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Gordon Ramsay dream team? Kim Kardashian + David Beckham

Kim-Kardashian_optGordon Ramsay -- the hot-tempered chef and Fox TV's boy of summer -- would like to teach Kim Kardashian a thing or two. And he'd like to show the world that David Beckham has more to offer than soccer skills and a razor-sharp abs.

If Ramsay were putting together a celebrity version of his reality TV cooking shows, he said he would like to round out the women's team with Kardashian, who made headlines for a comment she made on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in which she labeled Indian food as "disgusting." (She has since apologized.) Ramsay said he would assign Beckham, a good personal buddy, to head up the men's squad.

"A celebrity version of 'MasterChef'...would be extraordinary," Ramsay said on Friday during a media conference call. "Who would I put on there? Kim Kardashian. And I would show her that eating Indian food doesn't need to be as bad as she thinks it is."

On the opposing team? "David Beckham...he knows how to cook."

Ramsay roars back to prime time Monday and Tuesday with "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef."

"Hell's Kitchen," now in its 10th season, debuts with a two-part season opener spanning both nights. Eighteen competitors, divided along gender lines, will duke it out for a chance to be a head chef at Ramsay's newest restaurant venture in Sin City, Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, "MasterChef" also debuts with a two-parter following "Hell's Kitchen" on Monday and Tuesday. Among those amateur cooks hoping to be named the best home cook in America will be an opera singer, a plastic surgeon and, believe it or not, a woman who lost her eyesight.

Still not enough Ramsay for you? Then you're in luck. Later this summer, Ramsay will star in his third reality series on Fox. "Hotel Hell" sees the fiery chef dropping in on hotels, inns and bed-and-breakfasts and giving them a bleeping makeover.


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Photo: Kim Kardashian at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Photo credit: Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images for DFI

'Hell's Kitchen's' Gordon Ramsay out of hospital after soccer injury

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, the ill-tempered chef and host of Fox's "Hell's Kitchen," ended up in the hospital on Sunday following an injury at a charity soccer game.

According to People, the celebrity chef suffered a particularly hard tackle from former professional soccer player Teddy Sheringham at the Soccer Aid game in Manchester, England, and was carried off the field with an oxygen mask on. Ramsay once aspired to be a professional soccer player himself, but a knee injury forced his interests to be diverted to cooking.

On Monday, Ramsay tweeted: "Thx 4 all the messages. Out of hospital after receiving amazing care from medics at ground & hospital. Bit sore but fine Gx."

Will Ferrell also suffered a leg injury during the same match, which raised $6.4 million for the charity UNICEF.

The chef's injury comes just as Ramsay is starting to promote the upcoming seasons of his two Fox shows, the 10th season of "Hell's Kitchen" and the third season of "MasterChef," both of which premiere on Monday.


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 Photo: Gordon Ramsay. Credit: Evan Agostini / Associated Press

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: A winner, with a little help from above

Paul Niedermann of Davie, Fla Paul Niedermann, who got his start in the restaurant business flipping burgers at Burger King, has a new job: He'll be chef at Manhattan's BLT Steak after winning "Hell's Kitchen's" Season 9 competition.

And while the good-natured sous-chef from Davie, Fla., beat out Will Lustberg of Jersey City, N.J., for the gig, it could be argued that the second-place victory went to the smack-talking Elise Wims.

Her scorched-earth approach didn't win her any friends. In fact, pretty much everyone hated her. But it won her begrudging admirers, among them Will and Paul, who considered her fierce competition, and "Hell's Kitchen" overlord, chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay let her keep that most cherished of mementos, her chef's jacket, when he eliminated her. "You're Teflon. Well done," he told her, even as she was on the verge of tears. "Keep your jacket. You deserve it."

Thankfully, the cameras also caught him later telling Elise what everyone wanted to tell the woman who is clearly a talented cook, but also her own worst enemy, "Just stop being such a bitch!"
By contrast, Paul and Will were sweethearts, and from that vantage point it was hard to choose between the two. Will, however, may have served victory to Paul on a silver platter. He turned the final dinner service into one last piece of gamesmanship, manipulating the team-making so that Elise and Carrie would clash and create problems for Paul. The move left him with Krupa, who proved herself yet again to be a disaster in the kitchen, and turned Elise into the night's MVP because she was determined to shine.

Paul also gave stirring marching orders to his troops and kept them focused on the prize: The last dinner service was intended to honor Paul's late mother. And did it ever. "We didn't do it for me, we did it for my mom," he said as he toasted the former rivals who helped him to victory.

Ramsay said his admiration for Paul went beyond the plate: "He won tonight because he is probably the most passionate, determined chef to ever enter 'Hell's kitchen,'" he said, adding that Paul's "enthusiasm is contagious" and will serve him well on the job.

What did you think? Did Paul deserve to win? And do you think Elise will ever change?


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Photo: "Hell's Kitchen" Season 9 winner Paul Niedermann. Photo credit: Fox.

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Has Ramsay met his match?

Hell's Kitchen's Elise

"Hell's Kitchen" hath no fury like Elise.

She curses like a trooper. Doesn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks. Her dishes impress. She's got confidence to spare. She's ultra-competitive. And she is never, ever wrong. If chef Gordon Ramsay is looking for a protege, Elise just might be it.

Of course, she also makes everyone in her sphere of influence want to strangle her, but if anyone can beat that out of her, it's Ramsay.

Personally, I was relieved when Ramsay pulled a fast one this week and announced that no one was going home (after he stirred the pot by forcing them to choose two people for the chopping block.)

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'MasterChef'/'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Not Christian! (or Elise)

That Chef Gordon Ramsay is such a tease! Please confess you were also on the edge of your couch this week, gleefully laughing at the the prospect of Christian, vile Christian, going -- hee hee -- HOME!

But it was not to be. Ramsay was just pulling our legs, no surprise there, and Christian managed to glide on through to next week. The mere sight of his face irritates me. (That perch used to be reserved for annoyingly scrunchy-faced Suzy.)

But do I just need to get over it and acknowledge his sheer talent? He has talent to spare, that one. But shouldn't personality and good sportsmanship count in this competition to be the home cook that inspires a nation to get back into the kitchen? (It was bad enough when he mock shot his competitors last week. But giving thumbs down to the children who didn't vote for his dish? Really? Isn't he a dad?)

Ramsay didn't go far enough when he lit into Christian for being rude in the surf-and-turn challenge and besmirching Jennifer's risotto.

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'Hell's Kitchen' and 'MasterChef' recap: Nice doesn't count

Chef_Gordon_Ramsay_300 So much for my theory that Alejandra Schrader of Playa del Rey would be among the last three standing on "MasterChef." Instead, her "friend" Adrian submarined her in the pork challenge. Adrian won the right to choose which cut of pork the rest of his competitors would cook with. He gave Alejandra pork loin -- arguably the easiest of the cuts, underscoring perhaps that he really didn't consider her a threat -- and gave nemesis Christian the most challenging cut: pork cheeks.

Christian rose to the occassion, and of course bragged every step of the way, and delivered a dish that had the judges swooning. It should have been a no-brainer for Alejandra. She didn't need to win, she just needed to serve up a serviceable dish, to pass on through to the next round. Instead, she blew it, and served up raw pork -- big no-no. She said she did not know if was raw, but it's kind of hard to believe that's true. She might -- might -- have had a chance if she had recognized the error and refused to serve it to the judges. Even Bob the pig was hanging his head in embarassment for her.

So in the end we lost one of the most likeable competitors. (There's just no way the judges could allow someone who serves raw pork to move forward in a compeition aimed at inspiring a home-cooking revolution.) And we're watching the rise of Christian. Clearly, this guy is a terrific cook. He's also a terrific jerk. I'm not sure I can stomach his win, particularly after he aimed and mock shot his competitors -- or maybe he was just "shooting" at Adrian, it was hard to tell, but it was nonetheless out of bounds.    

And speaking of competitors who are hard to stomach:

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'Hell's Kitchen' and 'Master Chef' recap: Booty calls, meat milkshakes and the mother of all challenges

The men versus women shtick never gets old on "Hell's Kitchen." That's because it pits the men against the women -- and the women against the women. Kudos for playing to stereotype, ladies! (I'm looking at you, Carrie and Elise.) And the whole thing allows for plenty of sexual tension for those on the prowl.

Like Carrie.

Seriously, how desperate do you have to be to lasso Brendan -- that meatball! -- into your room because you need "some exercise," all while the cameras are rolling. Ugh. I only wish we were able to get a close-up of her face when chef Gordon Ramsay later sent Brendan home after catching him in an embrassing lie. (Brendan reheated a piece of fish instead of firing up a new one. When questioned, he insisted that the fish was fresh ... until Gordon threatened to shut down the kitchen and search every trash bin to determine whether Brendan was lying or not. Brendan fessed up.)

Carrie, I'm sure you're making your family proud with your antics. Although it kills me to side with Elise, I think she put it best when she said something along the lines of, "Whata stanka-dank-skank!" Let's put that on a T-shirt and make lots of money.

Speaking of T-shirts:

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'Hell's Kitchen' and 'MasterChef' insult-a-thon recap: 'What kind of sex are you into?'


As we kick off Ramsay-palooza -- you'll get four hours of chef Gordon Ramsay each Monday and Tuesday this summer with back-to-back episodes of "MasterChef" and the new season of "Hell's Kitchen" -- let's take a look at what just might be a new low for the Don Rickles of the kitchen.

The Michelin-starred Ramsay says he's unmatched in the culinary world, and knows more about food than anyone. I'm not sure how we test that. But if they handed out stars for insults, he'd no doubt have a boatload for all the times he called someone a donut, a donkey or a [bleep].

But Ramsay is nothing if not creative with his unique way of insulting and humiliating his underlings, and that started minutes into the new season of "Hell's Kitchen" when the 18 competitors were brought into a theater in downtown Los Angeles and prepped in hair and makeup for what they thought was their first appearance in front of a cheering crowd.

Excited, with stars in their eyes, the competitors held hands and then raised them high as the curtain was raised -- only to find an empty theater, a speaker piping in crowd noise, and a disdainful Ramsay.

"Seriously?" he said in response to the shocked looks on their faces. "What on earth did you expect?" A crowd? No way. "Right now? None of you are stars. Resumes mean nothing." He announced that the winner of this season will earn a $250,000 salary as the head chef at BLT Steak in New York City, and then dismissed the class for the traditional first challenge, preparing a signature dish. His parting shot: "Stars. My ass."

What did you think of this prank. Did it go too far? Granted, all of these competitors knew precisely what they were in for when they joined "Hell's Kitchen." But it seemed plenty callous to punk them in this manner. It's one thing to look the fool because you burned the risotto. For the 47th time. It's another to be tricked into looking like a fool. It probably goes without saying: It sure made for good TV.

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: May the best (wo)man win

Do you think Russell gets it?

Nona earned the job as new chef at L.A. Market working alongside Kerry Simon not just because she can cook and has a great palate. She’s also someone chefs wouldn’t mind hustling for, with a demeanor that fosters loyalty and teamwork, the very things that you need to get food out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

Or, put another way, the exact opposite of Russell.

I suspect, though, that Russell does not realize that he probably lost the “Hell’s Kitchen” finale because of a nasty attitude and bullying demeanor. Who would want to do anything for that guy? All you need to know about Russell occurred when he was on the verge of choosing Vinny to help him out in this final dinner service. Instead of approaching Vinny, setting differences aside and getting him fired up for one last chance to show Chef Gordon Ramsay what he could do, Russell badgered and humiliated Vinny about his lack of energy. Way to motivate, Russell!

Russell had the classical training and a pretty fine palate himself and quickly proved himself to be a front-runner in this race. But in the end, he just shot himself in the foot. (Odd how he made such a rookie mistake, trying to rush out so many tables at the same time in a bid to outdo Nona.) And if there was any doubt about Russell’s temperment, it all became clear in the final moments: Russell couldn’t even bring himself to acknowledge Nona as she wished him luck, much less offered the same. And then he immediately began blaming and threatening the returning players who helped with the final dinner service:

 “I felt like I was being sabotaged,” he said, adding sarcastically, “Thanks a lot, guys.” And then — this is the best part — publically promising to blackball them all: “You will never get a job in any city that I work. I will definitely blackball you guys.”

Good idea, Russell, that won’t reflect back on you at all.

Kudos to Nona, who sacrificed much to get here, including her son’s first birthday and his first steps.

Some random thoughts as we end the season:

— Ever notice how sometimes chef Scott can look all nice and friendly? And then — bam!

— My favorite Ramsay line of the night: “Ooof. They're back.”

— I was kind of surprised at how eager Jillian seemed to help Russell. Granted, it’s in her best interest to make a good impression, but she seemed happy to be on his team.

What did you think of this season and the finale?

— Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Fox

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: It's a red-headed showdown

No surprise, it's the red-headed Nona versus the red-headed Russell in next week's finale, although they certainly gave it a good go at making us think that Jillian had a snowball's chance. She certainly delivered during the fusion challenge. (Were it not for those celebrity judges, I would have called that one rigged!) And she gained the admiration of Chef Gordon Ramsay -- even as he was kicking her out the door. In what I believe is a "Hell's Kitchen" first, he let her keep her chef's jacket. She really grew on me. Here's wishing you success, Jillian!

So, who's gonna win? As much as I hate Russell's brazen, cocky attitude, he seems to be more of the complete package. You could see that when he had his turn running the pass. Nona is no joke, but she's not as assertive and forceful in the kitchen. And she may be billed as the wonder palate, but she did mistake mashed celery root for mashed potatoes in what may have been the dinner service of her life.  

And let's take a moment to bid Trevor farewell. He was hated and ignored by all, and he still didn't quit. Ramsay put it best: "Your determination never wavered." As he was kicking Trevor out the door.

Are you looking forward to the finale? Will you make plans to dine at L.A. Market for a chance to see the "Hell's Kitchen" winner in action?

--Rene Lynch / renelynch

Photo: Nona and chef Ramsay / Fox

'Hell's Kitchen' recap: 'Did he call you a donkey?'

Ramsay Is it me, or is this taking forever?

Let's get down to business!

No one went home this week, and the highlights were Gordon Ramsay, super-taster, and the "taste it, now make it" challenge. (Complete aside: To date, I've always looked forward to the blindfolded taste-test challenge. But the "taste it, now make it" challenge may now be my favorite. It gives us a chance to see into Ramsay's mind, how he tastes, how he thinks, how he cooks. And we got a little more of that later in the episode when he had to rescue Trevor's beef Wellington. Which brings me to my point: I think Ramsay's next show should be a straight-up how-to-cook. Just cooking. No competing. No salmon shrapnel. No tears, or doughnuts, or donkeys. Wouldn't you watch that? Fox, you gotta get on that. (And I should get a piece of that deal.)

OK, now where were we?  

No surprise, Nona and Russell were the last two standing in the "taste it, now make it" challenge after Trevor second-guessed himself to defeat. We also learned that Ramsay doesn't like too much starch in his chef whites, and that he has a heart. When he called Jillian in for a one-on-one, I thought has going to say, "Oh dear, oh dear, let's do something about those eyebrows, shall we?"

Instead he urged her to begin believing in herself.

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Amusing the bouche

You'd think I'd be celebrating today because Sabrina got the boot. But she had her best week yet — and by that I mean she was at her most amusing when she was doing her comedy routine about her dream boat chef and pop-up artist, Ludo Lefebvre. C'mon, that was pretty darn funny, you have to admit.

But that was a rare moment: Mostly Sabrina has been a scheming, manipulative, childish brat. And that's putting it nicely. (To her credit, though, she would agree with that description.) And it's that demeanor that helped get her bounced when the final six turned in a (another) disasterous dinner service. "Young lady, you have a lot of growing up to do, inside the kitchen and outside," chef told her.

At this point, it feels like we are all just circling the drain, waiting to get down to the final two. Kinda ho hum. I'm going out on a limb and revising my early picks. I think it will still be Russell and Nona, but it looks like this is Russell's to lose. No matter what happens, he'll always be able to say that some of L.A.'s top chefs and restaurateurs — including Lefebvre, Quinn and Karen Hatfield, Suzanne Tracht and Michael Cimarusti, scored his amuse bouche a perfect 10 in both the taste and looks category, giving him a final, perfect score of 100. Impressive.

Single best line of the night goes to Tracht, talking about one of the cumin-scented dishes set before her, noting that that spice might not be the best way to amuse the bouche: "Sometimes cumin can remind me of body odor. Not to be gross or anything."

(Glad I'm not the only one who thought that.)

— Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Oh dear, oh dear. Someone is in trouble with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Photo credit: Fox.


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