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Late Night: Tyra Banks teaches Conan how to 'smize'

Tyra Banks teaches Conan O'Brien how to 'smize,' or smile with your eyes

For all you aspiring Top Models out there, here's some good news: You don't need a Harvard degree to know how to "smize."

Wednesday night, Tyra Banks delivered this egalitarian message on "Conan," where she taught host Conan O'Brien her signature move, the "smize." (For those of you who have never been sucked into the vortex of an "America's Next Top Model" marathon on Sunday afternoon, "smizing" is smiling with your eyes.) 

"Think of something that makes you happy but not enough to make you smile with your lips," she began. "What is that item?"

"Well, just being with you," O'Brien replied.

"OK, put me inside...," Tyra demanded.

"What's that?" he asked. "... This is really weird."

After Trya demonstrated the smize -- while chanting her mantra, "I'm selling the magazine cover. ...I'm getting what I want ... because I am smizing" -- O'Brien gave it a shot.

The results were more scary than sultry. As Andy Richter put it, "It looked more like a 'Who farted?' kind of face."

After the lesson was over, Banks -- who's clearly taking this whole thing way, way too far -- explained the mythological origins of the smize. That's when things really did get weird. 

"A smize comes in the world's waterways in Modelland. And if a girl finds one of these, it increases her chance of getting into Modelland, which is the land that creates supermodels that have superpowers, they're called 'intoxibellas,'" she said.

Sensing O'Brien's skepticism, she continued, "I know it sounds crazy, 'cause it's crazy fantasy adventure, so shut up. It's crazy, and it's supposed to be crazy."

Has Tyra lost her marbles? Judge for yourself. (The smizing begins around the five-minute mark.)


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--Meredith Blake

Photo: Model and businesswoman Tyra Banks and late night host Conan O'Brien. Credits: Christopher Polk / Getty Images; Art Streiber / TBS

Late Night: Paul Rudd, Conan O'Brien and forbidden facial hair

Paul Rudd and Conan O'Brien

Paul Rudd: So funny.

During the actor's appearance on "Conan" Wednesday night, he and Conan O'Brien discussed everything from Rudd's uneasy affection for croissants and Porta-Potties to his brief (but documented) career as a tuxedo-jacket-and-shorts-wearing bar mitzvah deejay to the bushy beard he grew for his new film, "My Idiot Brother," in which he plays the title role.

After the film wrapped, Rudd shaved off the beard in stages, which he then photographed.

"When you shave a beard, you kind of have to go piecemeal," Rudd explained. "So you go with the sideburns then to the mustache and then you finally end with the Hitler … cause you can't really go anywhere after that. It's like wiping the last crumb away from a cookie."

However, as O'Brien pointed out, that's not really a look you can stick with for long.

"You can't," Rudd agreed, noting, "Isn't it weird? He ruined a look."


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-- Amy Reiter

Photo: Paul Rudd, left, and Conan O'Brien. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez /Getty Images and Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times.

Late Night: George Lopez on his show's cancellation [Video]


It couldn't have been much fun for George Lopez to deliver his monologue Wednesday night, just hours after news broke that his TBS talk show, "Lopez Tonight,"  would not be renewed. But, as they say, the show must go on.

Lopez said the cancellation was "alright" because he already has other work lined up. "Sony announced they were doing a sequel to the Smurfs movie, so today I lost some work because I'm brown and got some work because I'm blue." No, that wasn't just a lame joke about being sad: He actually provides the voice of Grumpy Smurf in the movie.

As for further plans, Lopez said that "like every TV star before me, I'm gonna find some crack. I'm gonna get on the pipe. Lose that unwanted 110 pounds I've been wanting to lose."

Crack jokes aside, Lopez kept to a relative high road, avoiding overt criticism of TBS and hedging allegations of racism. Still, there was a slightly caustic tone to the monologue.

"We're not saying 'goodbye,' we're saying 'cable doesn't work,'" Lopez quipped. He also joked that "the next time you see a black guy and Latino guy on TV together: Ortiz-Mayweather in Las Vegas."

What do you think?


TBS cancels 'Lopez Tonight'

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-- Meredith Blake

Photo: George Lopez at the premiere of "The Smurfs." Andy Kropa / Getty Images

TBS cancels 'Lopez Tonight'

George Lopez show cancelled

TBS announced Wednesday that it is not renewing George Lopez's late-night talk show, "Lopez Tonight," for a third season.

Lopez's show was bumped an hour later to midnight when Conan O'Brien brought his show to TBS last year. At the time, he said: "I’m in the George Lopez business. I believe that Conan O’Brien coming to TBS is good for my business."

Here is the TBS statement:

TBS has reached the difficult decision not to order a third season of Lopez Tonight. Thursday will be the final episode of the show. We are proud to have partnered with George Lopez, who is an immensely talented comedian and entertainer. TBS has valued its partnership with George and appreciates all of his work on behalf of the network, both on and off the air.


Conan O'Brien signs with TBS

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--Joy Press

Photo: George Lopez. Credit: Andy Kropa/Getty Images.

Late Night: James Franco's unsexy sex tape [Video]

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and ... James Franco?  That's right, folks: The famously multi-tasking actor, currently starring in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," is but the latest celebrity to star in a sex tape. Just don't expect his raunchy home movie to get scooped up by Vivid Video anytime soon.

As he explained on Tuesday night's "Conan," the sex tape began like so many do: As a bit of youthful experimentation. "When I was young, it's not like I went down to Van Nuys and tried to break into the porn industry. I got a video camera and my girlfriend and I decided to film ourselves."

So does this mean that the actor/artist/writer/filmmaker/grad student/model will be adding "adult film star" to his already lengthy resume? Not likely.

"[We] watched it back and said 'Yeah, well, let's never watch that again,'" he recalled.

So what does Ron Jeremy have that, um, James Franco doesn't?

"Those people in the pornos, they are great performers," he said, invoking a somewhat unfortunate metaphor involving his grandmother -- one that sent Conan O'Brien running into the fake blue waves behind him.

"Just like my grandma can feel feelings and cry in her life if she's sad, doesn't mean that she's going to be a great actor," he explained. "Same thing with actors in pornography."

Duly noted.



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--Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Shaq tries to meet President Obama [Video]

Superstar athletes like Shaquille O'Neal are used to getting whatever they want, when they want it. But there are a few things not even Shaq can do -- like getting an impromptu meeting with President Obama. 

O'Neal recently paid a visit to Washington and, for the third time, tried and failed to say hello to the nation's commander in chief. 

On Tuesday night, Conan O'Brien pushed O'Neal for an explanation. "What's this obsession with trying to get into the White House?" 

"I just want to take 30 seconds of the president's time, shake his hand, 'Thank you, sir,' and then leave. That's all I want," he said. (And why not? It worked for Elvis.) 

"You know he's been kinda busy the past couple of days?" O'Brien asked. "You don't call ahead?" 

"I just went up to the gate and I looked at the guy and he had a smile on his face and I was like," O'Neal said, raising his eyebrows expectantly.

It didn't work. 

"He was like, 'Shaq, what do you want?' And I was like, 'Can I just say hi to the President?' He's like, 'Nah, Shaq, we can't do it.' ... I was actually quite sad about it," O'Neal said, then wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.

O'Neal may have been disappointed, but Andy Richter, for one, was amused at the White House's repeated refusals. "I like the guy at the gate is like, 'Shaq, what do you want? This again?'" 



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-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Marisa Miller paddles with Conan [Video]

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller paid a visit to "Conan" last night and -- would you believe it? -- host Conan O'Brien seemed pretty happy about it. When they're around beautiful women, every late-night host has his own patented shtick: Jay Leno asks lots of uncomfortable personal questions, David Letterman showers them with compliments and O'Brien acts like a short-circuiting robot; you half expect his head to spin around and springs to shoot out of his ears. 

And so it was Monday night when Miller, decked out in a black miniskirt and hot pink stilettos, took a seat next to O'Brien. "You look extremely sexy," he said, punctuating his sentence with nasal laughter. Miller came with a purpose, of course: promoting her new line of stand-up paddle boards. (Well, that's a new one.)

The plan was for Miller to give O'Brien a paddling lesson and "tap into your inner surfer boy. ... I'm gonna find it."

"Look hard," O'Brien joked.

During the demonstration (in front of a green-screen projection of beautiful turquoise water) Miller took a hands-on approach, adjusting the placement of O'Briens legs and hips.

"Need more help," he demanded.

In the end, Miller gave O'Brien a positive assessment. "You're a natural. ... You have a good center of gravity and your abs are really hard," she said, smacking his torso. 

"You know what's really hard? That right there!" O'Brien said, pointing to his butt, and Miller complied with a few quick spanks.

The things a girl has to do to sell a few paddle boards these days...


About (Late) Last Night: Conan spoofs Tyler Perry

About (Late) Last Night: Conan presents his own version of Spider-Man musical

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Suicidal 'Harry Potter' 'fan' threatens to jump on 'Conan' [Video]

Now that the final "Harry Potter" film has been released, fans everywhere are in a state of mourning. One particularly upset "fan" stormed the set of "Conan" Wednesday night. Host Conan O'Brien was in the middle of his monologue, when a voice cried out from the rafters.

"I've got nothing to live for," proclaimed a young, bespectacled man, dressed in a maroon-and-gold scarf and a billowing black cape. "No more spells, no more transfigurations, no more charm classes. I feel like a curse has been cast on my heart by the death-eaters."

"What about your loved ones? What about your wife? Your girlfriend?" Conan asked.

"Well, now you're just mocking me," the Potter super-fan replied. "I'm a man without a purpose."

Just then, a masked man -- who, come to think of it, looked a lot like Andy Richter -- emerged from the shadows. "Step away from that railing, Citizen Nerd," he commanded.

"Batman?" the young man wondered.

"Yeah, sure. ... I'm Batman. Here, these ought to cheer you up," he said, handing the distraught youngster two VIP passes to the "Dark Knight" panel at Comic-Con --"with a guaranteed three seconds of eye contact with Christopher Nolan."

"I haven't been so excited since Harry took the billywig so he could breathe underwater and save Ron," said the Potter fan.

The masked man suddenly had a change of heart. "I'm gonna take those back. You know you bring a lot of this on yourself, you nerd."


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"Harry Potter" makes box-office magic

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Conan presents his own version of Spider-Man musical [Video]

 Since preview performances began last November, "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," the mega-expensive Broadway adaptation of the blockbuster comic, has been something of a debacle. So it was with high hopes that a retooled version of the musical finally officially opened earlier this week in New York.

Those hopes, it turned out, would be in vain: response to the watered-down "Spider-Man" have been almost universally negative. New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley claimed the show would only be appropriate for "a less-than-precocious child of 10 or so [who] had several hundred dollars to throw away." Ouch.

Thursday night, Conan O'Brien, inspired by Brantley's review, presented his own version of "Spider-Man," re-imagining it as an educational play about nutrition and personal hygiene -- the sort of cloying instructional video you might see in an elementary school health class.

Who knew the Green Goblin was so into fresh fruits and vegetables? 


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-- Meredith Blake

Fall TV Season: Technical difficulties slow Turner Broadcasting's upfront presentation

Conan obrien
A power surge blew out Turner Broadcasting's programming presentation to advertisers in the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

The technical difficulties started soon after Conan O'Brien finished a roast of TBS, the cable channel he joined after leaving NBC last year. Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks, did an admirable job entertaining the crowd during the outage.

He added that while he may be the former president of Turner, commercial prices won't go down.

The problem was fixed briefly, only to return about 20 minutes later.

In his opening bit, O'Brien didn't show his new bosses at Turner Broadcasting much love during the cable channel's presentation of new programming to advertisers.

While it is common for talent to take shots at their network bosses when performing at so-called upfront presentations, O'Brien's routine at times seemed more nasty than loving. Besides the usual jokes about cheaper budgets on cable -- he said Turner put him up in a hotel in the Bronx -- he also told attendees to gear up for clips from their favorite "Seinfeld" reruns.

Poking fun at Michael Wright, the Turner executive in charge of original programming who was once an actor, O'Brien cracked, "I saw him acting like TBS had original programming."

O'Brien joked that after this performance fans could follow him to Animal Planet.

-- Joe Flint


Fox unveils 2011-12 schedule

ABC unveils its 2011-12 prime-time schedule

TNT and TBS announce new shows; Conan goes on the road

Photo: Conan O'Brien. Credit: Art Streiber / TBS

Fall TV Season: TNT and TBS announce new shows; Conan goes on the road

Conan%202(1) Time Warner's cable network unit Turner Broadcasting, parent of TBS, TNT and Cartoon Network, announced new shows to advertisers Wednesday morning.

Among the new shows are: "Major Crimes," starring Mary McDonnell, which premieres on TNT after the series finale of "The Closer" early next year. Also new is a mystery movie lineup on Tuesday nights from a host of bestselling crime authors. Among the works and writers slated for the new movie slot are: Scott Turow's "Innocent," Richard North Patterson’s "Silent Witness," Sandra Brown’s "Ricochet," Lisa Gardner’s "Hide," April Smith’s "Good Morning, Killer," and Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark’s "Deck the Halls."

Meanwhile, TBS is adding new comedies including "The Wedding Band,"an hourlong comedy starring Brian Austin Green and Harold Perrineau, who spend their spare time performing in a band. The series is to premiere in summer 2012. 

Also, Conan O'Brien will take his late-night talk show on the road for the first time next season, making stops in New York and Chicago.


Fox unveils 2011-12 schedule

NBC banks on comeback with scripted series

ABC unveils its 2011-12 prime-time schedule

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Conan O'Brien. Credit: TBS

About (Late) Last Night: Why Zach Braff is on Team Coco [Video]

Last year's vicious late-night wars have become a permanent part of Conan O'Brien's brand identity. He's the geeky underdog shamefully mistreated by the out-of-touch suits at NBC -- and betrayed by his former colleague, Jay Leno. For better or worse, it's an image O'Brien has embraced. Even the name of his website -- -- has a partisan, almost cultish quality to it.

But it turns out "Team Coco" has connotations other than "Jay Leno is lame." On Tuesday, Zach Braff stepped in at the last minute to replace scheduled guest Jennifer Lopez. (The "American Idol" judge had canceled at the last minute; maybe she's on Team Leno?).  He was eager to share some news with O'Brien.

"In Creole -- and I know this because I had a Haitian babysitter when I was growing up -- Coco is slang for 'vagina,'" he said. "I happen to know every time you say 'Team Coco,' for Haitians, you're saying 'Team Vagina.'"

"This may explain a huge spike in my popularity," O'Brien joked. "In Haiti, things have gone through the roof."

Sidekick Andy Richter deadpanned, "I'm totally on Team Coco." 

Leno might have "The Tonight Show" spotlight, but until we find out that his last name means something gynecological in some foreign tongue, O'Brien's at least got one small advantage.

-- Meredith Blake


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