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A 'Heroes' character is grounded for good

Nathan4_j8q8renc The Web (Nikki Finke and Kristin Dos Santos were two of the first) seems to be abuzz with news that Adrian Pasdar -- Nathan Petrelli, the flying man himself -- will not be returning to "Heroes." Yes, he was a major character from the beginning and it's a sad day for those that still follow "Heroes" because Pasdar is a pretty good actor. It's good that something happening on the show is still considered big news, but also a shame, actually, because it may just illustrate how much people aren't paying attention to think that this is surprising or HUGE.

Pasdar's Petrelli was killed off at the end of last season. Sylar did it, as he does to lots of people. Sylar was then was forced by Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg), through prodding from Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), to assume the shape and life of Sen. Nathan Petrelli. Good way to keep Pasdar around though his character was effectively dead.

So why the big whoop? It was bound to happen that Sylar would regain his thoughts and control of his body. It made plot sense and show sense. Plot sense because Sylar's original power, which many seem to forget, is to figure things out. It started with watches and clocks, then continued with the acquisition of powers from others, which usually involved killing them (not in Claire's case). Even being trapped thinking that he's Nathan, his power would be working. He'd naturally be trying to figure out and fix why he felt ... wrong.

And Nathan's still dead with no illusions of a super-powered resurrection. I thought about it for a while -- maybe they'd find someone who had the power to bring back the dead. Kind of like the healer kid that was recently killed on the show. But no. They knew this needed to happen, we knew this needed to happen.

Show sense? The TV viewing audience is saavy enough to know what trouble the show was in, and had sense to know that someone (chartacter/actor) was going to be leaving the show this season. With Nathan dead, ummmm ... well, there you go. With a new carnival of characters, Nathan hadn't been a particularly active presence anyway, so we'll see if it at all affects the show's viewership. It's been alluded to (Greg Grunberg being a source) that there could be others, and Hiro (Masi Oka) is apparently dying from his power usage, but this is probably the one that was foretold -- and the one that should stick.

-- Jevon Phillips

Photo: Adrian Pasdar as Sen. Nathan Petrelli on "Heroes." Credit: NBC

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'Heroes': Fuller's escape (?) and Masi's 'Defenders'

Bryan2_jp1pv1kn Bryan Fuller, like many fans of the show, is reportedly leaving "Heroes."

Some critics are sayng the standby "just as the show was getting better" line -- and I'll echo that. Fuller's episodes, like "Company Man" and this past season's "Cold Snap," were a few of the moments where you thought the series was great -- or in the case of the last season, where you thought the show was turning a corner.

Casual fans may not realize the impact that some producers and writers have on shows.  Not the ones like J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon, who are brilliant in their own ways but also well-known, but more behind-the-scenes people like Bryan Fuller or Jane Espenson who help craft and expand on themes and characters that can make the more well-known creators seem like geniuses.

Masi1 Not that the two are connected, but there's also the question of will Masi Oka follow in Fuller's footsteps?  He recently sold his "Defenders" idea, about online role-playing gamers who have to come together for a real-life adventure, to DreamWorks. He's been developing the idea for a while and had this to say about it: "I love 'Heroes,' don't get me wrong, but there's something about creating something from scratch that you don't get from being in front of the camera." I doubt Hiro is going anywhere soon, but with central actors straying (Zach on "Star Trek," Ali on "Obsessed," Hayden on "Beth Cooper," etc.) and getting opportunities outside of the show, who knows how long the show will last?

-- Jevon Phillips

P.S. Some other tidbits included:

-- Cylon Simon (Rick Worthy) could join the cast. (On the Flix)

-- Shots of Zach and Milo shooting scenes in downtown L.A. (Just Jared)

Photos: Bryan Fuller. (Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times) and Masi Oka. (Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images).

'Heroes': Sylar kills on 'An Invisible Thread'

This is the kind of stuff we want from "Heroes": an on-the-edge-of-your-seat anticipation because you know what is going to happen, enough misdirection and twists to throw those preconceptions out of the window, and an end to the saga or volume that makes you want to come back for more.

So, the finale airs and for those who've continued to watch, it's like admonishing a kid who achieves something great for not applying themselves all the time. Not saying that this was the best thing "Heroes" has ever done, but it might be the best ending so far. I'd venture to say it's better than the Hiro-Sylar is-suddenly-in-feudal-Japan, Sylar-turns-into-a-roach-and-crawls-down-a-manhole-cover ending from Season 1.  I won't even mention Season 2.

The basics:

Sylar (Zachary Quinto) continues being Sylar, joining Dexter as the thinking man's serial killer. He sets up Danko (Zeljko Ivanek) and assumes Nathan's (Adrian Pasdar) identity.  His menace and smugness surface after he kidnaps Claire (Hayden Panettiere) and lets her dad know that he has her -- sniffing her hair, he utters, "Oh, God.  This is fun." Yes, it was for us too. Sylar is still the engine, or at least the strongest piston, that drives this show.

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'Heroes': 'I Am Sylar,' and I dress as my mom sometimes

Sylar3Zach Quinto got lots of non-"Star Trek"dialogue to chew on in this "I Am Sylar" episode of "Heroes." Did Sylar somehow gain the power to recite long monologues along the way and we didn't know it?

The (arguably) two most powerful good guys were taken down a few levels during this "Fugitives" arc of "Heroes" when Peter's ability allowed him to only hold one power at a time and Hiro lost his completely, only recently regaining the ability to stop time.  But Sylar, THE bad guy, remained unchanged -- until now.

No, he wasn't reduced to only having his ticking power of observation, but he was always also dangerous because he was calculating, smart, focused and driven by a pMomsurpose: to gain more abilities.  Now, there is a chance that, despite his power, he can be beaten ... because he's got identity issues and is freaking out a bit.  By causing him to shape-shift into his dead motherand talk to himself (finding an anchor for his shape-shifting abilities?) in this "I Am Sylar" episode, some of his menace was taken away (from the viewers at least).  That could've been the plan all along when they (the show's overseers) first gave him the shape-shifting ability -- knowing that it could slowly unsettle him.  If that's the case, job well done.  Consider him, and me, unsettled. 

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'Heroes': 1961 and what we learned

It's great that the Petrellis and their extended family (HRG) on "Heroes" finally were able to come together, meet a crazy, powerful aunt/sister, bond over digging up bodies in Coyote Sands and declare that, as a family, they should be able to grant forgiveness to one another.  Touching stuff.  But what did we really learn from our black-and-white journey back to 1961?

Alice We learned:  Alice DOES live here.  The Storm of "Heroes" --  closer to the Crazy Cat Lady on "The Simpsons" -- was still hanging out at Coyote Sands, controlling the weather with lightning and all.  Staying put for almost 50 years because your big sister said to?  That's some serious agreeability there.  There was definitely a kind of ... deficiency going on.  Her power was definitely strong, but Angela, or Banana (a great nickname), was actually correct in terms of the hunt going on.  She was safest out there, but we have to wonder if now she'll venture out.  Doubt it.

We learned: Mohinder's dad, Suresh, was apparently well-intentioned but, like Mohinder, utterly unprepared for what he was really doing or the people he was involved with.  Mohinder may be one of the least favorite characters, but even he eventually realizes his flaws and limitations.  "I am weak. I am corruptible. I am selfish."  Fans were yelling, "That's right!" at the TV, but maybe this can be a turnaround for Mohinder?  By now, many may not care.

We learned: Angela Petrelli has been manipulating situations ever since the diner in 1961, when, at 16, she told the assembled kids -- Bobby Bishop, Charles Deveraux, Daniel Linderman -- that they would form a company to keep their powers a secret by any means necessary.  With her precognition, Linderman's healing, Bob's golden touch and Deveraux's strong telepathy, you can see how that is easily accomplished.

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'Heroes': A 'Cold Snap' fells two

We've seen this before on "Heroes," but has a major character really and truly been killed off in this "Cold Snap" episode?  Looks like it, and one more was thrown in for good measure.

We'll see if it's really beneficial for the show, but the suspense and anticipation has built up among fans.  It's  also finally time to go full-fledged after Rebel, Hiro gets back in the game (yes!) and Danko1 Angela Petrelli and Noah Bennet continue to be great characters without having flashy powers.

But it starts with Danko.  In a semi-spooky opening, I really thought something huge was about to be revealed.  Does Danko have a power too?  Is that why he hates the heroes so much?  But no, he just gets a gift-wrapped puppeteer in the form of Eric Doyle dropped unconscious in his living room by a (most likely) Sylar-shaped benefactor.  Noah later asks Danko how he got him.  Danko's answer? "I'm smarter than the average bear."  Points to Bryan Fuller for writing in a Yogi Bear reference!

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'Heroes': The hunter, a Rebel and Sylar's search

Nathan_2The hunting party that Nathan Petrelli put together to round up the powered posse is quickly getting out of the senator's control on "Heroes," but we knew it would.  Heck, everyone knew that it would, except, it seems, for the flying man himself.

Rebel, the enigmatic, omniscient computer guru helper knew it, and he/she took a bigger role in shaping the lives of the heroes this episode.  Rebel fed Matt Parkman and Peter Petrelli information and helped them escape (kind of) from Building 26.  Peter got away, at least, but Matt was captured.  Was kind of annoyed with Matt this episode -- crazed, obsessive people sometimes annoy me -- but what he's being set up for turns the show in a different direction.

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'Heroes': An odd couple and Noah/HRG

Finding out HRG's history, Noah Bennett's back story, has been one of the mysteries surrounding Noah "Heroes" for three seasons now. Like Wolverine, knowing his history may not make him any less dangerous, but knowing how far he's willing to go might make you step easy around him.

Would've been great to see, but we got nothing! Only five weeks back?!? Maybe it was just me, but I wanted to see more and was a bit disappointed. We keep hearing about Noah's 20+ years of experience taking down people with powers, so it would've been nice to see some of that while Matt Parkman was rooting around in his head. OK, over it now.

Ex-roommates Mohinder Suresh and Matt are like a superpowered odd couple. Can't say who's Felix and who's Oscar, but they fight like brothers, with Peter as the cool-headed referee. When Pete is like this, cool under pressure and totally willing to use his powers, he's a great character. When he's too unsure and overthinking things, he flounders.

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'Heroes': Luke latches on and Rebel lurks

The best line of this "Building 26" episode of "Heroes" came from Sylar: "OK! Technically, I'm a serial killer."

Nup_140 The exchange between he and Luke, all of the exchanges between he and Luke, were great --  Luke eagerly reaching toward the father figure that is Sylar, and Sylar so callously brushing aside his friendly repartee.  "Luke, you have to stop trying to be my friend or I'm going to have to kill you."  Actors Dan Byrd (Luke) and Zachary Quinto (Sylar) have a good chemistry going.  After giving Luke advice and saving him from government capture, is Sylar softening, or is he just saving Luke for himself later?  Going with the latter here.

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'Heroes': The crash, the hunter and a death

This week on "Heroes": the group survives a plane crash, a one-time villain falls, Peter's powers are diminished, the hunter is held in check, and daddy complexes dominate.

The hunter wastes no time making his presence felt as he and his men comb the wreckage of the plane crash.  This may be Sen. Nathan's initiative, but the hunter is making it pretty clear that, when push comes to shove, he'll take out any hero standing in the way. Everyone, at least every one of the heroes, made it out OK, though it seemed it would be a rough landing for those without a super-healing factor like Claire.

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'Heroes' is back, and 'Fugitives' is off and running

"Heroes" has been off the air for a little while, so before talking about the way-above-average episode that just aired, here's a handy recap of the history of the show that the people put together:

Back in the game? Good.  On a conference call last month, star Masi Oka said that audiences sometimes need to exercise a little patience when dealing with a show that takes as many storytelling risks as "Heroes" does.  Well, we didn't need much time in this "Fugitives" half of the season for the action to get up to speed.

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'Heroes': 'Villains' ends, but what would Obama do?

Sylar"Heroes" ends its "Villains" chapter with all sorts of firecrackers (mostly due to Sylar). The tough times they've faced this first half of the season, with people after them, being lost (in time and in different places) and corporations going down around them ... and that's just the writers!

The last few episodes have definitely been up to par. How much does the turnaround -- yes, I dared to use that word -- have to do with the dismissal of Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander, and Tim Kring taking the reigns more tightly? Probably not much, because many of these episodes may have already been shot and story arcs already planned. It'd be interesting to know, though.

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