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Julie Benz's stay on Wisteria Lane is extended

Benz Former "Dexter" star Julie Benz will be staying on Wisteria Lane just a little bit longer.

Benz originally signed on for a three-episode arc as a stripper with a heart of gold and a passion to educate herself. In an exclusive interview with our pals over at Zap2it, "Desperate Housewives" executive producer Bob Daily said they were planning to keep her on the Lane for additional episodes.

"We've been enjoying [Benz] so much," Daily said. "We've extended her at least one more episode and possibly more beyond that."

Last week Robin (Benz) was inspired by Susan (Teri Hatcher) to stop stripping and pursue her dreams. After being fired for her past while working for Susan, she convinced Mike it would be a good idea to house the former stripper. But in sneak peeks of the episode it doesn't seem like she'll be a house guest for too long before making the moves on another housewife, the always unstable Katherine (Dana Delany, who'll soon reunite with her former Wisteria Lane husband, Nathan Fillion on his ABC series "Castle").

"Robin will be getting into a friendship," Daily said. "That maybe turns into more than a friendship with Katherine. Katherine has had kind of a rough year and I think she's open to new experiences. She's had a rough time with men. It's going to be a sort of twisty and turny conflicted relationship for her, I think."

Is this signs that they are ditching the "Katherine is a crazy psycho" plot? Maybe this is just the storyline needed to spice up things on the Lane.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy (Follow me on Twitter)

Photo: Robin (Julie Benz), a stripper with ambition, and Katherine (Dana Delany). Photo credit: ABC


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'Desperate Housewives': Strippers, suicide, sex and recyclables?


Ladies, ladies, ladies. Awards season will not be your friend. Whose wise decision was it for you to compete with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and a 3-D Michael Jackson tribute?

If there hadn't been a live stream of the Grammys, many might have missed the ever-so-desperate happenings on the Lane, and you can’t exactly fault anyone these days.

And yes, things are just as desperate as always. But nothing like a little desperation to get the storylines brewing.

It was refreshing to see Orson with a smile on his face after the ongoing blaming-Bree saga. At this point, we get it, you’re mad. He finally seems to have come to grips with his handicap, even giving away some of his possessions that he deems useless. How nice? Actually he breaks the news to Bree that he is planning on permanently checking out of life. In real life, I'm not a big supporter of suicide, but this is TV land. Never in my life had I heard a better idea. Do it!

But of course, this is the Lane and I knew within 43 minutes they’d put a pretty little bow on it. And of course they did, in the worst way, I might add. Bree takes the suicidal Orson to a friend's anniversary party, and a  speech about getting through the years touches her to the point she wants to stop him from rolling himself into the pool. The setup is perfect: moody music, vacant backyard, Bree realizing what she didn’t have --  everlasting love. Please Orson, just roll yourself in and die. But of course, this is the Lane. Her reason to save him is heartfelt too -- she tells him that although she may not love him now, she does want to get back to what they once had. Sorry Bree, that love left seasons ago. Seasons.

“Dexter's” Julie Benz makes her return to my television after being brutally (and, might I add, unjustly) killed in the Showtime thriller, this time as a stripper with smarts and a heart of gold. Benz doesn’t make a convincing stripper – sorry, classy women don’t make good strippers. Now, Edie, there’s a stripper. I hope Susan selling her share of the club and bringing in Benz is a sign that Cherry & Co. are phasing out the very silly strip club subplot. I do think, however, housing a stripper will be a bad idea and stir up a whole big ol' pot of nasty drama. Especially since Benz strikes an uncanny resemblance to woman Mike had a taste for, pre-Susan.

With a Katherine-free episode, it’s almost a joke even to pretend to care about her character anymore. Another character that can be phased out -- sooner rather than later -- is Angie Bolen. I’m officially over her.  With her rage over a neighbor who refuses to recycle -- hey, not everyone gives a hoot to go green -- to butting heads with Gabby over Danny’s relationship with Ana (who, by the way, I completely forgot was related to Carlos and Gabby), I thought she was just a random teen (silly me).

The cat is now out of the bag. The mystery surrounding the Bolens has some environmental element to it. Whatever it is, I could not care less. She’s a poor mother for Danny, who needs both parents to be stable. His dad sleeps with his love interests, and his mom makes excuses for his poor behavior. Carlos had every right to shake him down for trying to make his way into Ana’s pants (although she shouldn’t be so slutty to begin with. Slow down, sister, your aunt doesn’t want you to end up on an episode of “Teen Mom.” Take the advice and the money).

Angie’s on a rampage -- separate your plastics, glass and paper, and let your teenage niece sleep with her aggressive son, or else.

Please, please send Angie crawling back to the sleazy pits of “Jersey Shore” where her situation would be better tolerated.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy (Follow me on Twitter)

Photo: Julie Benz ("Dexter") guest stars as Robin, a stripper with ambition. Photo credit: ABC


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'Desperate Housewives': What's behind closed doors


Thank goodness the “Golden Globes” aired live or the terrible decision of choosing the telecast over a new episode of “Desperate Housewives” would have to be made. It would be hard to choose between golden statues and the return of Katherine.

There’s an old saying my parents used to tell me, “What you do behind closed doors is your business,” which was the catch-all statement of keeping business where it’s meant to be. This old adage was prettied up by Mary Alice in the opening narration to “The No. 1 rule to a successful dinner party: Keep discussion about your marriage to a minimum.”

One thing about the Lane: No discussion about your marriage is ever kept to a minimum. 

Lucky for “Desperate” fans, everyone puts their marriage on display -- for better or worse, and usually it’s for the worst.

Tom and Lynette continue to deal with the loss of the baby -- Tom decides to get professional help, as Lynette (being Lynette) would rather control Tom and anything she can (her one trait that makes my stomach churn endlessly). Orson and Bree play tug-of-war over his new predicament. And finally there is a better use for Bob and Lee other than being lawn ornaments.

The Scavos continue to find ways to weather whatever storm that Cherry & Co. brew for them. Their marriage gets tested the most, which each season reaches an exhaustive peak (one word: Kayla), and this new baby might be that moment for me this season. Whether it’s a pizza parlor, a love child or the death of a baby, Cherry & Co. are still tiptoeing around the fact that the two have issues in their marriage. Finding new ways to exploit an old problem have yet to yield worthy results. Here’s to hoping that therapy will get to the bottom of it. And I’m just dying inside to see what’s inside Tom’s “feelings journal.” Am I the only one who noticed “Frasier” star Jane Leeves as the therapist? I don’t think the show has ever had a guest star that didn’t excite me!

Orson and Bree. This relationship destroys me inside every week. What kills me the most is Bree’s guilt and Orson continuing to control her. He blames his being wheelchair-bound on Bree and her “cheating.” Overdramatic much? I’ve lost count of how many times Bree wanted out from Orson and how many times he weaseled his way back into her life. Just let it go. It’s been over for some time. The character has run its course. I’m really hoping the soak down was a glimpse of him driving her off the ledge. There is nothing like a p’d off Bree. Bring it on!

I’m desperately hoping to see more of Bob and Lee. They deserve a lot more than being background noise. Now would be the time to flesh out more backstory. But let’s not hold our breath.

The housewives somehow found time, and the heart, to forgive Katherine. Which, you know, is nice and all. But like Orson, tonight really showed me she has run her course, and I’m not letting my personal disdain for Katherine cloud my judgment. I’d rather hear from you all as to the fate of Katherine once she leaves the hospital.

With all the over-the-top drama, Gabby and Susan brought the laughs in a cute, but honest, subplot of their kids rankings in school. It was cute that the school took the PC route of classifying ability by animal: giraffe, leopard, chipmunk. For a minute all the animal talk had me thinking I was watching a Mac commercial.

The No. 1 rule to a successful episode: Keep discussion about your marriage to a maximum.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy (Follow me on Twitter)

Photo: Bree sprays Orson down. In case you're curious, he totally deserved it. Photo credit: ABC


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'Desperate Housewives': Not all gimmicks are good ones

"You gotta get a gimmick." Gabby

Marc Cherry & Co. continue to make it too easy for critics writing about Wisteria Lane.

Thankfully last night, this critic put away his claws because the show has almost gotten back to its familiar gimmicks that made me fall in love with it.

Recently Teri Hatcher revealed on “The David Letterman Show” that she broke a rib filming a stripping scene for the episode — on her 45th birthday, no less.

Not sure if this was Hatcher being overdramatic or her proclamation that she’s officially become Susan Mayer. But I really wished she hadn’t broken that rib. While her body remains “eat your heart out, twentysomethings,” she wasn't exactly sliding up and down the pole with all of her might. Who knew they “made it rain” on the Lane.

It was that return to the zesty, over-the-top Susan that I loved most about the episode. From finding out she was the part-owner of a strip joint (oh, Karl, you’re still a scoundrel, even from the grave) to strutting her stuff on the catwalk as Mrs. Fix It, she never bored me. Which was made way for a few cute scenes with her and Mike. After the whole Katherine debacle, they needed a firm kick out of awkward territory.

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'Desperate Housewives': One baby of a crisis


We here at Show Tracker admit we haven’t followed “Desperate Housewives” since Nicollette Sheridan departed. Sorry, but we just couldn’t quite forgive killing off Edie, and we took it personally. But it’s a new year, and we hope you embrace a Tracker that’s a familiar name – and an unabashed fanatic of the housewives.

And then tragedy struck.

Months ago, fans were told of a plane that would destroy Wisteria Lane and take lives with it. And there were those awkward murmurings that the plane would be from Oceanic Airlines (see “Lost” if you’re, well, lost).

Thankfully, we weren't subjected to a heinous crossover episode that might have killed both shows – more than their respective show-runners already have.

But what we were subjected to was what I like to call the "Marc Cherry special No. 1”: the flashback/flash forward. Ahh a new year, with old flashbacks. This time, the housewives played the "what if" game.

Now being an avid fan of the show, I’m always prepared for a flashback and/or flash forward. Frankly, Cherry probably writes them in his sleep. But come on. The whole point of a midseason cliffhanger is to start fresh. And what better way to right the wrongs of bad storytelling than with a little terror in the skies. Given recent developments (the Christmas Day attempted bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet), Cherry must be glad he didn’t go with crashing a commercial flight or any bomb-related escapades.

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Drea De Matteo joins 'Desperate Housewives'

Drea "Desperate Housewives" has recruited its sixth housewife.

With Nicolette Sheridan's Edie Britt dead for good, ABC confirms that producers have signed Emmy-winning "Sopranos" actress Drea De Matteo to join the cast as Wisteria Lane's newest housewife.

Michael Ausiello reports that Matteo will play "the matriarch of a new Italian family." A source tells him casting is also underway for "her landscape designer husband and their tightly wound son."

-- Denise Martin

Photos: Drea De Matteo in "The Sopranos" / HBO. The cast of "Desperate Housewives" / ABC

Neal McDonough spoils 'Desperate Housewives' finale, talks series spin-off

Dh On today's edition of "The View," Neal McDonough dropped a pretty major bomb regarding the fate of his "Desperate Housewives" character, resident psychopath Dave Williams.

You can stop reading now if you don't want to ruin the end for yourself, but if you've been watching this season, it should not come as that big of a shock.

McDonough let it slip to the "View" hosts that the revenge-bent Dave will die during the "Desperate Housewives" season finale May 17. 

When asked by Joy Behar if McDonough was originally supposed to die along with Edie, the actor answered: "No, I’m the mystery for the entire year so I wasn’t supposed to die until the very last episode."

The audience's reaction was immediate: "Oooooooh!" McDonough blushed and said, “I didn’t say anything!" When the ladies tried to follow up he cut them off. "Barbara, stop, stop!...On Wisteria Lane, you never really die. You can always come back."

Even more interesting, the actor also seemed to confirm that a "Desperate Housewives" spin-off is in the works revolving around the show's Karen McCluskey (Kathryn Joosten) and her sister Roberta (Lily Tomlin, who will also be back for the finale).

When asked about it, McDonough said, "Kathy’s won two Emmys for the character and Lily’s such a joy to watch, she’s phenomenal, so I’d watch that show in a heartbeat...I don’t know too much about it but I know they’re seriously talking about it and I think it would be a fun show to watch every week."

The New York Post first wrote about the potential project on Tuesday, likening it to a modern-day "Golden Girls," a show that "Desperate Housewives" creator-executive producer Marc Cherry wrote for in the early '90s. The paper said it was unclear whether Cherry would be involved.

A rep for ABC said "there's no truth to the spin-off rumor."

What do you think? Would you watch a Karen & Roberta comedy? Are you surprised at all to learn Dave's outcome?

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Lily Tomlin (left), Neal McDonough, Kathryn Joosten / ABC

Why we weren't allowed to say goodbye to Nicollette Sheridan

Edie When we at Showtracker learned in February that Wisteria Lane's resident tramp was being killed off the show, and permanently this time, we were not happy. Without Edie Britt on "Desperate Housewives," who would continue putting Susan in her place? (And doesn't Susan so often need to be put in her place?)

In an attempt to say a proper farewell, we arranged to sit-down with actress Nicollette Sheridan.

We wanted the details of why her character was being taken out, and in so violent a fashion (she was choked, involved in a car crash and electrocuted in less than five minutes!), when Edie has been so integral to some of the series' best comedy. We wanted to reminisce about Edie's best moments -- like that string of confessionals: "I seduced the cable guy again," "I'm having an affair with a folk singing duo," "Last week, I let Rabbi Lippman get to third base," "Mike Delfino and I made out today -- and it was great!"

Her personal rep enthused: "We love this idea." Silence followed for weeks. And then it fell through without explanation.

Until now.

Turns out Sheridan ran her mouth off to TV Guide, and her reps were doing preemptive damage control.

In the magazine's latest issue, the actress said in no uncertain terms that "Housewives" had lost its mojo: “When the show started it was such a different beast. It was exciting and dangerous and funny and edgy and bizarre. [Then] it started feeling a little complacent, and that was very frustrating.” Sheridan also complained that Edie never got enough attention from the writers. “When you have a jewel, why not polish it and put it out there for all to see?” she said.

Cherry, of course, had a different take, telling the magazine that Edie had run her course: "Edie's already slept with most of the guys on the street and has caused about as many problems as she could." Then he struck where we're sure it hurt: "We will find a new kind of sexiness coming through Wisteria Lane. What I won’t do is cast another fortysomething sexy blonde. [Sheridan] performed the aging neighborhood tramp better than anyone has ever done before.”

Sheridan's last episode as Edie airs Sunday.

-- Denise Martin

'Desperate Housewives': Neal McDonough says filming Edie's death was horrible

Photo credit:

'Desperate Housewives': Neal McDonough says filming Edie's death was 'horrible'

NealDave Williams has already done a lot of damage on Wisteria Lane — he framed Lynette’s son for murder, drove Mrs. McClusky nuts and offed his therapist — but what he does on Sunday’s episode of “Desperate Housewives” might be unforgivable.

To  be sure, the show has excused its share of flawed neighbors. Orson ran over Mike and came back still married to Bree, and Edie hooked up with Susan’s and Gabi’s exes but was last seen gossiping with the ladies over coffee. But word around the Web has long confirmed that the revenge-bent widower will dispose of his wife, the oft-almost-killed Edie Britt. And this time, even actress Nicollette Sheridan says Edie will be gone for good.

Series creator Marc Cherry called on actor Neal McDonough to fill Dave’s psychotic shoes, having remembered his performance as an all-too-human alcoholic deputy D.A. in NBC’s short-lived crime drama “Boomtown.” “Dave is this really sweet guy next door and then something tragic happens to him and his personality splits in half. You like Dave and you feel for him, but he also creeps the hell out of you,” McDonough said. “Marc wanted to have the dark side of “Boomtown’s” David McNorris infused in the dark side of David Williams.”

The 43-year-old actor isn’t sure the character can emerge from Sunday’s events but promises the episode will be an emotional doozy. “It’s phenomenal. It’s like a big action movie at times, an intense drama at others. It’ll take a lot out of you.”

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'Desperate Housewives': Edie's leaving Wisteria Lane

Edie And this time she'll be gone for good!

"Desperate Housewives" fans might remember that the diabolical blond bombshell Edie, played by Nicollette Sheridan, has been nearly axed from the show not once but twice.

Two seasons ago, Edie tried to hang herself when Carlos left her for Gabrielle, and at the end of last season, she left town after her plan to blackmail Bree backfired and she was blackballed by the women on Wisteria Lane.

But the resilient Edie came back both times. This time will be different.

Spoiler alert! E! reports that Edie will be involved in a car accident after she discovers her husband Dave is planning to kill her. Whether or not the car accident itself is fatal, Edie's doomed.

Sheridan's reps confirmed her departure to "Extra": "Yes, [it’s] confirmed. Nicollette had a great time on the show and is looking forward to her next project.”

No word on when the actress' last episode will air.

-- Denise Martin

Photo: Nicollette Sherican. Credit: Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times


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