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'Loiter Squad' dares to be dumb ... and gets a second season

Cartoon Network's "Loiter Squad"
The guys of the hip-hop collective Odd Future have a full-blown music career going and a TV show on the side. But now that Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has announced its decision to give the series "Loiter Squad" a second season, those TV careers could start taking up a lot more time.

"Loiter Squad" is a semi-sketch, semi-stunt mash-up of "Jackass" and "Chappelle's Show" starring Odd Future mastermind Tyler Okonma (Tyler, the Creator) as well as Odd Future cohorts Davon Wilson (Jasper Dolphin), Jason Keininger, Travis Bennet (Taco) and Lionel Boyce (L-Boy). Together they put out a scattershot collection of gags, stunts and spoofs that come at a rapid clip. Depending on whom you ask, they are either brilliantly funny or the stupidest things ever shown on TV. Discussion in the Twitter-sphere seems evenly divided.

Wilson says, "Basically me and my man Tyler wanted to make a show about random [stuff] that pops into our heads."

And they have. From a recurring "Cops" parody called "Black Cops" to "hidden cameraman on the street" hijinks to holding a stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the side of a guy's head while the other person punches him, there's no real rhyme or reason to what appears on the show. Nothing connects to the next thing and there's no apparent theme. There are some limits, however.

"Everything we wanted to do [Cartoon Network] let us, except for one thing. But I might as well not bring that up because it'll make me look crazy," Wilson said.

Without much prompting, he elaborated.

"I wanted to make a skit about a son raping a dad. The dad's all sad and the mom don’t believe it because the son is 6 and the dad’s a grown ... brother. They said we can't go into the rape thing. It'd be weird."

The "Loiter Squad" guys continue to participate in Odd Future, which shares Tyler, the Creator as a main orchestrator. Several of the man-on-the-street sketches were filmed while the group was on tour last year. And by their own admission, the stunts they film for the show would be things they'd film amongst themselves anyway, just for a laugh. The only difference now is that they have money for costumes.

"I was thinking people would say, 'What is this? This is stupid,'" Wilson says. "I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks dumb ... is funny."

The show is very reminiscent of "Jackass," but it's not exactly by chance. "Loiter Squad" is produced by Dickhouse Productions -- also the company behind "Jackass" -- and both Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera made appearances during the first season.

Of "Jackass" comparisons, Boyce says: "I honestly thought before we started filming it would be along the lines of 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'Moesha' or something like that. But it came out different."

The first season is currently airing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block Sundays at 11:30 p.m.


'The Annoying Orange' rolls to Cartoon Network

Is 'Archer' the smartest (and filthiest) cartoon in prime time?

Upfronts 2012: Adult Swim adds 'Harold & Kumar,' Dan Harmon show

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: A sketch from "Loiter Squad." Credit: Cartoon Network

'The Annoying Orange' rolls to Cartoon Network

Cue the annoying fruit puns -- the Cartoon Network is bringing Internet phenom the Annoying Orange to cable TV.

If you have a computer you already know this, but the Annoying Orange concerns a (crudely) animated citrus who irritates nearby foods with bad jokes and puns. As a Web series, the character has racked up more than 850 million total views on its YouTube channel.


Cartoon Network plans to introduce a weekly series based on the character in 2012. In a release, the network said the show would follow Orange and his acquaintances as they travel through time in a magical food cart.

" 'The Annoying Orange' and Cartoon Network were just meant to be squeezed together," Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for the network, said in a statement. 

Oh, we get it -- squeeze! Orange!

With wit like that, this thing will be hilarious. What do you think?


'South Park' tackles Penn State controversy

-- Scott Collins

Photo: "The Annoying Orange," the popular Web animated series, is headed to Cartoon Network. Credit: Cartoon Network



Friday's TV Highlights: 'Thundercats' on Cartoon Network

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TV listings for the week of July 24 - 30 in PDF format (from

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This week's TV Movies


The 1980s-era animated series “Thundercats” gets an anime-style makeover, at 8 p.m. on Cartoon Network.


Monster Fish: A new episode of the nature series follows the migration of salmon on Russia's Kamchatka peninsula (7 and 10 p.m. National Geographic).

Flashpoint: The team investigates a kidnapping in this new episode of the action drama (8 p.m. CBS).

Who Do You Think You Are? “Fargo's” Steve Buscemi explores his family history in this repeat (8 p.m. NBC).

Invitation Only: Jason Aldean: The country music star performs for fans in an intimate setting (10 p.m. CMT).

Heat Seekers: The series seeks the spiciest food that Seattle has to offer in a new episode (10 p.m. Food).

Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings: 1980s chart-topper Richard Marx is featured in this new episode (10 p.m. IFC).

The Three Chocolatiers: Confectioners are up to their elbows in gooey goodness in this new reality series (11 p.m. Food).

Young Broke and Beautiful: Detroit is the latest destination for this quirky travelogue (11 p.m. IFC).

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What's it like to be the head writer on ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’?

Say "Star Wars" and older minds will immediately leap to Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Go slightly younger, and the conversation might turn to Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman. Younger still, though, and you might find that the Jedi vehicle of the moment is the animated TV series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," which is finishing up its third season on Cartoon Network April 1.  

"The great thing about doing this show is the fact that now there’s a whole new generation of 'Star Wars' fans....this whole new bunch of kids who have never even seen the films," says Christian Taylor, the newly-christened head writer on the series, whose credits include “Lost” and “Six Feet Under.” "Not to be cynical, but it’s a brilliant marketing tool. It’s also a way for these kids to access this universe and then go see the films. It’s a win-win situation which is really lovely and it’s not often that way in television as a writer."

George Lucas is fully behind the show, and Taylor says it's a challenge to work on a project that brings so many expectations and so much history to the table. "This show, and it’s a good thing, has a life. It’s going to have to end in a certain amount of time. There are very clear categories of what you can and can’t do within that world.  And there are things that are frustrating. Anakin can never fight with General Grievous, for instance, and, you know, that’s fine. I think that’s actually why George [Lucas] has allowed us to go into sort of emotional stories because that’s the territory you can go in. It’s a weird, interesting way to build a show because you have an ending already out there."

There's more of this interview at our brother blog, Hero Complex.

Cartoon Network bringing back familiar faces with 'DC Nation' and 'How To Train Your Dragon'

Cartoon Network is getting in with the new … and old.  The cable network will launch 13 new animated series — including “How to Train Your Dragon” -- a live action series, and an original movie over the next year. And some of the new programming will feature a lot of familiar characters. 

The cabler said it was putting its focus on building global franchises during its annual advertising upfront presentation Wednesday in New York. 

As part of the network's partnership with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, a multi-platform block of other original programming based on the DC Comics library of characters will make up “DC Nation,” which will launch in 2012 with "Green Lantern: The Animated Series."

And the '80s classic, “ThunderCats,” is getting reimagined for a new generation of viewers. And so are icons Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in “The Looney Tunes Show,” which premieres May 3. Then there’s the small-screen take on the big-screen hit “How to Train Your Dragon.” 

Among the new offerings: “The Problem Solverz,” created by Ben Jones, follows three “crazy young dudes” that run a detective agency dedicated to solving the mysteries of the universe (premieres April 4); From Pete Browngardt (“Chowder”), “Secret Mountain Fort Awesome” premieres this summer and chronicles  a “mega-rad” group of underground monsters as they engage in “crazy awesome stuff” like stealing the sun, fighting CGI-sharks, and getting their butts kicked by a velociraptor; and the live-action “Level Up” about three high schoolers who open up the world of an online video game into the real world; the series will launch with a 90-minute original movie in the fall. 

And returning for a fourth season are “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and the competition series “Total Drama.”

-- Yvonne Villarreal

TCA Press Tour 2011 Day 2: Dr. Drew, Mike Tyson and Oprah

The winter 2011 edition of the Television Critics' Assn. press tour got busy today in Pasadena with presentations from Turner Communications' networks, Playboy, BET, and Discovery Communications.

Rob Corddry took the stage with the cast (including Megan Mullally and Henry Winkler) of Adult Swim hospital satire "Children's Hospital." Corddry asked the crowd to address him with questions for Dr Drew, who was also at TCA waiting for his own panel -- and then Corddry responded to the journalist as Dr Drew. "Were you molested?"

When the real Dr. Drew presented his new HLN talk show, he spoke more seriously about using this new show as a platform to get to "the bottom line" on addicted and troubled celebrities and others. Up next, Piers Morgan served up a full dose of bravado as he boasted about the delights soon to come as he takes over Larry King's throne at CNN.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar showed off his good hair in his panel for the upcoming TNT legal drama "Franklin and Bash," in which he stars with Breckin Meyer and Malcolm McDowell and Ray Romano discussed the appeal of "Men of a Certain Age."

 Mike Tyson kicked off the afternoon session with a panel on his forthcoming Animal Planet series "Taking on Tyson" -- not a show about boxing but about pigeon racing, a topic vhe spoke about very excitedly.

Tyson (and then Ricky Gervais, who followed with a seemingly science-free show, "An Idiot Abroad," to air on the Science Channel) was just an aperitif to the main event of the afternoon, which was the arrival of OWN: the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The network presented the contestants who are auditioning for "Your OWN Show: Oprah's Search for the Next Reality Star," Oprah BFF Gayle King took questions on her new live show, and then finally Oprah herself appeared, clad in vivid shades of purple. Oprah talked -- and talked and talked -- about her mission for the new brand new network. "I don’t think it’s wise for us at this moment to go announcing that we’re the spiritual channel," she said. "There are many different ways to assert the nature of what is good without labeling it that.

Up tomorrow: more cable networks, among them AMC, WE, IFC, A&E, Hallmark, Starz, and HBO, featuring everyone from Joan and Melissa Rivers to Kate Winslet and Pee-wee Herman.

 -- Joy Press

Photo: Oprah Winfrey at TCA. Credit: Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images.


Full Show Tracker coverage of the TCA press tour 2011

TCA Press Tour 2011 Day 1: Old is new again




'How to Train Your Dragon' to become weekly Cartoon Network series

Httyd Kids (and parents), get ready for more lessons in how to train that pesky dragon.

DreamWorks' critically acclaimed box-office hit “How To Train Your Dragon” will be coming to Cartoon Network as a weekly series in 2012, the network announced Tuesday.

“ 'The How To Train Your Dragon' weekly series definitely falls into that category of giving our viewers around the globe something they can’t find anywhere else on television and DreamWorks Animation is a proven leader in taking this art form to the next level,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of Turner’s Animation, Young Adults an Kids Business, in a statement. 

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'The Boondocks' goes uncut on iTunes

301_huey_1 There's no shortage of bleeps covering up the raunchy language of young black militant Huey Freeman and other foul-mouthed characters on "The Boondocks." 

The N-word is heard frequently when the animated series airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late-night slate, but most expletives are deleted.

But now fans of "The Boondocks" can get their Huey raw and uncut.

Uncensored episodes of "The Boondocks," which tallied its highest ratings ever when it returned for its third season Sunday after an absence of more than two years, will be available on iTunes 12 hours after the tamer versions air on Adult Swim. Each episode costs $2.99, or viewers can purchase a season pass for all 15 episodes for $37.99.

The season-opener, "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman," in which the young militant is mysteriously depressed following the election of President Barack Obama, scored Adult Swim's highest ratings for an original series in over a year, attracting more than 2.5 million viewers. It also triumphed over its basic cable compeition in key demographics during it's 11:30 p.m. Sunday time slot.

The show's popularity appears to be fueled by online fans. The episode has generated more than 197,000 views on, and "The Boondocks" and various names associated with the show took over five of the 10 trending topics on Twitter. 

—Greg Braxton

Photo: Huey Freeman of "The Boondocks." Credit: Sony Pictures Television


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Sneak peak: 'The Boondocks' returns Sunday to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim

Aaron McGruder's Peabody Award-winning series “The Boondocks” -- based upon the comic strip of the same name -- returns Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after a two-year hiatus.

Here’s an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of the animated series, which begins its third season.

In the clip, Huey gives Granddad (John Witherspoon) a lesson on how to set up phrases to avoid people questioning your sexuality.

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