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'The Hills': Kristin suddenly has a penchant for scruff, combat boots


Well, we're only one episode of Kristin Cavallari-centric "Hills" deep, and I already miss Lauren Conrad. 

Which is odd, I know, because let's face it -- Lauren wasn't adding a whole bunch to the show toward the end of last season, complacently sifting through clothes racks at People's Revolution and constantly being forced into awkward situations with frenemy Heidi. 

But there was something about Lauren's calm demeanor and subtle eye rolls that endeared her to me. Perhaps the part of her life she revealed on the show wasn't all that dramatic, but it never seemed like she was spewing outright lies.

Enter Kristin, wearing daisy dukes and very high heels while hopping out of her summer Malibu rental and into her shiny black BMW convertible.

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[UPDATE] Stephanie Pratt says she's done with MTV's 'The Hills'


The new season of "The Hills" with Kristin Cavallari debuts tonight on MTV -- but the show may be over before it even begins.

Stephanie Pratt, Spencer's sister, says she won't return to the reality show after this season's 10 episodes. She also told Hollyscoop that Lo Bosworth, Lauren Conrad's best friend, may also be exiting.

News comes on the heels of Audrina Patridge's announcement last month that she's "almost done" filming the series and will move on to develop her own reality show with "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett.

"I don't know how much more I can take of 'The Hills,' Pratt said. "It is very brutal. ... It's not because of Kristin. I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don't think I can stand 'The Hills' anymore."

[Update 5:24 p.m.: In an e-mail to ShowTracker, a rep for Pratt wrote: "At this point Stephanie isn't certain whether or not she'll be returning next season. Her focus is on this season's show."

Yikes! Is anyone left? It certainly looks like the drama in "The Hills" could be coming to a close.

Through her publicist, Pratt could not be reached for comment. Earlier this summer, she posed in a bikini on the cover of US Weekly next to a headline reading "'The Hills' Made Me Bulimic.' "

What do you think? Could "The Hills" survive without the girls we've all come to know and love? Would you watch the "Spencer and Heidi" show?

For the record: An earlier version of this post attributed the news to "Extra TV's Hollyscoop." Hollyscoop is not affiliated with Extra.

-- Amy Kaufman

'The Hills': New star Kristin Cavallari is ready to put on a show

Photo credit: MTV

'The Hills': New star Kristin Cavallari is ready to put on a show


For the last four years, Kristin Cavallari has been a struggling actress living in Los Angeles. She hosted a show on the now-defunct UPN about party planning that was canceled after two episodes. Earlier this year, she played alongside Rob Schneider in a high school comedy that went straight to DVD.

Now, Cavallari has landed a role where she knows all eyes will be on her. She'll take over for Lauren Conrad as the star of MTV's most watched series, "The Hills," which continues to follow impossibly beautiful, thin and rich twentysomethings as they galavant about L.A. The fifth season premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Despite billing itself as a reality show, "The Hills" has only become less realistic over its first four seasons, and its increasingly weary star, Conrad, allowed the drama of her friends to take center stage. 

But Cavallari says she is ready and willing to step into the role the show's producers have crafted for her. 

"I pretty much do anything they have me do because I don't care," she said. "I mean, we're filming a TV show. Let's make it interesting. Let's have a good time with it."

There's a lot riding on her shoulders. Last season's ratings signal what could be flagging interest in the show itself. But "The Hills" will almost certainly benefit from Cavallari's familiarity with viewers who came to know her as the star of "Laguna Beach," a reality show that documented life at her high school in an affluent, seaside California town. She knew Conrad back then; on "Laguna" they fought for the affections of Cavallari's then-boyfriend, Stephen Colletti.

Being a part of that reality show in 2004 was a more pure experience than is "The Hills," Cavallari said. She sobbed for hours after the debut of "Laguna Beach." She hated the way the producers made her seem like the villain when it was really Conrad who was trying to steal her boyfriend. Friendships were ruined. She and Colletti eventually split.

"I almost felt like it was unfair for [MTV] to come into our lives at such a young age and sort of mess with things," she said. "I don't regret it, but I was 17 -- of course I wanted to be on TV. I felt like they should have been a little bit more careful with us."

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Heidi Montag to co-host 'The View' on Oct. 1

Add "The Hills" star Heidi Montag to the roster of guest hosts filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View." Hasselbeck is out on maternity leave. 

Montag will sub in on Oct. 1 -- and we're expecting fireworks. 

Last time Montag and her husband, reality TV villain Spencer Pratt, visited the ladies, it wasn't pretty. (Check out the clip above to help jog your memory.) At one point, Whoopi Goldberg told the fame-seeking couple, "You better get yourselves together or you're going to be in the street.

"You're too old now. Last year it was cute. Now you're adults," she said.

In recent weeks, Meghan McCain, Kate Gosselin, La Toya Jackson and Alexandra Wentworth have stood in for Hasselbeck. Still to come are Melissa Gilbert (Sept. 28), Gloria Estefan (Sept. 29), Lisa Ling (Oct. 5-6), Ana Ortiz (Oct. 8), Kaley Cuoco (Oct. 13) and Kara DioGuardi (Oct. 15).

-- Denise Martin

New preview for 'The Hills' hints at rehab, babies and catfights galore

MTV premiered the new trailer for the upcoming fifth season of "The Hills" today, and it looks like the future is all dark clouds and storms now that Kristin Cavallari is center stage.

The 10-episode mini-season, which kicks off at 10 p.m. Sept. 29, promises plenty of infighting between Kristin and, well, everyone else in the cast. Everyone except for Audrina's ex, the always charming Justin Bobby. Note to the producers: Can we get a little less tongue from that Kristin-Justin Bobby lip lock? We just ate. Thanks.

Kristin is seen making enemies early on with everyone from Audrina (obviously peeved about Justin Bobby) to Brody (her ex-boyfriend who apparently left her less-than-satisfied in the bedroom). Seems like her longtime pal Heidi is all she's got left.

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It's official: Kristin Cavallari joins 'The Hills'

Cavallari The rumors are true: Former "Laguna Beach" star Kristin Cavallari will join the cast of "The Hills" when the series comes back with 10 new episodes this fall.

After she boasted to TMZ cameras in April that if she took the job, she'd do it do better than current star Lauren Conrad, Cavallari talked up an even bigger game to, which confirmed the news Thursday morning. 

First and foremost, Cavallari still wants to act -- an episode of "CSI" might just be her biggest credit to date -- and hopes the notoriety of being a reality TV star will once again make her a hot commodity: “The goal for me is to get my fans excited about me again. When I first started out, I had a celebrity name but I didn’t have the acting skills I have now. If I have some buzz with my name again, I feel like it will only help.”

That means, she's essentially prepared to ditch the "reality" part to give "The Hills" the drama it needs.

“It’s a TV show. I’m not going into it like, ‘I’m going to make great friendships with these people.’ It’s work! And drama sells. I think that’s why they’re bringing me in, because I know what works.”

Unlike Lauren, perhaps? “I’m a completely different person than Lauren. I have a lot more energy. I’m more outgoing. I’m a little more spontaneous. And she has a boyfriend so she’s not dating on the show. I’m very open to dating and finding a guy.”

What does everyone think? Good move for the show? Think it's time "The Hills" dropped the "reality" pretense anyway? Sound off.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Associated Press

'The Hills': When catfights become boring

AudrinaLet's get one thing straight: Brody and Audrina slept together during that Hawaii vacation.

All that talk in Monday's episode about how they just dozed off together in the same bed was pretty lame, especially for viewers who saw evidence to the contrary in last week's episode.

Fast forward to the 18 minute and 36 second mark: "Listen, I messed up. I cheated on my girlfriend," Brody admitted/boasted. And at the 19 minute and 43 second mark, Audrina told her friends that Brody's Playboy playmate girlfriend Jayde Nicole, who wasn't present, can bring it: "Let her come after me. Start a war. Whatever."

Whatever is right. Not sure if I want to follow these two in a Lauren-less "Hills" this fall. Something about Audrina's sudden transformation into a drama queen -- she crashes not one but two parties where she knows Brody and Jayde will be! -- reeks of desperation.

Audrina, I was happy to see you stand up for yourself last season when Lauren and Lo were icing you out. But you are not Kristen Cavallari. Kristen, for one thing, never feigned innocence. Getting together with Brody was gross. And wrong. But mostly gross. Own up to it and leave the bitch routine to the pros.

Speaking of the pros, I have to hand it Jayde for not giving in to Audrina's goading. She looked like she could easily have snapped Audrina into two. But both of their would-be catfights wound up being a lot of talk and Audrina making a speedy exit. Good for Jayde, but rather dull for the audience.

Not as dull, however, as Heidi versus Stacie, the bartender with a hankering for some camera time Spencer. "There will always be another Stacie," she told Heidi repeatedly. Heidi didn't have much of a response, but she took the story to the therapist, which I guess is the point for reality TV's hardest-working couple.

Bah, next week is better. Next week, just as I predicted, is when Lauren will have to fire Stephanie from People's Revolution.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Audrina Patridge. Credit: MTV 

'The Hills': Is Kristen Cavallari the new Lauren Conrad?

Ip380nkn Remember her?

Rumor has it that "Laguna Beach" bad girl Kristen Cavallari may be returning to MTV to replace the soon-to-depart Lauren Conrad as the star of "The Hills." Or, you know, whatever they decide to call her show.

A rep for MTV declined comment on the matter, but the idea was addressed on the channel itself last night during "The Hills: Live After Show." Host Jessi pointed out that Cavallari was in attendance at last weekend's Spencer-Heidi wedding -- which, of course, was being documented by "Hills" cameras.

And not only that ...

"Apparently by some strange miracle she just happened to catch Heidi's bouquet," Jessi said. "Kind of convenient considering the rumor is that she will be taking Lauren's place next season on 'The Hills.' Can Kristen be the new Lauren?"

Montag told Us Weekly that Cavallari is actually the person who introduced the newlyweds at a nightclub three years ago. (Looks like "Hills" watchers owe a debt to Cavallari.)

In the meantime, MTV announced today that "The Hills" will in fact go on without Conrad -- for five episodes at least, arriving this fall. Says the press release:

MTV viewers will find out life in Los Angeles only gets more complicated as friendships, relationships and loyalties are tested like never before as “The Hills” returns this fall with more episodes of season five. Lauren has moved on, but Heidi, Audrina, Spencer, Brody, Stephanie, Lo and Justin Bobby will be back as the drama continues with fresh faces, new stories and shocking surprises. Spencer and Heidi will be newlyweds so the stakes are higher than ever before for the two to make things work.

The network also unveiled a slate of news series, and renewals for "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory," "Nitro Circus," "Rand Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew" and "Run's House."

What do you all think? Are you in the mood for more Cavallari?

-- Denise Martin

Photo: MTV

Spencer Pratt shows us how it's done

Spencer-heidi Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag did not attend NBC's summer press day today to promote "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" perhaps because they're getting married this weekend.

Or perhaps because former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's presence threatened to upstage them. And that -- as fans of "The Hills," Perez Hilton's dispatches on them and the entire Speidiverse know -- cannot happen.

So I e-mailed Spencer to ask for an on-the-record comment about "I'm a Celebrity," or anything else he wanted to say.

He responded immediately. "Help me coming up with your dream quote for print and its all yours!!!"

Spencer still cares about print! It's gratifying.

I then asked him a specific question: What's your strategy for winning over America since the public votes?

Spencer e-mailed back adding four new people to the cc list (I've edited for spelling because he was responding on Blackberry): "Team, what's my brilliant response about the American public wanting me to stay in the jungle being tortured by NBC producers with eating live creatures and having to sleep on the jungle floor for as long as possible in one quick soundbyte for the greatest writer/editor in history! My good friend Kate Arthur [Note: It's Aurthur!] who will be attending the Speidi wedding tomorrow."

This is a thoroughly modern wedding invitation if I've ever seen one.

Fifty-two minutes later, one of the cc'd people, from the public relations firm of Cohn & Wolfe, wrote:

"Here is Spencer’s response to your question about 'his strategy for winning over America' in the new show:

'This is nothing new to me; I'm tortured everyday by every entertainment show, tabloid, Web site and blog known to man. To me, it's a vacation in Costa Rica. I just hope America let's me stay long enough to get a tan.'"

I thanked them.

Spencer then wrote back: "Do you think that's good enough? There are so many great angles, help us Kate. I want a legendary first quote about this show!"

Spencer, with a smile on your face, you continue to show us how the machine works in the Celebrity Industrial Complex. We thank you.

-- Kate Aurthur

Photo: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

Heidi and Spencer Twitter 'I'm a Celebrity' promo shoot

Heidi-spencerThe cast of NBC's rebooted version of "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" will be announced Friday morning. But the names of a number of contestants — and one wannabe contestant, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich — are already out there. Even though it's top secret.

Predictably, it has been the publicity-lovin' Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt — the happy "Hills" couple —who will reportedly be on the show, who have most egregiously laughed in the face of the NBC embargo. By posting "hints" of their whereabouts today on their Twitter feeds.

When we say hints, we mean things such as these:

heidimontag: getting ready for NBC promos!

And later:

heidimontag: just finished filming NBC promos! we were flying!!!! crazy

Spencer, meanwhile, was much sneakier:

spencerpratt: Speidi trailer on set of top secret shoot! More details to come!

(There was a link to this photo.)

An NBC rep, when asked about these "leaks," wrote, "No one is officially confirmed."

— Kate Aurthur

'The Hills': Spencer confesses to spreading the sex tape rumor

Spencer We didn't make "The Hills" Tuesday night session at PaleyFest — but those who did reported the big news: Spencer Pratt will finally confess to spreading the sex tape rumors about Lauren Conrad and ex Jason Wahler, the very rumor that ended the best-friendship between Conrad and his fiancee, Heidi Montag. 

Reports "We actually have it on tape," Conrad told the crowd. "He takes responsibility and apologizes for it."

But since Conrad has said publicly that she won't be attending the Speidi nuptials, we're guessing she did not accept.

Elsewhere during the night, Conrad said things with Heidi have reached a point where they can now "be in the same room." (She told us earlier that certain circumstances — read: Spencer — will prevent them from ever really reconciling.) MTV exec Liz Gateley defended the cast's intelligence, saying, “These folks do talk about a lot of intelligent things — like global warming — we just don’t show that on the show.” And producers remain "in talks" about a sixth season sans Conrad.

— Denise Martin

Lauren Conrad looks beyond 'The Hills'
Lauren Conrad's final words

Photo credit:

'The Hills': Kelly Cutrone tears into Stephanie, Spencer gets 'caught'

Kelly-citymad Finally, someone who knows what we want! If we all know life is but a stage on the reality of "The Hills," at least Kelly Cutrone plays her part with some gusto. Oh, the kids around her are working equally hard to drum up the drama -- two words about next week's episode: couples' therapy! -- demonstrating that they can carry on their cues without Lauren. But only Cutrone makes us eager for more. To recap:

The top of the episode begins with some sibling rivalry because Spencer's drama means always having to feud with someone. Stephanie pays him a visit, and he tells her her hat makes her look like a train conductor. Stephanie retaliates by telling him Heidi's been hanging out with an ex-boyfriend in Colorado. Spencer says he’s going to start cruising for girls too.

Remember Lauren has a job at People's Revolution? She stops in just long enough to let boss woman Kelly tell her they need an intern to replace Whitney, who's gone on to bigger, better intern-like jobs in New York. Before Lauren can say a word, Kelly warns her to be careful whom she refers. Suddenly, I want to hit fast-forward for the next scene with Kelly and Lauren's sure-to-be referral, Stephanie.

But first, Lauren and Stephanie go out for food. Lauren’s really hungry, and Stephanie asks if Lauren feels pressure to stay thin in L.A. “That’s what baggy shirts are for,” she says. (Lauren tries to keep it real: her clothing line is full of baggy shirts and dresses.) Anyways, Lauren mentions a job opening. "How does one apply for People’s Revolution?" Stephanie wonders.  “I’m sure 100 people want that job.” Lauren looks wary but says she can get Stephanie an interview.

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