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No future for 'The City'?

Whiteny_port New York City. It's the concrete jungle where dreams are made of -- or so Alicia Keys would have us think. But it looks like the reality of a certain MTV show set in the Big Apple isn't so dream-like.

Following months of speculation, the future of "The City" is nonexistent, according to the show's star.

Whitney Port called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Monday and offered this nugget of info: "As of right now, it doesn't really look like we're doing it anymore," said the 25-year-old fashion designer.

Guess even Olivia Palermo couldn't accessorize the show into safety.

The East Coast spin-off of MTV's golden child, "The Hills," premiered in 2008 and follows the glossy life of Port, the former sidekick of Ms. Lauren Conrad. Rumors of its demise have shadowed the show since its predecessor wrapped its six-season run earlier this year.

When probed about whether it's possible that the show could find life on another network, Port said, "No, at this point it's not."

On Monday, an MTV spokesperson said no decision had been made on the fate of the show.

[Updated Oct. 26, 11:11 a.m.: How quickly decisions are made! MTV released this statement Tuesday: "'The City' will not be returning to MTV for season three. Whitney has been a part of our family for many years and we wish her and the cast the best, and hope to collaborate with them again."]

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Whitney Port. Credit: Getty Images

'The City' exclusive: Erin Kaplan unleashes on Olivia Palermo and the finale

The-city-finale-erin-kaplan-2 As we’ve watched Erin Kaplan, the California transplant who's Elle’s PR director, on “The City,” it’s clear that she has learned a couple of things since the last season. First, make sure that the cameras get your fabulous shoes. And second, everyone loves an evil awesome plan. Her plan to oust Olivia Palermo from Elle may not have gone the way she wanted, but she tells us that things will be different next season.

“I think I have taken a bit of a backseat in the past,” Kaplan tells Show Tracker. “But if I’m back, there will definitely be changes!”

We talked to Kaplan about some of the highlights and lowlights of this season, and, of course, what she thought of the finale episode.

In the beginning of this season, you and Olivia made a truce. What happened to that?
In that episode, they actually didn’t  air it, but I apologized. And it took a lot for me to apologize, but I did. I said I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot and if I offended her in any way, I’m sorry. And we did. We kind of decided to move on. And then she just kind of went back to the same old thing that she had been doing. You know, not showing up for work and assignments. I don’t think she had any intention of changing.

At least Joe Zee came around this season. Were you glad that he was seeing some of the stuff you pointed out about Olivia last season?

I think the degree to which she failed this season was just taken to a whole new level. You had to be blind not to see what was happening. I guess I kind of felt vindicated a little bit. But at the same time, what she did – not showing up for a photo shoot – was just, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. So, I would hope that action would be taken after something like that.
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'The City' finale: Whitney Port awakens the beast

The-city-finale-kelly-cutrone When “The City” finale finished, did anyone else exclaim, “That’s it?” Thirty minutes has never seemed enough for the show, but Tuesday night it was especially unsatisfactory.

In the finale, Whitney Port had been approached by a big PR firm owned by Alison Brod (who I will refer to from this point on as the falsely sweet, really evil Professor Umbridge, the pink-wearing villain from “Harry Potter”) and Kelly Cutrone is not happy about it. At Elle, life is perfect for Erin Kaplan with Olivia Palermo away hypnotizing Japanese fashionistas with her small face. Then, she returns to nab the “face of Elle” gig, which Erin seems to handle very well while assistant Seth loses his marbles.

The-city-finale-whitney-port Whitney isn’t pretty with “Pink.”

This episode caps off what my friends and I call Whitney’s “You done lost your mind” storyline. As I mentioned before, she’s not handling the stress of fronting a clothing line well and she has already alienated bestie Roxy Olin. In the finale, she has decided to tell Kelly that she has been approached by Professor Umbridge to do her PR.

Now, despite rumors to the contrary, Kelly is human. And it was clear that the PR maven was hurt that Whitney was considering working for someone else. We’re all used to seeing Kelly be aggressive, but passive-aggressive is a new thing for her. She tried to contextualize Whitney’s move with some talk about her destiny train being a local and not an express, but it was clear she was hurt.

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'The City' finale sneak peek: Can Roxy Olin forgive Whitney Port?

Things have been shaky between besties Roxy Olin and Whitney Port on “The City” lately.

In the last episode, Roxy took to heart Whitney’s suggestion (during a heated argument) that they shouldn’t live together. She hit the streets in search of a new pad, but reality hit her back with the crazy cost of living in New York City. OK, so maybe she didn’t need to live in a furnished apartment with a doorman.

After her celebrity pop, “Brothers & Sisters’” Ken Olin, dealt her a dose of tough love and refused to finance her move, Roxy decided to move out anyway. After that, Whitney felt Roxy left her in the lurch.

In our exclusive sneak peek above, Roxy voices her frustrations about Whitney to Zach Hyman, the guerrilla photographer Roxy met while on a shoot.
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'The City's' Whitney Port: Home alone

The-city-mtv-whitney-port Whitney Port’s apartment must feel a bit bigger on “The City.” Roxy Olin made good on her promise and, like Elvis, she left the building. Meanwhile over at Elle, Olivia Palermo seems allergic to Whitney’s line, and Erin may have found a new way to oust her.

Didn’t this feel like Part 1 of a two-part finale? Sure, Roxy moves out, but the rest of the episode seemed to be the setup for an epic finale in the next episode, no?

Roxy hits the road
I don’t think any true “City” fans doubted this was going to happen. Roxy needs something of her own, and moving may be the right step toward that goal. What was striking about it was just how cold the two friends were to each other as the episode unraveled. Roxy took Whitney’s statement about her moving out to heart and basically hit the streets looking for an apartment. When she found one that was around $4,000 a month, she went to her dad, “Brothers & Sisters” producer and actor Ken Olin, for the necessary funding. He basically told her he wouldn’t support her any longer unless she returns home (and pays her way by walking the dogs). Despite her dad’s attractive offer, Roxy decided to move out anyway and crash on Sam’s couch while she continued looking for an apartment.
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'The City' sneak peek: Roxy Olin gets tough love from her dad, 'Brothers & Sisters'' Ken Olin

The tension between Whitney Port and Roxy Olin on “The City” has been building for quite a while and last week it hit an all-time high.

After Roxy successfully placed a Whitney Eve jacket on Canadian singer Lights, all seemed to be OK. That was until the performer apparently pulled the jacket off and threw it to the ground just moments after hitting the stage. By the way, according to our readers who attended the performance, Lights kept the jacket on for about half her set! Nevertheless, Whitney blamed Roxy, yet we’re unsure how Roxy could have avoided that. Later at home, the two argued over the incident and Whitney suggested that living and working together was no longer good for their relationship.

In Tuesday’s episode, Roxy takes to the streets for apartments, but realizes the harsh truth about living alone in the city. It’s way too expensive for a current PR Girl who's in-between careers. In our exclusive preview clip above, Roxy appeals to her father, Ken Olin of “Thirtysomething” and “Brothers & Sisters” fame, for help and she doesn't like what he has to say.
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'The City': Roxy, did you tell Lights that jacket was an area rug?

The-city-mtv-Roxy-Olin Poor Whitney Port. She has worked so hard on her clothing line, and she seems to be hitting some road bumps on “The City” lately. Whitney may call those bumps Roxy Olin. We call it fear of failure.

In this episode, Roxy is charged with getting Canadian singer Lights to wear something from the Whitney Eve line. The singer, though, didn’t quite take to Whitney’s “girly” aesthetic, and Whitney isn’t happy about it. And over at Elle, Erin Kaplan has finally booked a segment on “The Martha Stewart Show,” but a last-minute wardrobe pull by Olivia Palermo stole all her thunder.
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'The City' sneak peek: Is Roxy Olin's best not good enough?

Roxy Olin has definitely proved herself a loyal friend to Whitney Port this season on “The City.”

We all know Roxy is rebellious and craves the opportunity to have something she can call her own. Yet, at the same time she has done a great job of pimping Whitney’s line out to buyers and editors -- even when she wasn’t supposed to. But that's what makes her a great friend, right?

In the last episode, we think the stress of having her own clothing line is getting to Whitney. So when a buyer cancels a large order, she was quick to point the finger at Roxy. So, what did Roxy do? She made up for it by going out and closing a deal for a new order. That’s our girl!

In our sneak peek above, Canadian singer/songwriter Lights and her manager stop by the People’s Revolution showroom and Roxy is charged with getting the musician to wear Whitney's clothing for her show. If she doesn't succeed, there may be hell to pay later.
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'The City': Is Whitney Port cracking from the pressure?

The-city-mtv-kelly-cutrone-whitney-port We saw some definite shifts in this episode of “The City.” Whitney Port takes part in a trade show for buyers and points the finger at Roxy Olin when she gets burned. And Olivia Palermo isn’t backing down now that she knows Louise Roe and, of course, Erin Kaplan are nipping at her high heels.

Olivia isn’t a hot mess (right now)

I don’t like this turn of events lately. Olivia knows she’s being watched and she seems to be actually showing up to work and not just coming in to check her e-mails and strut her new flowy-top-with-a-belt look. Has anyone noticed her style creeps into Bea-Arthur-on-“Golden-Girls” territory sometimes? I digress.

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'The City' sneak peek: Olivia Palermo gets sassy with Erin Kaplan

In the last episode of “The City,” we were sad to report that Erin Kaplan’s awesome evil plan to oust Olivia Palermo from her job as the face of backfired.

Not only did Olivia deliver on her promise to interview designer Zac Posen but Elle decided to bring on Louise Roe as well. So, the genius of Erin’s perfectly laid plan fizzled. To add insult to injury, Olivia enticed Louise with talk of the Elle accessories closet, and they skipped away like happy schoolgirls.

In our exclusive sneak peek above, Erin has a feeling that Olivia is taking undeserved credit for pulling a look for pop star, Ke$ha. Then, Olivia is feeling her oats and decides to tempt the beast that is Erin with some sass over her recent triumph.

Here’s one thing we have come to know about Erin, though. She’s always one step ahead of the game, and we’re sure this little taunting that Olivia delivers won’t go unpunished.

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'The City': Olivia Palermo pulls off an upset


In this episode of “The City,” Whitney Port and Roxy Olin don’t pull any punches in Miami, and Olivia Palermo escapes unemployment, once again.

Olivia is a show pony
I had a whole other review planned for this week’s episode of “The City.” It was one in which Erin Kaplan’s evil awesome plan worked and Olivia Palermo was fired from her job. That would have been an enjoyable one to write. Instead, I will now have to try my best not to give Palermo one compliment for turning Erin’s plan upside down. That’s my pledge.

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'The City' sneak peek: Can Olivia Palermo save her job?

Olivia Palermo is in deep trouble on "The City," and she knows it. In the last episode, Erin Kaplan stepped up her plan to oust Olivia from her job as the reporter. It really didn't take much on her part, though. Olivia failed to deliver on her promise of interviewing designer Marc Jacobs backstage at his New York Fashion Week runway show.

Then you have Louise Roe, an ambitious British journalist, whom Erin had already hand-picked to replace Olivia. When Olivia failed to show up for the Badgley Mischka show, Louise stepped in effortlessly and impressed creative director Joe Zee. Afterward, Erin met with editor-in-chief Robbie Myers directly to advocate for Louise replacing Olivia.

In the next episode, Olivia is fighting back. In our exclusive sneak peek above, she makes a new promise to Joe, and her job relies on whether she can deliver on it.
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