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About (Late) Last Night: Kevin James quarrels with his 'gorilla' costar on 'The Tonight Show' [Video]


If you're thinking about going to see the new Kevin James vehicle "Zookeeper" this weekend, you may want to watch this clip from "The Tonight Show" first. James stopped by Jay Leno's couch Thursday night to promote the inter-species comedy.

He started out doing the usual talk-show bit, telling a mildly amusing anecdote about playing rock-paper-scissors with Nick Nolte, but you'll never believe what happened next: Bernie, the "gorilla" who appears with James in the film, paid a "surprise visit."

There are few gags more reliably awkward than celebrities appearing alongside talking animals and/or animated characters (see: Rob Lowe and Snow White), and this surely was no exception. The joke was that Bernie the gorilla was jealous of James, who beat him out for a part in "The Dilemma." Maybe it could have been funny, were it not for James' overacting and Leno's clumsy cues, but probably not.

To see for yourself, watch (and wince at) the clip above.


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-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Jay Leno surprises office workers with dream 'vacations' [Video]


It's a slow, slow week for late-night television, with nearly every show taking a prolonged July 4th holiday -- every one, that is, except "The Tonight Show" and "The Late Late Show." During such a sleepy week, it seemed fitting that Jay Leno aired a segment all about vacations.

Last night, Leno paid a (supposedly) unannounced visit to the local branch of Dunder Mifflin, where he (sort of) made a few vacation fantasies come true. First up was Mike, who longed to vacation in Tahiti and was magically transported to ... an empty office decorated with palm trees and a wading pool. Though Mike seemed pretty thrilled by the whole thing, I'm sure he was hoping "The Tonight Show" would have surprised him, "Oprah"-style, with round-trip airfare rather then a pineapple full of macaroni and cheese.

Somewhat luckier was Stacy, an HR manager who dreamed of visiting Paris. No, Leno didn't whisk her away for a six-day, seven-night stay at the Ritz, but he did surprise her with an appearance by her celebrity crush. Watch the clip above to see her priceless reaction. 

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Louis C.K. tells Jay Leno 'I love being high' [Video]


Let's put it this way: Nothing stands between Louis C.K. and his Percocet.

On Wednesday night, the comedian and star of the FX series "Louie" paid a visit to the "Tonight Show." Though he works out regularly ("I can't really build. It's just about maintenance of a dying body."), C.K.'s starting to feel the effects of middle age.

He recently injured his back as a result of "you know, nothing," but on the bright side, his doctor gave him a prescription for Percocet, the potent -- and frequently addictive -- painkiller

This made C.K. a happy man. "I love Percocet. I do. I love it because I love being high," he said, provoking wild applause from the audience. "People in their 20s and 30s can just kinda walk and get high, because they're around people like that. But if you're 43, you've gotta wait till you hurt your back, basically."

C.K. even went so far as to declare that he is something of a "Percocet addict" who will go to extraordinary lengths to get his hands on the drug.

Percocet may be C.K.'s only vice these days. Although he'd "love to be an alcoholic" and dreams of being "that guy in the bathrobe all the time," C.K. says he just tends to fall asleep anytime he drinks.

From the sound of it, that's probably a good thing.


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-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Justin Bieber has met Selena Gomez's mom, 'passed the test' [Video]


You have to give credit to Selena Gomez. She's only 18, and looks younger, but she's a pro when it comes to maintaining her cool.

Consider her appearance on Thursday night's "Tonight Show." Gomez had the unenviable job of following  Jim Carrey -- a star not exactly known for yielding the spotlight to others -- but she handled it with good humor.

Jay Leno asked Gomez whether she enjoyed her recent photo shoot for Teen Vogue. "It's a little awkward, to be honest," she confessed. "I never know what to do."

Carrey couldn't quite resist the temptation to chime in. "Do they make you vomit?" he asked.

Gomez -- who, for the record, was not made to vomit for the shoot -- took Carrey's joking in stride, laughing and burying her face in her hands.

She also withstood the inevitable grilling about her romance with fellow teen sensation, Justin Bieber. Gomez was talking about her mother when Leno seized the opportunity to (awkwardly) change the subject. "Has your mom met Justin Bieber?" he asked.

"Yes," Gomez said. "He passed the test."

The "Monte Carlo" actress was even quick on the uptake when Carrey poked fun of her Texas roots. Gomez was discussing her move to Los Angeles at the age of 14 when Carrey asked, with feigned sincerity, " Do you find that everything's smaller here?"

"Oh, 'cause everything's bigger in Texas?" she responded, laughing politely.

Hey, what's a lame joke or two when you've got maniacal Bieber fans to contend with?


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-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: 'Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina was rejected from 'America's Got Talent' -- twice! [Video]



On Thursday night, an exhausted, raspy-voiced, but unfailingly gracious Lauren Alaina stopped by "The Tonight Show" to discuss her second-place finish on "American Idol."

First order of business: shooting down rumors of a romance with the winner, Scotty McCreery. "I mean he's cute, but I don't know. We're just like really good friends," she said. "Everyone wants us to like each other, but we can't just seem to do it."

Seated on the couch next to her, CNN host Piers Morgan asked Alaina whether she would have won if she hadn't had trouble with her voice. Once again, she flatly denied the possibility: "No. I mean, it was tragic and terrible, but I wouldn't have."

Morgan didn't agree. "I thought you were the better singer, to be honest."

"You want to hear something funny? I tried out for your show, and I didn't make it," Alaina said, referring to "America's Got Talent," the series on which Morgan is a judge.

"Really?" he replied, practically leaping out of his seat with surprise.

Alaina clarified that she had actually tried out twice and was rejected both times. "I didn't even make it past the first round."

"This is a scandal," Morgan said.

Alaina didn't seem to be holding any grudges, but she did have some words of encouragement for other would-be reality-show contestants.  "For all the people who try out for 'America's Got Talent' and don't make it, try out for 'American Idol.'"

Duly noted.


'American Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina talks

A few words with 'Idol's' Scotty McCreery

And the 'American Idol' Season 10 winner is ...

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Khloe Kardashian says husband Lamar Odom is an 'amazing asset' to the Lakers [Video]


Don't accuse Lamar Odom of shirking his basketball duties. After the usually levelheaded player was ejected from Sunday's disastrous playoff loss against the Dallas Mavericks, some disgruntled Lakers fans speculated that his budding second career as a reality television star was distracting him from his job on the court.

But on Wednesday night, at least, Odom appeared to have his priorities firmly intact: Scheduled to appear on "The Tonight Show" alongside wife/co-star Khloe Kardashian, Odom opted instead to sit for an exit interview.

That left Kardashian in the somewhat awkward position of acting as Odom's publicist. Dressed in glittery stilettos and a skintight skirt that, as host Jay Leno noted, appeared to be made of shrink wrap, the reality-TV starlet spoke ruefully about Odom and the team's playoff loss. "He's obviously disappointed. You know, they're two-time champions. They wanted it, but it just didn't happen."

"Did he feel bad after the whole deal with the foul and everything?" Leno asked.

Kardashian offered a (kinda-sorta) apology on behalf of her husband: "He did. He definitely thought it wasn't the smartest thing to do, you know. But, what can you do?"

The conversation turned to a happier subject: Odom's recent receipt of the NBA's Sixth Man Award. "He cried when he accepted his award, he was so honored. And he works so hard," Kardashian said. "I do think he's such an amazing asset."

Frustrated Lakers fans: Do you agree?


Is "Khloe & Lamar" a bad luck charm for the Lakers on Sunday?

"Khloe & Lamar": A jinx on Odom and the Lakers?

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Ricky Martin talks to Jay Leno about coming out [Video]


When Ricky Martin revealed that he was gay last year, the response from much of the public was a shrug, or, as Martin described it on Tuesday's "Tonight Show," "A lot of people said 'Yeah, what's new?' "

But just because some people had already figured out Martin's sexual orientation doesn't mean that he didn't anguish over it, especially in the heady days of the late '90s, when the success of "La Vida Loca" had turned him into a global superstar and reluctant heartthrob.

"What Ricky Martin represented back then and what I was feeling were not compatible," he explained to Jay Leno. "I was the sex symbol and I need to dance and make girls crazy. I couldn't say that I was gay."

Martin's religious and cultural background, he says, made it even more difficult to accept his sexuality. "What I was feeling, according to what I had in my mind, was evil."

Twelve years later, Martin, now a father to twin toddlers, is now at peace with himself. "I'm very lucky today to say that I'm gay and I love it and I'm so happy." 

He also offered words of encouragement and sympathy for people grappling with their sexual identity. "It was about my own fears, and I know there's a lot of people out there, men and women, who are struggling with that," he said. "Everyone has to go through their own spiritual journey."

Ricky, it's nice to have you back.

-- Meredith Blake


Lindsay Lohan opens up to Jay Leno: 'I've made a lot of mistakes' [Video]

Our little Lindsay is all grown up. In an interview with Jay Leno that airs Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan attributes her troubles to success at a young age.

If you're keeping track, most recently those troubles have included being locked up for about five hours on Friday and facing trial in June on a charge of stealing a neckace from a Venice jewelry store. Other setbacks have seen the 24-year-old actress, who became a child star after appearing in “The Parent Trap” at age 11, in drug and alcohol rehab and a stint in jail.

Show Trackers, do you think LiLo has learned her lesson?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

About (Late) Last Night: Jay Leno asks Kirstie Alley if she'd like to sleep with Maksim Chmerkovskiy [Video]


This has been a big week for Kirstie Alley. On Monday, she made a surprisingly strong debut on "Dancing With the Stars." The glory was short-lived, however. On Tuesday, George Lopez made a nasty and not particularly funny joke about the 60-year-old actress' weight (say what you want, but she looks great for her age.) As if that weren't enough, on Thursday night's "Tonight Show," Alley was subjected to further indignity at the hands of another talk-show host.

At first, everything was as smooth as a waltz. Jay Leno asked the boilerplate questions directed at all "Dancing With the Stars" contestants: Why did she agree to do the show? (Answer: She wants to do Broadway next.) Had she lost any weight? (Yes.) So far, so predictable. But when the subject of Alley's dance partner, the dashing Maksim Chmerkovskiy, came up, things took a turn for the icky.

Alley confessed that she was happy to be assigned Chmerkovskiy as a partner. "I have to say that's who I wanted. And baby gets what baby wants," she joked.

Leno has a slightly creepy tendency of reverting to locker-room banter when talking about sex and/or romance, and this was a glaring example. "Is there sexual tension? ... Is he married?" he asked. Alley would only say that "he's hot, everybody in the world thinks he's hot." But Leno pushed the envelope: "Is that somebody you'd want to have sex with?"

It was awkward for everyone involved, not least of all the studio audience. See for yourself above.

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: YouTube sensation Rebecca Black performs 'Friday' on 'The Tonight Show' [Video]


Rebecca Black is the latest entry in the ever-expanding annals of instant Internet celebrities, and, even in the era of Antoine Dodson and the "double rainbow" guy, one of its more unexpected. In case you missed it, last week the low-fi video for Black's song "Friday" became a viral sensation, racking up millions of views in a matter of days, and inspiring dozens of parodies. Depending on your perspective, the song, full of inane lyrics like "Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday" (note: Thanks for the tip!), is either a brilliant if unintentional satire of insipid pop music or a grotesque example of the fame-worshipping culture in which we live.

On Tuesday night, Black (who reminds me of Winnie from "The Wonder Years") made an appearance on "The Tonight Show." It's tempting to dismiss the Orange County eighth-grader -- whose parents paid a reported $2,000 for her to "pretend to be a star," as a writer at Slate put it -- as a spoiled, narcissistic tween. And it's virtually impossible not to be appalled by the modest fortune her novelty hit has already generated.

But in her "Tonight Show" appearance, Black did as little as possible to fan the flames of resentment. Sitting a few feet from hunk-of-the-moment Bradley Cooper, she was sweet, surprisingly poised and not entirely unlikable. She even told Leno she's donating proceeds from her song to the relief efforts in Japan, so take that, haters! Her (most likely) lip-synced performance of "Friday" may have made Miley Cyrus look like Maria Callas by comparison, but hey, at least the kid seems to have a decent head on her shoulders. Hopefully the modesty will outlast her destined-to-be-short-lived fame.

-- Meredith Blake

About (Late) Last Night: Wanda Sykes and the lightbulbs from back East

Comedian Wanda Sykes talked Las Vegas, Little Orphan Annie and 47th birthdays in a sitdown with Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show." Sykes mentioned that at a recent Las Vegas performance she could tell that the bulk of her audience had come from the cold, snowy East: They all looked like lightbulbs because they had been indoors for far too long. (Oh, how lucky we are to live on the perpetually sunny West Coast!)

She also spoke of the travails of observing a birthday that comes with a certain age. Her wife wanted to whisk her away as a surprise when Sykes turned 47 recently. But at 47, she said, that's not done easily: She needs medication, she needs her neti pot and, of course, more than one pair of underwear.

-- Rick Rojas

About (Late) Last Night: Jane Lynch has pot (or maybe not) [Video]

Jane Lynch of "Glee" sat down with Jay Leno to explain how the rumor got started in Hollywood that she had marijuana at Elton John's post-Oscar party. It wasn't hers, she said. It belonged to the person next to her.


She said that she's actually at work on a book about her previous problems with substance abuse, and that she no longer drinks alcohol or smokes anything -- marijuana included. In fact, she shared with the audience a picture of herself from the 1980s, with a can of beer in front of her -- on Christmas morning.

For the Gleeks out there, she divulged some sweet gossip: Sir Elton wants to be on the show. John told her that he's a big fan of "Glee," and has actually had a meeting with the show's honchos, trying to do a guest spot. The role might include him being the lover of Sue Sylvester. 

-- Rick Rojas


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