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Tweeters Digest: The week in tweets -- a royal wedding and retwitterment

Wendell In Tweeters Digest, we round up some of the events of the week as seen through the Twitter feeds of TV personalities. In previous editions, celebs have come together over some major issues -- Charlie Sheen and star feuds as well as April fools.

This week, stars deployed their 140-character tweets on subjects as varied as Passover, Donald Trump's political posturing and the impending royal wedding of William and Kate.

Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen (@charliesheen) continued to make his presence known. Anthony Bourdain (@NoReservations) got giddy with the cast of "The Wire" (including @WendellPierce), Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) rubbed elbows with Gene Simmons (@Genesimmons), and Paul Reiser (@paulreiser) expressed dismay at the swift cancellation of his show.

And Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton)? She went to Disneyland.

-- Joy Press

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Charlie Sheen's bipolar fundraiser: Winning or losing? [Updated]

Sheen Charlie Sheen made news last week during the Canadian leg of his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour by kicking off an impromptu fundraiser for a local bipolar disorder group. He promised to match donations dollar for dollar.

Now, though the dust is still settling, the nonprofit group's leadership can't reach Sheen or his reps and said they haven't received thousands of dollars raised in their name. And Sheen has yet to match any contributions.

The Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders had received about $1,750 from Sheen's efforts on Friday. Those are all online donations, said the group's executive director, Kaj Korvela, and the total is in flux because more pledges continue to come in.

Sheen staged a charity walk from his hotel, the Ritz Carlton in Toronto, to Massey Hall, where he performed the second show of a two-night stint. Local media, including the Toronto Star and CTV, estimated that hundreds of fans took part in the walk, for which Sheen asked for cash donations for OBAD of at least $1.

Sheen, by the way, continued to deny that he suffers from the disease he was highlighting, wearing a knit cap that said, "I'm not bipolar" for the event. His self-diagnosis: bi-winning.

During his show that night, he auctioned off several pieces of memorabilia -- a signed Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, his catchphrase T-shirts -- that brought in thousands of dollars, according to local media reports.

Korvela said his group hasn't seen any of that money, and there's no exact accounting, as far as he knows, on how much was collected. He's tried repeatedly to reach Sheen's reps by phone and email and has had no response.

"It seems that his group doesn't want to talk to us directly," Korvela said.

Sheen's spokesman, Larry Solters, told Show Tracker on Wednesday that he'd received no calls or emails from Korvela and had been trying to reach the group "for days." (Show Tracker reached the organization easily through numbers and email addresses on its public website.)

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Canadian bipolar group surprised by Charlie Sheen fundraiser

Sheen It's abundantly clear that the freewheeling Charlie Sheen does as he pleases, which has landed him in a considerable amount of hot water with his TV bosses.

But his off-the-cuff decision Friday to host a charity fundraiser for a Canadian bipolar disorder group got nothing but praise from the nonprofit's leadership, though they were blindsided by it all.

Sheen announced via Twitter that he would lead a fundraising walk in Toronto ahead of his second scheduled show there on his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option tour.

Kaj Korvela, executive director of the Calgary-based Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders, told Show Tracker on Friday that he was completely surprised by Sheen's offer and hasn't had any direct contact with the embattled TV star.

After Sheen's Twitter remarks went out, OBAD started receiving media calls, tipping executives there to the plans. Shortly thereafter, one of Sheen's reps called OBAD and told Korvela that Sheen "spontaneously decided to do a fundraising walk and deemed us the recipient of the funds," Korvela said.

"We didn't know it was coming, and we have no idea what to expect," Korvela said.

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Bi-winning Charlie Sheen hosts fund-raiser for bipolar disorder

Sheening Speaking out about bipolar disorder seems to be all the rage with Hollywood this week. Catherine Zeta-Jones announced that she's being treated for it, and Charlie Sheen is raising money on behalf of the disease.

He tweeted early Friday: "Bipolar Awareness Walk!! Come join me at 6pm and walk with me from The Ritz Carlton to Massey Hall..! Show your support..!! #BIWINNING ybw"

Though there's been wide speculation that Sheen himself suffers from the disorder, he's not admitting that, at least in his Twitter feed. He told ABC News' Andrea Channing in a now-infamous interview in March that he was "bi-winning" when she questioned him about the possibility -- and is now using the word in his tweets.

Sheen, on the road on the "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour, is set for his second Toronto show Friday night after finishing performances in Boston and other cities. The live stage shows kicked off early this month, and reviews have been both eviscerating, with his first Detroit show prompting audience walk-outs and critical drubbings, and glowing, with standing ovations at Radio City Music Hall in New York.

According to Sheen's tweets, he's hosting a charity walk for the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorders, offering to match donations dollar for dollar: "Taking donations tonight for O.B.A.D. THE ORGANIZATION FOR BIPOLAR AFFECTIVE DISORDERS through I'm matching all Donations!!"


An inept Charlie Sheen performance has the audience baying for human blood

Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. in a war over alleged discussions

Randy Quaid wants to open for Charlie Sheen on tour

Charlie Sheen says he'd like to go back to work on "Two and a Half Men"

Full Show Tracker coverage of Charlie Sheen

-- T.L. Stanley

Photo: Charlie Sheen attends the official after-party for his "Torpedo of Truth" tour Thursday in Toronto. Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images.

Charlie Sheen and Warner Bros. in a war over alleged 'discussions' for star's comeback

Sheenprojected This is the level to which the Charlie Sheen case has sunk: The former sitcom star and his ex-bosses are slinging mud over whether they have even talked about him coming back to work.

Sheen has been telling reporters that he has had "discussions" about returning to his role as irrepressible bachelor Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men," the CBS sitcom smash from which he was fired after months of erratic behavior and drug-abuse treatment.

Nonsense, says Warner Bros., the studio that makes the show. "There have been no discussions, there are no discussions and there will be no discussions, regarding his returning to or having any involvement with the series," John W. Spiegel, a lawyer representing the studio, wrote in a letter sent to Sheen attorney Marty Singer on Thursday. 

But Singer told the website TMZ: "There have been discussions as late as Tuesday."

"Marty Singer's comments speak the truth," Sheen's manager, Mark Burg, wrote Show Tracker in an email. 

At this point, it's impossible to say for sure whether there's something here or this isn't just more dust kicked up by Mr. Sheen and his enterprising handlers. What is clear is that CBS has to reveal its fall schedule in a month, by which time some decision on the future of TV's No. 1 comedy will have to be made. And announced.


Randy Quaid wants to open for Charlie Sheen on tour

Charlie Sheen says he'd like to go back to work on "Two and a Half Men"

Chuck Lorre speaks of "tough time" during Sheen war

— Scott Collins (

Photo: Charlie Sheen in performance last week in New York. Credit: Charles Sykes/Associated Press.


Randy Quaid wants to open for Charlie Sheen's 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour

RandyQuaid Will Charlie Sheen and Randy Quaid, your two favorite stars of "Major League II," soon be reunited on stage? That's what Quaid suggested in the Globe and Mail on Monday. The Canadian newspaper reported that the troubled actor wants to open for the other troubled actor's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Show" tour during a stop in Quaid's current hometown, Vancouver.

"I think it'd be a hoot," said Quaid, who has claimed refugee status in Canada. (He's being sponsored by his Canadian wife Evi, who fled the U.S. with him because they think they're being hunted by a group of "Hollywood star-whackers" responsible for Heath Ledger's death. The couple also left a trail of legal troubles behind in the States. Yeah, we know: It's a long story.)

Quaid suggested that he could warm up the crowd by performing the two songs he debuted at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom last month and will likely release though Maximum Music Group later this month. Yes, one of those songs is called "Star Whackers," and Quaid has generously offered to let Sheen sing backup on it.

Maximum Music Group presented the proposal last week to Live Nation, the concert promoter behind Sheen's tour, and claimed it was "favorably received."

But Sheen's team doesn't seem so receptive. A spokesman for the actor said there were no plans to have an opening act of any kind in Vancouver. Sigh. It's gonna be an awful long wait til "Major League IV: Star Whackers' Revenge."

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Randy Quaid peforming "Star Whackers." Credit: Darryl Dyck / Associated Press


Charlie Sheen tells Chicago crowd he'd like to return to work on 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlieinchicago Charlie Sheen wants to let the world know: He'll come back to work on "Two and a Half Men."

If, and only if, his former bosses ask nicely.

The fired sitcom star performed the second stop in his live tour in Chicago on Sunday night, where he found a better reception than the disastrous premiere in Detroit the previous night.

"If they say, 'Here's your job back, I'll go back to work,' " Sheen told his Chicago fans from the stage.

"I think it's a great ... show," he added. But "they didn't give a ... that I was hammered for eight years: money, ratings, money, ratings."

Given Sheen's well-publicized problems with hard partying, it might not have been a good idea to speak of being hammered for eight years. And his aside ignored the fact that he'd spent the last few weeks ridiculing both the show and his bosses. Sheen has about as much chance of being rehired, nicely or not, as his former costar Jon Cryer does of winning the Mr. Universe bodybuilding championship.

But at least Sheen has figured out a way to stop the booing.

Show Trackers, what do you think of Sheen's latest turn as a live performer? 


Charlie Sheen booed off stage in Detroit

Producer Chuck Lorre speaks of "tough time" he's endured in Sheen battles

Sheen's Tour: The Photo Gallery

Complete Charlie Sheen coverage on Show Tracker

-- Scott Collins (

Photo: Charlie Sheen arrives at a Chicago nightclub on Sunday. Credit: Scott Strazzante / MCT





Charlie Sheen's road trip hits a speed bump

Getprev-2 Wondering how the kick-off of Charlie Sheen's concert tour went Saturday night in Detroit?

Times Theater Critic Charles McNulty reports that it wasn't pretty.

"Charlie Sheen got a lesson in the fickleness of crowds Saturday night," he writes in a dispatch from the Fox Theatre. "They essentially booed him off the stage."

For more of McNulty's report from Detroit, see the Culture Monster blog. And check back there later for a complete review.


Right: Sheen on stage Saturday night with some of his merchandise. Credit: Carlos Osorio / Associated Press


Chuck Lorre speaks of 'tough time' he's suffered during battles with Charlie Sheen

Chucklorre Chuck Lorre has spoken - sort of - and told viewers of the "tough time" he's endured lately.

The executive producer of "Two and a Half Men" and foil to his ex-star, Charlie Sheen, on Thursday produced another "vanity card," this time at the end of his other hit comedy, "The Big Bang Theory." Vanity cards typically simply feature the logo of a production company, but Lorre has long used them to offer sardonic and oblique musings in extremely small typeface. Lately he's used them to take shots at Sheen, who this month has engaged in a bizarre war of words with his former boss.

"Whenever I've gone through tough times, well-meaning people have told me that God/the universe does not give us more than we can handle," Lorre writes. "Well, I've been going through a tough time recently, and sure enough, that old saying has been tossed my way on several morose occasions."

He adds that he's decided the comforting saying isn't true.

"Another thing I hear a lot is, 'this too shall pass.' Again, I know these are words meant to reassure, but somehow they always leave me feeling that heartbreak, rage and grief are going to come shooting out of me like kidney stones through an inflamed urethra," he writes.

Lorre's cards have played a key role in the producer's battle with Sheen. On the Feb. 14 episode of "Two and a Half Men" - the last original that aired before Warner Bros. and CBS fired their star - Lorre wrote a vanity card that noted his own healthy lifestyle and then added: "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed." 


Charlie Sheen records song with Snoop Dogg

Charlie Sheen's live tour: Not really sold out?

-Scott Collins (

Photo: Chuck Lorre in February 2011. Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.





Charlie Sheen records song with Snoop Dogg

Sheen Charlie Brown and Snoopy are no longer the winning duo.

Get ready! Charlie Sheen and rapper Snoop Dogg are collaborating on a track. No, really.

Billboard reports that the sure-to-be dynamic duo are working with Filter's Rob Patterson on a track for Sheen's upcoming "Torpedo of Truth Tour."

But we all saw this coming, right? Remember when Sheen tweeted a picture of himself with the rapper and Patterson from a recording studio last week? You know the one: "Warlock meets his makers-music makers that is ... get ready to rock the Sheenius within."

Just exactly what that "Sheenius" will sound like is to be determined. Details are scant. No word yet on a title, a release date or whether the lyrics will be as incomprehensible as Sheen's recent diatribes on his UStream channel.

Sheen launches his tour Saturday in Detroit.

ShowTrackers, does this sound like the makings of an iTunes hit? Could this be your next ringtone?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Snoop Dogg, left, Charlie Sheen and Rob Patterson. Credit: Charlie Sheen's Twitter account


Charlie Sheen brings his winning ways to GSN's 'Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza'

Charliedrew Need a shot of tiger blood, do you? Well, you're in luck. Charlie Sheen is headed back to your TV screen.

The former "Two and a Half Men" star will appear on the April 12 episode of "Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza," the new nightly comedy improvisation series on GSN.

Sheen made a surprise walk-on with Carey and other cast members in Las Vegas on Jan. 18, as Show Tracker reported. But GSN had not confirmed until now that it would use the footage with Sheen.

The network is promising "an unpredictable sketch that separates the men from the trolls."

Show Trackers, will you tune in to see what Mr. Adonis DNA is up to, or are Sheen's days as a self-described rock star from Mars over? 


The whole story behind Charlie Sheen's foul-mouthed walk-on at Drew Carey's improv show

Charlie Sheen's live tour: Not really sold out?

-- Scott Collins (

Photo: Drew Carey and Charlie Sheen in Las Vegas for "Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza." Credit: GSN.


Charlie Sheen's live 'Violent Torpedo' tour: Not really sold out?

Sheen The Charlie Sheen F-18 might just crash and burn: A few weeks ago, we told you that Sheen's "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour sold out in less than 20 minutes on Ticketmaster, but today, CNBC pointed out that that most of those tickets went to secondary sellers, meaning people don't love Sheen so much as they love the tiger-blood money they can make off him.

Indeed, a Ticketmaster representative confirmed that there are still seats available for the New York and Chicago stops, and a representative at Stubhub confirmed that 1,269 people were selling their tickets to the Detroit show, with main floor tickets going for as little as $13. (Main floor tickets go for around $52 on Ticketmaster.) Stubhub also still shows 1,025 tickets left for the Chicago show, and 1,173 tickets left for the New York show. Meanwhile, tickets are popping up all over EBay and Craigslist. He's gonna need a whole lot more warlocks and goddesses and trolls to keep those seats warm. Not winning!

--Melissa Maerz

Photo: Charlie Sheen. Credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images


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