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'Más Sabe el Diablo': Modern family

Mas_sabe_el_diablo Lo sé. Lo sé. Lo sé. Usted estaba esperando una  update last Friday on what shenanigans Ángel and company were caught up in. Lo siento. There were dificultades técnicas — an uncooperative DVR, an uncooperative Internet connection and uncooperative DVDs — that made doing so impossible. But I finally got to see all of last week’s episodes Sunday and — boy! — they sure made my jaw drop quicker than Martín after seeing Marina in one of her many skimpy outfits.

Mis rodillas tienen rug burn por todo the crawling I was doing on my apartment floor — tanto suspenso in these episodes!  So cuidado! Put on some knee pads antes de seguir leyendo.

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Más Sabe el Diablo: Love and money

Angel_manuela ¡Ay, Show Trackers! Tu no sabes how much has happened in this week’s worth of episodes. Pero I guess es por eso que usted está leyendo. Sentarse. It’s a lot to take in. 

Where do I begin? 

Ángel es condunde by this Martin Acero/El Hierro issue -- does Manuela’s dad know? ¿Sabe Manuela? -- and he thinks it’s best if he comes clean to her about his past before she introduces him to her parents at the gran cena he has planned. Pero no importa. Conniving Martin tells Aníbal that Manuela has been seeing her office mensajero. And el viejo looks like he’s about to croak. El no es feliz. At all. Llega temprano to Manuela’s dinner to scold her but — gasp! — Ángel ya está ahí! And it gets crazy loud from there. Screaming. Finger-pointing. Venas popping. And Aníbal le dice a Manuela que se olvida que ella tiene un padre. Whoa! That's cold.

Even when Virginia and Manuela find out their dad has cancer — thanks to Martin’s boca grande, of course — and they go to be with him, Aníbal refuses to see them. Típico.How much more of his stubbornness must we endure? Put him -- y yo -- out of his misery.

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'Más Sabe el Diablo': Are all the secretos out?

Topo There's one thing in "Más Sabe el Diablo" that distracts me more than a shirtless JenCarlos Canela: repetition. No estoy hablando about that terrible music that plays each time there's a loving moment -- though, eso es una gran distracción. And I'm not even talking about all the purple clothing items. The distraction comes in one word: imbécil. I'm tempted to start keeping a tally of its usage at this point. It's main user is Martin Acero. Ese hombre no puede pronunciar una frase without sprinkling in that insult in some way. Y me encanta more than you know. Cuando estoy in need of un buen insulto -- say, the dude at Starbucks got my order wrong or the car in front of me is driving too slowly -- I find that "imbécil" is always the way to go. Siempre.

And the word got plenty of air time in this week's worth of episodes. With all the OMG! moments, I found myself yelling it para expresar mi sorpresa.

A breakdown:

-- Anibal tells Virginia that she'll get ownership of his empire once he retires ... if she breaks up with Jimmy. Entonces, ¿qué hace ella? She moves in with him! In Brooklyn.

-- Topo's sueños finalmente se hacen realidad. He and Perla ... uh ... consumate their relationship. He's in lala land. But she's regretting it. Big time. And thinks moving out is the best decision. Pobre Topo tiene el corazón roto. He even asks Ángel to take the day off so they could talk. Do guys do that?

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'Mas Sabe el Diablo': Couples retreat gone bad ... then good

The couples retreat in the Hamptons continued when we started off esta semana, much to Detective Cardona’s dismay. ¿Era porque él todavía esta suspicious of Angel? Or do you think it’s because the unexpected additional guests meant he likely wasn’t going to be spending tiempo solo admirando Virginia’s bare body, something he mentions he likes demasiado. But hot-tempered Jimmy, er, Detective Cardona -- whatever, I use them interchangeably -- eventually lightens up and reconsiders his ill feelings toward Angel. Es un buena cosa, too. If Angel hadn’t been there to defend him during that pelea outside the bar, Mike tendria otro caso que resolver. Side note: Who knew Angel was so skilled in kicking? Que hombre!

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'Más Sabe el Diablo': A bracelet, a shooting and the Hamptons

Virginia_Jimmy  Did you find yourself wondering where Angel and all his hermosura -- or Manuela, if she's your eye candy -- fue cuando you tuned in to mun2 at 10 p.m. and couldn't find him? No te preocupes. The telenovela is still there, only it now airs at 7 p.m. I know. I know. Gracias a Dios! 

The episodes from esta semana took my emotions on a roller coaster ride. Todo comenzó with Angel getting Manuela a bracelet. Y él no lo robó! Unable to afford one from those fancy jewelry stores --¿Has visto cómo the clerk le miraba con lust? Puede culparla? -- Angel decides to go elsewhere. He eventually finds a jeweler willing to write up a promissory note. Manuela loves it but feels guilty knowing Angel's financial situation. And it's that financial situation that leads to their primer argumento as a couple. The two go out one night to an art exhibit -- their obsesión con exposiciones es ridiculous -- and all hell brakes loose. Manuela suggests that Angel should study art. Angel dice que he can't afford it. Manual offers to pay. And bickering ensues over status and their dos mundos diferentes.  

So are they done for good?

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'Más Sabe El Diablo': Love, gunshots and empanadas

Martin_acero Recuerde the lovefest from la semana pasada? Well, it continued this week … only con más ropa. 

Lovebirds Angel and Manuela spent the weekend at the beach para celebrar their newfound amor. They go for a dip (with their clothes on?) in the water — cue awkward-looking interaction that involved lots of head dipping. Cuchichean sweet nothings to each other. And they kiss, kiss and kiss some more as that oh-so-obnoxious música escalated in the background. 

Meanwhile, Martin está volviendo loco wondering where she is so he enlists Cristian to get more details -- which requires the closeted brother to go on a date with a girl … Nina, no less. Pero es useless. Once Manuela returns from her love escapade, she finally tells Martin que la boda está off. Gasp! Martin cree que hay otro hombre, and, of course, he demands that Cristian find out. Cada vez es más claro que Cristian is getting fed up with being his brother’s lap dog. Here’s hoping he redeems himself soon porque he’s getting on my nerves more than Martin.

Back to the wedding. 

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'Más Sabe El Diablo': El beso

Manuela I don't even know donde empezar. No hay palabras. No. Hay. Palabras! Vas a tener que leer para saber lo que quiero decir!

With Perla now one of Marina’s bevy of bailarinas (usted sabe, the ones who spend horas -- y horas! -- practicing their hip-shaking), Sandro quits his job as bartender of Leon’s club. Turns out all that staring he was doing was him being upset -- not him lusting after his daughter. Gracias a Dios! For a minute there, pensaba que está novela was taking a weird turn.

And the week’s episode started with it being Manuela’s birthday. Horacio made her breakfast -- ay, mira que cute! En serio, I want him to be my best friend. (Shh! No le digas a mi best friend!) And Michelangelo, er I mean Angel, did a charcoal portrait of her as a gift. This might just be me, pero I wouldn’t want una imagen de mí para mi birthday. Whatever. Esta guapísimo !  Él me puede dar lo que quiera. And the drawing came with una linda tarjeta in which he made me swoon with all his lovey-doveyness. Meanwhile, Martin plans una fiesta de sorpresa in hopes of winning Manuela’s affections back -- and he makes Cristian apologize to Horacio. But our dear Manuela has other plans … like, strolling through the barrio with Angel. And getting serenaded by him? Ugh. Estoy celosa. Todos los loving gazes and sweet conversations had me giddy. And then él le dijo que queria besarla, but only if she asked him to. Pide! Pide! BUT SHE DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estúpida! I was ready to throw my remote at the TV. 

Oh, but how things quickly shifted. 

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'Mas Sabe el Diablo': The Kiss

Jencarlos-canela-1-05-25 Tengo que esperar hasta Monday to learn what happens?!! Ugh. I’m not that patient!

If you tuned in this week, se hizo dia after dia of mas salacious telenovela goodness. And it all started con un beso. The kiss we’ve all been waiting for … the one I thought might happen up in that tree but never did. Manuela fue to Angel’s apartment — en serio, that painting hanging (tan feo!) on his mother's wall is killing me — to apologize for accusing him of stealing $1,500 that was sent to the office from a client. Pero Angel no queria escucharla. Can you blame the poor ex-convict? She pleaded. He kept telling her to leave. The next thing you know, Angel se quito his ropa. Ay, don’t get ahead of yourself. He was about to take a shower and removed layers to get Manuela to leave. And just as she was about to storm off, he went after her and asked her why she had come. And BOOM. “Porque me IM-POR-TAAAASS!” she says. And they kiss. And I hit rewind.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

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'Mas Sabe el Diablo': Walking on sunshine

Massabeeldiablo When we left things off, Manuela was on cloud nine following her tree date with Angel. Turns out it affected her a little too much. She had to miss work because she couldn’t think about anything else? Ay, este mujer! Pero, ay, can you blame her? So, naturally, she summoned him to her apartment para llevar some “important” papers from the office. Psh! Right. In the process, he fixed her microwave and she forgot to remove the box packaging when cooking lasagna. But none of that es importante! They almost kiss! Almost! They were so close, they could practically smell what the other comió en el almuerzo. But Manuela had put an end to it by saying she’s about to be a married woman. Way to ruin a perfectly precioso moment! Mujeres everywhere are cursing.

Meanwhile, Martin continues his cochino ways. During a business meeting with Leon, he catches sight of Marina — who, for some odd reason, comes to work muy temprano to rehearse … uh … her complicated hip thrusts? Weird. And so she becomes Martin’s next conquest.

But on to asuntos más importantes. Martin orders Leon to have Gregorio killed after Detective Cardona and his team learn he might have been part of the jewelry heist and his father’s death. So Leon assigns Cachurro? You’d think that would mean the job wouldn’t get done, right? But just as Perla goes into labor — en serio? She didn’t have one outfit for the kid? — Gregorio’s time is running out. First, Detective Cardona, who has been tracking his every move, shoots him in the knee. But being that he’s on his way to the hospital, it appeared he would have a chance. Limp as he might, Cachurro is nearby to finish off the deed.

When Perla finds out, it’s too much para manejar. She’s crushed. I’m crushed. And the baby still has nothing to wear!

So Show Trackers, what did you think of this week’s episodes? Are you going to cut your microwaves extension cord the next time you want your crush to come over? How come Martin is all 'bout bedding women … except Manuela? And am I the only one who really, really wants Horacio as a best friend?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela. Credit: Telemundo

'Mas Sabe El Diablo': Be careful what you wish for

MassabeFind the dramas at 10 p.m. a little stale lately? Spanglish network mun2 recently introduced a "remixed version" of Telemundo's highly successful telenovela, "Mas Sabe El Diablo," to an English audience. If you're like me, you've no doubt seen billboards of muy guapo Jencarlos and company plastered around town.

I didn't give the show a whirl during its initial run -- no me gusta coming into a show late. So when I heard it would be re-airing from the beginning on mun2, I thought I'd give it a try.

The remix version includes English subtitles -- para nosotros who aren't totally fluent in Spanish -- tu sabes who you are! -- and has whittled down from 180 episodes to 120. I'll be tuning in and providing a weekly recap of the show, which airs Monday through Thursday, with a little bit of Spanglish in between.

Let's begin:

It's 1986 and we're introduced to a muy joven Esperanza. She's a maid who works in the Acero household in Mexico. She has sex with a young Martin and becomes pregnant. But he's off to New York after graduation and she's determined to follow him. But before she's able to find him in the Gran Manzana, she gives birth! At the train station! Aye Dios mio! And what was up with the muchacho crouching nearby? Muevete! La mujer necessita her privacy! With the help of a stranger, she gives birth and names the baby Angel.

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