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'America's Got Talent': Fans embrace Howard Stern debut

Howard Stern was tough on some of the contestants on the season premiere of "America's Got Talent." And the viewers seemed to crave it
Howard Stern was tough on some of the contestants on Monday's season premiere of "America's Got Talent." And the viewers seemed to crave it.

"I forgot how much I love Howard Stern," tweeted @OptiMISS_Prime.

"Never was a fan of Howard Stern but gotta say I'm loving him on the show," added @ShammyCW, expressing a point of view widely shared on Twitter.

Stern, the Sirius XM shock jock famed for his naughty ways, replaced Piers Morgan as the third judge on the show, which has for years been among summer's top-rated programs. The other judges are Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel.

Before the premiere, speculation had centered on whether Stern's R-rated sensibility -- porn stars and flatulence are among his favorite obsessions -- would fit with a prime-time broadcast talent show. Based on the initial reaction, viewers seem to think so.

On Monday's show, Stern was sometimes surprisingly warm, at one point climbing onstage to dance with Simply Sergio, a singer whose wobbly audition was redeemed by an impromptu version of "God Bless America." But he was also at times brutal. When one unfortunate contestant reported this his parents had passed away, Stern cracked: "Did they die of embarrassment?"

Not everyone is offering the thumbs-up, of course.

"Reading a pile of positive laudatory reviews of Howard Stern on America's Got Talent tonight," tweeted @mediageek. "Did we see the same show?"

But that was a minority opinion. Many viewers seemed to believe that NBC had succeeded in reinvigorating the show.

"Adding Howard Stern to #AGT seems to have been the best thing @NBC has done this year," tweeted @TheJustinColman.

What did you think of Stern on "AGT"?


Howard Stern's "AGT" gig raises ire

"AGT" clip shows Howard Stern in action

Howard Stern: I've made weirdos stars for years

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Host Nick Cannon, left, with Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel on "America's Got Talent." Credit: Mark Seliger / NBC

Howard Stern's return to TV on 'America's Got Talent' raises ire

Howard SternHoward Stern's big TV return next week on "America's Got Talent" is angering the Parents Television Council, which sent a letter to 91 companies that previously have bought ad time during "America's Got Talent."

The letter urges advertisers to spend their ad dollars elsewhere "unless and until [Stern's] conduct consistently reflects and respects the time, place and manner of an 8 p.m. broadcast television program."

Among the PTC's complaints are Stern's lack of valid judging experience. They write, "Stern's reputation for sleaze and misogyny is well known; and to our knowledge his only previous judging experience consisted of looking at insecure, naked young women and telling them whether or not they were hot enough to pose for Playboy."

The letter also repeated critical comments Stern made about "American Idol" contestant Fantasia Barrino and sexually violent comments he once made to a female guest.

These complaints aren't surprising since the PTC initially expressed its displeasure in November when rumor of Stern's gig was circulating. But as was pointed out then, the group did not raise much of a fuss when Jerry Springer, whose syndicated talk show has had its fair share of strippers and insecure, naked young women, served as presenter on "America's Got Talent" for two seasons.

Meanwhile, Stern's promotional train is in full gear. He's set to appear for the first time on "The View" on Thursday to discuss his new judging duties with Barbara Walters and company.


'America's Got Talent' preview shows Howard Stern in action

Howard Stern rages at Judd Apatow over 'America's Got Talent' diss

Howard Stern as 'America's Got Talent' judge? No way, says parents group

-- Patrick Kevin Day

 Photo: Howard Stern. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press

Howard Stern rages at Judd Apatow over 'America's Got Talent' diss

Howard Stern and Judd Apatow

Howard Stern has talked long and often on his Sirius XM radio show about how much he's enjoying his new gig as judge on NBC's "America's Got Talent." But one listener isn't sharing the love: "Girls" executive producer Judd Apatow.

Last Tuesday, Apatow tweeted, "I hate to say it but I don't have much interest in discussions about america's got talent. I tried. It is just too much synergy. @sternshow."

A mildly critical tweet, all in all. But it sure got under Stern's skin, who kicked off his show Monday with an angry rant about Apatow's criticism and the quality of his last film, "Funny People."

Even though Apatow is a long-term Stern listener, Howard wasn't having it, accusing the director of "whack[ing] me from the side of the head." And saying that if Apatow didn't like what he was hearing, he could go elsewhere.

He also said "Funny People" was "the worst movie ever made."

Following Stern's rant, Apatow responded to fans on Twitter, writing, "It gets blown out of proportion by the press who has nothing to write about and Howard who has time to fill. We all Like Certain parts... I like em all. Just some more than others."

Will that be enough to calm Stern? The host has probably forgotten the feud now that he has bigger matters to fume about. Late Monday, a New York state court judge threw out his lawsuit against Sirius XM that demanded a $300-million stock award, according to the Associated Press.

Stern told listeners on Tuesday that he was really bummed about the decision and plans to appeal.


Q&A with 'Girls' creator Lena Dunham: The Ick Girl

Simon Cowell: Howard Stern will shake up 'America's Got Talent'

Howard Stern gets nice(r) as 'America's Got Talent' auditions begin

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Howard Stern, left, and Judd Apatow. Credit: Kathy Willens / AP / Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Howard Stern gets nice(r) as 'America's Got Talent' auditions begin

Howard Stern

Howard Stern came to Los Angeles last Friday to begin his tenure as "America's Got Talent's" newest judge. And, by his own admission, this may not be the Howard Stern most people expected to see.

"There were times when I was downright compassionate," Stern told KNBC-TV outside the season's first auditions, held at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown L.A.

Stern is making the cross-country commute so he can record both the auditions and his Sirius XM satellite show in New York. He was back on the air on Tuesday raving about how much he loves his new gig. Once the audition process is over, the show itself will tape in New York City, to accommodate Stern's schedule.

Longtime Stern fans no doubt got an extra kick hearing him praise his new work family at NBCUniversal. Stern was famously fired from the radio station WNBC-AM in New York in 1985.

Stern said at the L.A. audition that he's not trying to play into any expectations about him. "You don't want to be a stereotype as a judge," he said. "You don't want to be, 'Oh, you're replacing Piers; you've got to be the mean guy, or you've got to be the guy that always hits the buzzer.' I have no preconceived notion, and I've got news for you: If you go in there and watch this taping, it is insane."

That's not to say Stern has gone all warm and Randy Jackson-ish on us. He's still got some bite. As he explained, "It's a little weird, the first day out, I buzzed a 9-year-old kid. The kid was adorable, but I did it, man, you've got to do it. I said, 'Look, you're cute, you're adorable, but, goodness gracious, you don't belong on "America's Got Talent," ' and you just feel like the devil himself."

The Parents Television Council has raised objections to Stern's addition to the program and stories like that are no doubt giving them fits.

Stern told his radio audience that "America's Got Talent" has auditions in San Francisco this weekend and a New York audition on Feb. 27.


Howard Stern is 'America's Got Talent's' newest judge

Simon Cowell: Howard Stern will shake up 'America's Got Talent'

Howard Stern as 'America's Got Talent' judge? No way, says parents group

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Howard Stern in New York City in early February. Credit: Charles Sykes / Associated Press

Howard Stern is 'America's Got Talent's' newest judge

Howard Stern is the newest judge on "America's Got Talent"
Howard Stern is about to return to TV -- he's just signed on to become the latest judge on "America's Got Talent."

Stern will replace CNN host Piers Morgan at the judges' table, alongside Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

Speculation about Stern joining the show has been rampant for more than a month, ever since Morgan announced he was leaving to concentrate on his CNN gig. But Thursday morning, Stern made it official.

On his SiriusXM show's Twitter feed, the announcement went out: "It's official -- Howard just signed on the dotted line -- he is now the newest judge on America's Got Talent!"

Stern discussed the new gig on the satellite radio show, revealing that he would begin shooting in February and would travel the country for the audition portion of the talent competition.

The entire production, which had been located in Los Angeles for the last six seasons, will relocate to New York to accommodate Stern's satellite radio show.

Though the financial terms of Stern's deal weren't disclosed, the New York Post reported in November that he was asking for $20 million.

Although Stern's on-air sidekick, Robin Quivers, said she was happy for the new judge, not everyone will be pleased. The Parents Television Council warned in November that selecting Stern as a judge for the family-friendly NBC series was a bad move and that the result would be the loss of tens of millions of advertising dollars.

"Such a move smacks of desperation by the once-proud peacock network. Any short-term buzz from Stern's shock value will result in a longer-term decline as families abandon the show for more suitable programming," PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement.

On Monday, Stern had future colleague Osbourne and two of her co-hosts on "The Talk,"Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert, on his show, and he took Osbourne to task for what he said was her tendency to overly praise gay contestants on "America's Got Talent."

"To like someone because they're gay is ridiculous," Stern told Osbourne.

He went on to tell her that changes would come with his arrival, "You and Howie will learn how to behave. And we'll structure that show differently."

"America's Got Talent" will return for its seventh season this summer.


Sharon Osbourne to Piers Morgan: "Please don't go"

Howard Stern as "America's Got Talent" judge? No way, says parents group

Golden Globes nominations announced

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Howard Stern. Brendan McDermid / Reuters


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