: Lou Rocco / ABC.

Shepard Smith to renew Fox contract, interview Sarah Palin on election night

Smith Are the ladies at "The View" making nice with Fox News? After Bill O'Reilly famously triggered a walkout, the show's hosts were extra polite to Fox News anchor Shepard Smith, who made an appearance there Tuesday morning and announced that he's just signed a new three-year contract with the network. (The news was first reported Tuesday morning on Deadline.)

"I'm really proud of the journalism that comes out of our place," said Smith, whose current contract expires at the end of the year. "We've never had a big mistake."

Smith also joked about The Rent is Too Damn High Party, and defended Juan Williams. ("We've been friends for a long time," he said). But his take on election night remained cautious. He revealed that he will interview Sarah Palin for his first time when he anchors Fox's election coverage next Tuesday night, but when asked about what he thinks of Christine O'Donnell, he'd only say, "She's good TV."

Asked about racist campaign ads, he insisted, "I don't get to do opinions." At which point, Barbara Walters poked fun at him. "So you're the one who doesn't give opinions!" she said. "Oh!"

Do we sense a rapport building here?

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Shepard Smith. Credit: Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

A presidential 'View'

Thank heaven for Joy Behar.

Although many wondered what sort of questions vocal Republican and presidential detractor Elisabeth Hasselbeck would have for President Obama on his groundbreaking visit to “The View,” it was Behar who left the normally loquacious president tongue-tied and saved the show from becoming an a.m. whistle stop.

Despite what has been a politically rocky year, Obama radiated his signature unflappable serenity, which though reassuring in a world leader can be a talk-show host’s worst nightmare -- ”The View,” especially, thrives on flap. Not surprisingly, the president was more than up for the task of patiently explaining how he hopes to stem unemployment or delivering a soliloquy on how a stable Afghanistan is crucial to the war on terrorism.

But when Behar asked him if he thought Mel Gibson needed anger management classes, Obama was literally, and possibly for the first time ever during a television appearance, at a loss for words.

“I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in years,” he finally said, making it clear that he had no clue about the star’s current rage-tape fueled scandal.

Providing a bit of comic relief during the second half of Thursday’s show, Behar led into a pop culture quiz during which it was revealed that although the president did know Lindsay Lohan was in jail, he had no idea who “Jersey Shore” star Snooki was. Which may have been the most reassuring moment of the whole hour.

It also made it clear that if you have any hope of controlling your show when the president is visiting, you need to stick with what you do best. Which in the case of “The View” is a sassy mix of politics and pop, with a wide streak of stand-up humor.

Yes, Barbara Walters is a serious journalist (and gamely came back to the show after having heart surgery to be part of the Obama visit) but what gave the women of “The View” their inside-the-Beltway cred in the first place was their ability to discuss the issues of the day the way ordinary Americans do, with a mixture of information, insight and argumentative blather.

When you have the president, and you ask about joblessness and foreign policy, you’re not going to get any of that. You’re not even going to get a real answer, you’re going to get the presidential message. That’s what presidents do, which is why the presidential resume tends to not include stints in stand-up or journalism or talk-show hosting.

Obama  on “The View” offered the tantalizing possibility of observing the president from a more personal angle, something he offered at the beginning of his presidency, with appearances on “The Tonight Show” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

But he is the president, after all, and so serious questions must be asked, so respectfully they often weren’t questions at all -- even Hasselbeck’s question about unemployment made it all too easy for the president to point out that saving jobs might seem very important to her “if your job was one of those saved.”

Once we all adjusted to the sight of the commander in chief sitting where Kathy Griffin so recently sat (and was grilled much more fiercely), the hour threatened to become too state-of-the-union for 10 a.m. until the ladies began to do what they do best -- make the political personal.

Which does not in anyway diminish the importance of “The View.”  The juiciest insider-Beltway news came from the most frothy question of them all -- turns out the president will not be attending Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Because, ahem, he wasn’t invited.

Obama spun it well enough, saying that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton wanted the wedding to “be about Chelsea ” and that it was “tough enough to have one president at the wedding. You don’t want to have two” but still … he wasn’t invited? That should keep all those smarty-pants Washington journalists and political columnists ruminating for weeks.

-- Mary McNamara


TCA Press Tour: Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ears burn as 'The Real L World' cast fights back

 The cast of Showtime's "The Real L Word" had some fighting words for Elisabeth Hasselbeck Thursday because of comments she made about lesbians on Tuesday.

"The View" co-host said on the ABC talk show that she thinks a lot of older lesbians wold have turned straight if they could only land a man.

"All the older men are going for younger women, leaving the women with no one," Hasselbeck said.

The cast of Showtime's reality show about a group of lesbians who live in Los Angeles brought up Hasselbeck's comments during a panel session for the show.

"Ignorant," said Nikki Weiss to start off the discussion.

"I was gonna say something a little less PC," added Rose Garcia.

"And hurtful," Weiss added.

Garcia continued: "You know, Elisabeth, it's not the first time you've said some boneheaded comment."

Weiss: "It's amazing that she has such a big platform for such an ignorant woman."

Then they wondered aloud if Hasselbeck would soon call them and apologize, and said they'd respond by asking her out on a date.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Clockwise from left,Tracy Ryerson, Whitney Mixter, Nikki Weiss, Rose Garcia, Mikey Koffman and Jill Goldstein (seated) in "The Real L Word." Credit: Ondrea Barbe / Showtime


Follow our coverage of the TCA Press Tour

Obama on 'The View': Shirley Sherrod, Snooki and the Chelsea Clinton wedding


President Obama had been sitting on “The View’s” custard-colored couch for only a few moments when Barbara Walters asked the question front-of-mind for many people.

“You know, you’ve gone through a little bit of a beating the last month,” she said. “Do you really think that being on a show with a bunch of women, five women who never shut up, is going to be calming?”

“Look, I was trying to find a show that Michelle actually watched, and so I thought this is it, right here,” the president responded with a laugh. “All those news shows, she’s like, ‘Eh, let me get the clicker.’”

Obama’s taped appearance on “The View” on Thursday was the first on a daytime talk show by a sitting president, underscoring the growing political clout of the ABC gabfest and its kin. Veteran politicos such as Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell may cringe at the notion, but elected officials are increasingly turning to entertainment talk shows to display their lighter sides and soothe the sharpness of the daily political thrusts.

“The View” has become one of the main forums for such visits, scoring an interview with Vice President Joe Biden in April. Obama had appeared on the show twice before being elected.

On Thursday, the show’s five hosts quizzed him about a range of weighty policy issues, including the economy and the war in Afghanistan. They also pressed the president about race relations and the recent episode regarding Shirley Sherrod, the U.S. Department of Agriculture official who was fired after a conservative website took a speech she gave about race out of context.

“What I do think happened in that situation is that a 24/7 media cycle that is always looking for controversy and oftentimes doesn’t get to the facts first generated a phony controversy,” Obama said. “A lot of people overreacted, including people in my administration. And part of the lesson that I want everyone to draw is, let’s not assume the worst of other people but let’s assume the best. Let’s make sure we get the fact straight before we act.” 

On a lighter note, the president appeared somewhat fluent on popular culture, saying he knew that Lindsay Lohan was in jail but confessed that he didn’t know who “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki was. (He perhaps had forgotten joking about the MTV reality star and her castmates at the White House Correspondents Dinner in May.) He dodged a question about whether Mel Gibson needed anger management, saying he hadn’t seen a Gibson movie in a while.

Obama also said he had not been invited to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, which was fine by him: “You don’t want two presidents at a wedding.”

“I was not invited because I think Hillary and Bill properly want to keep this as a thing for Chelsea and her soon-to-be husband,” he added. “And I’m letting you guys know now, y’all probably will not be invited to Malia’s wedding or Sasha’s wedding.”

“Have boys entered the picture yet for your girls?” Walters asked.

“Thankfully, no!” was the quick response.

— Matea Gold


President Obama to appear on 'The View'

President Obama
has many "firsts" in his list of accomplishments. Now he's got one more: On Thursday, he will be the first sitting U.S. president to be seen on a daytime talk show.

Obama will appear on "The View" as part of the program's "Red, White & Blue View" campaign, which is dedicated to political guests and discussions. He'll tape his interview on Wednesday; he'll cover topics that include his administration's accomplishments, jobs, the economy, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and family life in the White House, according to an ABC news release.

Executive producer and co-host Barbara Walters, who has been off since she had heart valve replacement surgery in May, will join her co-hosts for the unprecedented interview.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: "The View" co-hosts, from left, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Credit: Bob D'Amico / ABC



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