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'The City': All hail Erin Kaplan

The-city-mtv-erin-kaplan In this episode of “The City,” Whitney Port bounces back from some harsh criticism and Erin Kaplan’s plan to oust Olivia Palermo from her reporting gig gains momentum.

Whitney and Roxy: All grown up
After the last episode when Whitney suffered a scathing review of her fashion line at the hands of Elle’s Joe Zee and Anne Slowey, things turned for her in this episode. Kelly Cutrone hooked her up with a meeting with Maybelline. At first, I thought the company wanted to place her clothing in their commercials. We come to find out that they’re sponsoring Miami Fashion Week and they’d like Whitney to show.
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'The City' sneak peek: Can Whitney Port take Miami?

In the last episode of “The City,” Whitney Port endured a scathing critique of her fashion line at the hands of Elle’s creative director, Joe Zee, and his surprise guest, fashion news editor Anne Slowey. Afterward, she wondered how much more criticism she can take in pursuit of her career as a fashion designer.

In Show Tracker's exclusive sneak peek above, Whitney is all smiles again when she gets a rare opportunity from Maybelline.
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2010 MTV Movie Awards: Whitney Port dishes on her catflight with Olivia Palermo (VIDEO)

This season on "The City," we've seen Whitney Port battle many obstacles -- namely the harsh world of fashion and her frenemy Olivia Palermo.

On the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, we asked Port why she finally decided to face off against Palermo in a recent episode.

"That was intense. I mean, I think people saw a side to me that not a lot of people see," she admitted. "But I can assert myself. I'm capable of it, and i think she deserved it."

And where does their relationship stand now?

"We don't really have that much contact," she said. "I try to just continue to do my thing and not let that negativity really affect me."

As for her fashion line, Whitney Eve, she says she's trying not to let the criticism get her down.

"It's tough, because you work so hard on something and it's one of those things where it's so opinion-based that not everybody's's gonna love it," she said. "But I'm still really passionate about it, working hard on it, and I hope people will see my point of view and want to wear it at the end of the day."

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)

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'The City': Olivia Palermo, you're out

The-city-olivia-palermo In this episode of “The City,” Olivia Palermo and Erin Kaplan attend a party for Guess, but Olivia doesn’t wear the designer. Roxy Olin gets a chance to break out on her own, and Whitney Port gets a harsh wake-up call.

Olivia doesn’t wear Guess for anyone
There are certain things one does for their job, because that’s what you’re paid to do. Erin knows this, but Olivia continues to act as if she answers to no one. It’s clear that Erin's and Olivia’s relationship is reaching a boiling point. Anyone remember their truce over tea earlier in the season? Well, that’s about as done as the tea.

There were so many tense (read: fun) moments between Erin and Olivia -- my favorite being the conversation they had while pulling clothes at Guess while their cute PR person, Alina, watched. Erin asked Olivia whether she wore Guess growing up. Olivia replied that she wore lots of designers. Then she asked Erin condescendingly if that’s what they wore in California growing up. I have to say that I (and probably Erin too) understand where Olivia is coming from. The last time Guess was cool to wear was in high school. Regardless, it seems the Guess by Marciano line hopes to move beyond that. Erin got that, and knowing Elle was sponsoring the party, she gave the brand the respect it wanted. Olivia, though, doesn’t know how to play nice. I loved that Joe Zee was hoping that Olivia was getting interviews at the Guess event when instead she was being interviewed. She has proved over and over that she’s not a team player. And thank God, Joe has finally noticed!
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'The City' sneak peek: Where is Olivia Palermo?

Olivia Palermo is the woman we love to hate on MTV's “The City.” And it’s clear that she’s not exactly a team player.

In the last couple of episodes, we’ve watched Olivia cause some rifts between not only herself and coworker Erin Kaplan, but herself and Whitney Port. Those story lines alone can keep us glued to Olivia’s every move. Lately, though, she seems to have gone rogue when it comes to her gig at Elle, and creative director Joe Zee is catching on.

In the sneak peek video above, the Elle team is attending a party for Guess, which the magazine is co-sponsoring. And while Joe and Erin seem to be on the same page, Olivia seems as if she's doing her own thing.

“The City” airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

-- Jethro Nededog

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'The City': Roxy Olin doesn't play second fiddle

The-city-mtv-roxy-olin-whitney-port I felt this week’s episode of “The City” was really complicated. I know I’m talking about an MTV reality show, but hear me out. There were so many conflicting desires, it’s hard to believe any work got done.

Pitchin’ party
Over at the Elle offices, it’s abundantly clear to me now that Joe Zee isn’t as clueless about Olivia Palermo as he had come off last season. He may have realized it while watching the season over or after that “Today” debacle when he finally saw that Olivia wasn’t the basket in which one puts all one's eggs. This season, he’s a lot more careful with how far he’ll trust Olivia’s talents, and he seems to be hearing Erin Kaplan’s concerns more. It’s obvious there are aspects of Olivia's personality that can work for the magazine, and Joe is exploiting those. She’s the perfect person to send out on shoots or to take along to parties, because she knows so many people, and even when she doesn’t, she has the ability to project confidence around others. That’s not to say she doesn’t go home and cry herself to sleep, but the woman can handle herself around the fashion hoity-toity. That makes Joe and the magazine look good.
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'The City' sneak peek: Is Kelly Cutrone wrong about Roxy Olin?

The-city-mtv-kelly-cutrone-roxy-olinWe have to admit that Roxy Olin was problematic last season on "The City." Her advice to Whitney Port didn’t always help the budding fashion designer’s career.

This season, we thought Roxy turned a new leaf. That changed in the last episode when Whitney had a dilemma. The French photographer, Jonathon, whom she had gone on a date with offered to shoot her “lookbook” for free. The only problem is she didn’t want to continue dating him.

Kelly Cutrone told her she shouldn’t accept the offer without talking to him first about her decision. Roxy told her she couldn’t afford to say no to free offers. So Whitney decided to go forward on the photo shoot with Jonathon without telling him that she no longer wanted to see him romantically until the day of the shoot. Ouch.

In the next episode, Whitney Port gets a huge opportunity when she’s selected for a feature in Glamour magazine. She wants to bring Roxy along, but Kelly has her own take on that.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek:

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'The City's' Whitney Port: Will break hearts for photos

The-city-mtv-whitney-port In this episode of "The City," Whitney Port is breaking hearts to get her “lookbook” finished, and Erin Kaplan wins another battle against Olivia Palermo.

Erin scores, Olivia bores
Erin has really been on a roll this season when it comes to giving Olivia a run for her money (and creative director Joe Zee’s attention). This time around the conflict revolved around Elle’s spring cover, which Black Eyed Peas’ belter Fergie would be gracing. The shoot took place in Los Angeles, but the wardrobe was pulled in New York City. On the one side, they chose a pretty edgy and revealing outfit with Olivia’s usual chunky jewelry. Erin preferred a prettier, more feminine look for the singer.
Before we get to the L.A. shoot, how great was it that Joe pulled Olivia aside and basically told her that her job performance wasn’t good enough to go to L.A. for the Fergie shoot? How much greater was it when she lied to Seth, the assistant, and said she preferred to stay at the office instead? Those kinds of Olivia moments are just golden. By the way, who is this Seth? I like him. I love when he ratted out Olivia for not being at work for a while.
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'The City' sneak peek: Will Erin Kaplan score?

The-city-mtv-erin-kaplan Erin Kaplan has definitely been scoring so far this season on “The City” with Olivia Palermo haters.

First, she championed Whitney Port’s first clothing line after Olivia tried to bury it. Then, she let Whitney and Kelly Cutrone know that Olivia wasn’t a fan. That resulted in two of the best scenes we’ve ever seen: Kelly’s “shark under a glass-bottom boat” speech and Whitney’s confrontational meeting with Olivia in the last episode.

In Tuesday’s new episode, Erin and Olivia are charged with styling Black Eyed Peas’ singer Fergie for her Elle cover. The two have a difference of opinion regarding which photo should grace the cover. After hearing the women out, creative director Joe Zee settles the stand-off.
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'The City': Six great moments in 'Professionally Dangerous'

The-city-mtv-whitney-port I’m in a very good mood after a very traumatic event. My DVR cut off “The City” just as Whitney Port was sitting down to tell Olivia Palermo off. That’s really what the entire episode was leading up to, and I couldn’t believe the show ran over and my DVR cut it off.

If it happened to me, I’m sure it happened to many of you. Thankfully, I was able to purchase the episode, called “Professionally Dangerous,” on iTunes. Also, the full episode should be posted soon to

So, crisis averted, and now that I’ve been able to see the last scene of this week’s show, I have a big smile on my face. This was a near-perfect episode, no?

Here are my top six favorite moments:

1) Kelly Cutrone’s “shark under a glass bottom boat” speech: Kelly is never better than when her emotions are running high. After she heard that Olivia had not supported Whitney’s line, Kelly delivered the most awesome description of how dead Olivia was going to be after Kelly got her hands on her. The image of Kelly as a shark underneath Olivia sitting in a glass-bottom boat will stay with me for a very long time.
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'The City' sneak peek: Joe Zee blasts Olivia Palermo

The-city-mtv-joe-zee In the last episode of MTV's “The City,” Olivia Palermo did herself no favors.

Olivia checked out Whitney Port’s clothing line, then returned to Elle and bashed it. Despite Olivia’s negative review, Erin Kaplan shared Whitney’s look book with some senior editors, who had good things to say about the collection.

Erin then championed the line at an editorial meeting, showed up Olivia and convinced the staff to nominate Whitney for a feature on emerging designers.

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'The City': Whitney doesn't owe Olivia any favors

The-city-mtv-whitney-port After Whitney Port’s fashion show, the reviews were generally good. On this episode of “The City,” Whitney moved into the next step: getting her line some media coverage.

Whitney’s frenemies in high places
After a pretty positive response to her line, Whitney gets together a showing for editors. If they like what they see, then they may include Whitney’s clothes in stories and editorial spreads. Roxy, who’s doing awesome work so far, has the task of inviting the editors to the event. After emailing Elle and getting no response, Roxy decides to call Olivia the day of the event to see if she can attend. After all, she and Whitney know each other.

That call was frustrating for me. I can’t imagine what it was like for Roxy. Olivia, who believes she’s some type of seasoned editor, basically lectured Roxy for calling her so late. To her credit, she decides to go anyway. Part of me believes she just wanted to go and act dismissive and important around her old coworker (who happened to have just had a fashion show at New York Fashion Week). OK, all of me feels that way. She barely looked at the clothes and Whitney’s look book. Instead, she talked about her new gig with I love when Whitney said, “Wow, you’re like a little journalist.” Um, Whitney, she’s not some little journalist, she’s editor-in-chief of Olivia magazine.
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