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'Caprica': Daniel Graystone figures out the 'Ghost in the Machine'

Dads and the mildly morbid pursuit of their dead daughters' cyber representations is the theme for this "Ghost in the Machine" episode of "Caprica." And although one father is grounded firmly in the tangible, the other is losing himself to a virtual world that he barely understands.

Let's start in Caprican reality. Jumping off from last week's "The Imperfections of Memory" episode, Daniel Graystone's internal inquiries into robo-Zoe finally reach an engagement point. Meaning, he finally starts talking directly to Zoe in the robot body, despite her silence. We were all wondering when or if he'd ever figure it out, but he's a smart guy. Maybe too smart. His psychological probing of what, by sight, is a robot is ... smart, but as we see from Zoe's reaction while talking to Lacy in V World, it could be dangerous to try to rile up the emotions of a teenage girl in a powerful robotic body. "I just wanted to snap him." And she could.

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'Caprica': 'The Imperfections of Memory,' and duplicating Zoe

Plans are crystallizing on "Caprica," but the results probably won't be what the planners originally intended as Zoe and Daniel Graystone, Sister Clarice Willow, Lacy Rand and Joseph Adama continue on their single-minded journeys in "The Imperfections of Memory."

Amanda Let's go alphabetically. Now we can say that Amanda Graystone is certifiable, and mean it literally. She was in a convalescent home for 2-1/2 years because she "was having trouble coping with reality." She lost her brother, Darius, and now losing Zoe might be making the crazy resurface as she chases down what appear to be ghosts in both her dreams and in reality. And all of this is playing right into Clarice's hands. Now, though, it's not just about stealing the secrets to avatar Zoe, but about befriending and picking the brain of the mother of the doorway to "life everlasting." Drinking and doing drug stuff and evangelizing together ("Which god do I trust?") ... and do you think Clarice switched the pills that the downward-spiraling Amanda is taking? Hmm.

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'Caprica': In 'Know Thy Enemy,' there are a lot of people to get to know

An intriguing foil has been put into play on "Caprica" with the addition of Tomas Vergis, a Tauron business rival of Daniel Graystone's who has now become a personal foe. The ethical implications of his war with Daniel might actually split some viewers, but we'll get to that. 

Sometimes, that's the problem with having so many storylines going: Your favorite, or even the ones you think are strongest, can't be followed every week. I really like NBC's "Heroes," and that's one of the show's downfalls. We were treated to a taste of V World last week, and got to know a lot more about Tamara Adama -- yet this week nothing.  Not a complaint, just an observation. The introduction of Vergis, with his wealth and commitment to his goals, will probably present some interesting twists. Daniel's guilt about the two men killed in the theft of the mcp technology from Vergis is manifesting as those bloody stabbing nightmares, and will probably get to him sooner rather than later.

Joseph Adama, who was trying to put a tragedy behind him, is now about to throw himself fully into V World as Tamara's avatar's existence is dangled in front of him. More on that in later episodes because right now, he has to worry about Vergis as well. A Tauron stealing from a Tauron, which would be the case since he got his bro Sam to take the mcp, seems like it will be problematic in many ways. Sam denies any wrongdoing, but do we trust him?

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'Caprica': 'There is Another Sky' and Tamara the terminator

"Caprica" really is a soap opera, and the "There is Another Sky" episode displays that genre's multiple-plot format really well. Just as viewers started to believe that the plight of Zoe Graystone and Lacy Rand was probably the central and most interesting storyline, in steps a few more pretty good side plots that include Tamara Adama (portrayed ably by Genevieve Buechner) -- the indestructible avatar -- and her adventures through the looking glass of V World.


Tamara the Terminator is sent on a mission to New Cap City, another section of V World, by Vesta, a not-on-the-right-side-of-the-tracks game player, to take out another powerful game player. If she completes this favor, Vesta says she will help Tamara be restored outside of V World. The intrigue, suspense and action of this plot is interrupted by ...

Joseph and Willie Adama. A father trying to reconnect to a son that has been distant since, and probably before, his mother and sister were killed. Uncle Sam is kind of the nexus for both father and son: a connection to a father figure and family for Willie, and a connection to the past, family and tradition for Joseph. There's anger, resentment and a deep-seated need from both father and son to get back to their cultural Tauron roots. Family drama, and just as the kid lashes out ...

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'Caprica': 'Gravedancing,' grandma and the Graystones

In the "Gravedancing" episode of "Caprica," Mrs. Graystone continues to do infuriating things, Sam Adama continues his menace, law enforcement continues moving in and Lacy Rand continues on the path to Gemenon.

Law enforcement officials, specifically Agent Durham, are working a couple of different angles in trying to expose the STO organization. Zoe Graystone may be a major figure in the bombing, but Durham seems fixated on getting into her life and the lives of the Graystones. Durham may only want the truth, but we can't be completely sure yet. On another front, Durham was given permission to search the student lockers at the school. They found nothing, because Sister Clarice received a mysterious tip that the raid was going to happen and was able to get a quick warning to those affected. Conspiracy theory No. 1: I think the mole/informant is Durham's boss.

Durham believes that the school is also a front for STO activity, and he's right. Lacy Rand has hooked on to Keon and will not let go until he helps her find a way to Gemenon with Zoe. This storyline is worth watching as Lacy gets deeper into the organization for her friends' sake.

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'Caprica': A chat with Ron Moore about the sci-fi soap opera

Caprica Ronald Moore

Instead of the normal full recap of "Caprica," we'll have an abbreviated one and get right to a Q&A with "Caprica" co-creator Ron Moore -- who you'd probably rather hear from anyway.

In this "Reins of a Waterfall" episode, one of the big things we and Daniel hoped to get was an explanation of why oh why Amanda Graystone would blurt out that her daughter was a terrorist in front of the world. No such luck -- apparently "it just came out." We understand emotional, even slightly irrational characters, but that's just downright self-destructive. But hey, it will heighten the tension.

Zoe has figured out a way to "live" in the avatar world, and she and Lacy find Tamara Adama -- then promptly lose her. As they pursue getting to Gemenon and sister Clarice pursues them (Zoe as a savior Dannsam and Lacy as ... a wife?), this may turn out to be one of the more compelling plotlines to follow.

Those crazy Adamas. Another nugget of wisdom from uncle Sam: You should always go to school!  Wait until they call attendance, THEN skip out. Love how Willie's being influenced.  And Joseph ... with trouble at work and a continued obsession over his daughter's avatar, he finally goes a bit over the line when he sends Sam to take out Amanda Graystone after he and Daniel fail to find Tamara.  And I don't mean on a date.

Those were the high points; now on to Mr. Moore.

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'Caprica': It's all about the kids in 'Rebirth'

With the way the adults are influencing the kids on "Caprica," it's easy to see why there's an escape like the virtual club scene V World, or such a desire to live under a different set of rules (even down to religion).

The big event in this episode of "Caprica" was Amanda Graystone's weirdly cathartic (for her, I guess) blurting out that her daughter Zoe was a member of the STO, was a terrorist, may have bombed the train that everyone was there memorializing loved ones over, and (gasp!) had a boyfriend that she didn't know about.

Her husband, Daniel, and the rest of us, asked her why did she do that, and she replied that she didn't know, that it just came out. Um, no. The speech was too long to just "come out" -- it was a crazy rant by a Zoe grieving mother who .. aww, I don't know. To out your dead daughter and spotlight your family in such a public forum? As of now, I'm on Zoe's side in the mother-daughter conflict.

Problem child #1: Speaking of Zoe ... her poor avatar! We've yet to explore how emotions or even an emotional level are transferred via avatar, but she should be scarred. Locked in a van and transported, poked and prodded with foreign-looking instruments, having your mom call you a monster, having to see your parents make out (have sex even?) in front of you -- and then thinking that you look like a boy robot. That's a lot to take in for Zoe, who is still getting used to her robot body. Well, at least she has direction: She needs to get to Gemenon to find her "family". What happens when she does will be a hoot.

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'Caprica': It's back, and so is Eric Stoltz

Tonight was the re-premiere of "Caprica" on Syfy. (The pilot episode aired early last year, and has since gone to DVD.) If you did not see the pilot, or the subsequent re-airing of the pilot, or get the DVD, or watch it online (or even on Hulu), then here's a quick summary.

It's the planet of Caprica, and the prosperous capital city of Caprica City, 58 years before the catastrophic events of "Battlestar Galactica." Things seem to be going OK, except for a rebellious teen's plan to join a revolutionary organization on another planet. Eh, that stuff happens to teens. Then, the spark that ignites both series: a young man blows himself up on a train in the service of that same revolutionary group.  Dan2 Aboard the train are Zoe Graystone, daughter of tech tycoon Daniel and doctor mom Amanda, and Tamara Adams, daughter of lawyer-with-underworld-ties Joseph Adams (which is really Adama). Yes, he's the dad of the future Admiral William Adama of the Battlestar Galactica.

Daniel can't let go, and attempts to remake his dead daughter using avatar (yes, that kind) technology pulled from a virtual reality world. It turns out that Daniel's daughter was a genius, and had enhanced and copied her avatar. He downloads it into a cybernetic lifeform that he's created as a weapon, and a cylon is born.  She's hiding the fact that she's alive from him for now.  And Joseph, who's seen these avatars and knows what Daniel is trying to do, wants to make sure that his daughter can come back as well.

Colorful characters like Zoe's mom, Joseph's hit-man brother Sam Adama, and Zoe's best friend Lacy Rand round out the group. For fans of "BSG," it's almost a must-watch (or should be). Another reason to watch is actor Eric Stoltz, who takes on the role of genius and grieving father Daniel Graystone. The busy actor/director hasn't had a long-running character on the air since he worked on "Chicago Hope," but looks to make an impression here.  We got to ask him 10 questions:

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'Caprica' countdown: Magda Apanowicz's Lacy Rand may be the heart of the show

Caprica Magda Apanowicz

The review is out, and we're now in the final hours leading up to premiere of "Caprica" on Syfy, which we'll mark with another entry in our countdown. Today's interviewee is Magda Apanowicz. If characters were emotions, hers, Lacy Rand, could be the heart of the series.  Lacybest


The old standby question: Were you a fan of "Battlestar Galactica" before joining "Caprica?"
I made a conscientious decision not to watch it until after we filmed the pilot. I was one of those people that looked at it and said, "Eh, I'm not really a sci-fi fan," but holy!  I went back and watched it and I'm like "Holy!" How did I not know that this show existed in my life! It was unreal. I just recently watched the whole series again.  It's so good. I can't believe that I was one of those people who said "I'm not really a sci-fi fan."

 I saw you at the screening of the "Battlestar" finale at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences last year, talking to "Caprica" [executive producer] Jane Espenson.  What have you learned from working with her?
Yeah. You saw me bowing to her because I am a huge "Buffy" fan, again from someone who said they weren't into sci-fi. Though I've realized over the past few years that I am a massive sci-fi fan.  Pretty much every one of my favorite movies is sci-fi. Everything I've worked on is sci-fi. And meeting Jane Espenson was just jaw-dropping, not talking just in awe. I was like "You're Jane Espenson and you worked on 'Buffy' and how was that and that's awesome and you're awesome and this is awesome." There was more actual conversation once we got past that. I just felt really honored to meet her.

And now, after having worked with her?
I love having conversations on the phone with her about the characters cause we're usually close and on the same page about it. I just think she's a very talented lady.

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'Caprica' countdown: David Eick and the history of Caprica

After a minor interruption, the "Caprica" countdown continues with just three days left until the pilot re-airs and reaquaints viewers with the characters and quirks of the Syfy show. We're coming back strong too, posting a conversation with executive producer/writer/whatever's-needed guy David Eick. Before that, a quick introduction to another of the 12 Colonies: Leonis.

Two major landmasses differentiate this beautiful colony, ideal for a variety of outdoor activities thanks to its predictable climate. Leonans are an overambitious and wealthy society that is increasingly isolationist and even xenophobic, making modern Leonan democracy and inter-colony relations deeply troubled.

And now, on to Mr. Eick and his thoughts on the optimistic, technologically enhanced culture of Caprica.

So how long ago did the idea for "Caprica" actually come about?
The first time that myself, Ron Moore and Remi Aubuchon got together to discuss it was was five years ago. It's crazy cause it doesn't seem that long. Ron and I came from these franchises that had spawned offspring. In Ron's case it was "Star Trek" and in mine it was the "Hercules"/"Xena" world. At some point Main_feature during the second season of "Battlestar," we started kicking around the idea of another story rooted in this world. We started kicking around the idea of a more human-based, terrestrial-based soap opera with a sci-fi undertone that would take place in the years before the events that were depicting in "Battlestar." In affect, it would be Dallas where the McGuffin would be artificial intelligence instead of oil.

We had a general conversation with execs at Universal, then we tabled it as we continued to make "Battlestar." We got a call from those execs some time later and they said that at some point in time they heard a pitch from Remi Aubuchon that they felt crossed paths in many ways with what we'd talked about for our "Battlestar" prequel. It just made sense to Ron and I to have another partner since we were so into just making "Battlestar" at the time.  So we sat down with Remi and started to hammer out where this spinoff would be.

So I don't really need to ask if it was a harder sell than the original 'reimagined' "Battlestar" premise?
Our reimagined "Battlestar" premise was held back by a couple of things at different stages. One was title, which was a blessing and a curse. It opened certain doors, but there's a whole contingent ... who would not watch a show called "Battlestar Galactica" no matter how many trophies you win. And Bonnie Hammer said to me, 'You're gonna have to explain to me again when you come in to pitch this why the world needs another space opera.'  And I think we did.

In this case, we had a leg up, you could say. We were coming at the "Battlestar" mythos at what did not feel like a lot of other shows.  As unique as "Battlestar" is, it's still easy to lump it in with "Stargate" and "Star Trek" and "Andromeda" and I can't even name them all. Whereas with "Caprica" I think we're operating in very unique territory.

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'Caprica' countdown: Paula Malcomson's moving away from 'Deadwood's' Trixie

Paula4 After a Golden Globes interruption, we're back with the countdown to "Caprica," chatting up one of the emotional centers of the show: actress Paula Malcomson. As Amanda Graystone, she embodies the frustrated mother of a daughter who was taken from her too soon, and without the mom fully knowing the ins and outs of her "precocious" daughter's life. She's attempting to understand Zoe, in effect building a relationship after her daughter's death. And what better way to build it than to visit the 12-colony transport hub of Scorpia! Clunky transition, but here's today's planetary description:

Named for the scorpion tail-like half-ring surrounding the planet, Scorpia is a planet whose geography ranges from perfect beaches to arctic poles. The planet’s economy is famous for, and entirely dependent on, inter-planet transport-building. Scorpia’s third largest city is actually a ship-docking station orbiting the world, where enough people live to support a professional pyramid team.

And now to our conversation with Paula Malcomson, who just recently figured out how to "phone home." You'll see what I mean.

Who is Amanda Graystone?
She's a plastic surgeon who's married to a tycoon, if you will. She has her own hard-working, busy career, and I think she's well respected in her field. We don't focus a lot on her inner workings as we start on this journey with these people, then this tragedy happens and she sort of rips herself out of her career and separates herself from her work. While her husband goes into his work more deeply, she fires herself.

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'Caprica' countdown: Sasha Roiz says, 'Something ominous is coming'

Sasha Today we're continuing the "Caprica" countdown to the show's Jan. 22 premiere on Syfy with actor Sasha Roiz, who plays Sam Adama (brother to Joseph and uncle to William).

Roiz has gotten a lot of questions about what "Battlestar Galactica" fans can look forward to, so we address them here before we even get to the Q&A. First off, he says that fans already familiar with the style of "BSG" will watch it and be able to appreciate it even more on a secondary level, but should "leave  'BSG' at the door."  He understands the loyalty, but believes that "there's always gotta be room for some sort of evolution and creativity. We always want to push the boundaries."

Sam is a Tauron loyalist, as we'll come to find out, so what better 12-Colony world to describe before talking to the actor who plays him than Tauron.  Here's a quick planetary guide:

A red, arid planet, Tauron is home to a culture of great tradition. Its surface soil grants no favors, so all agriculture is hard won; something seen by the pride in its people. Family and honor are placed above all else in life, until you can finally be at rest and 'return to the soil.'

And on to Sasha Roiz, starting with what I thought would be a curveball. He hit it anyway.

How's it feel to be a Tauron assassin?
Interesting question. Well it feels really great that they've imbued this character with so many dynamic elements. It's not just a cookie cutter monster; he's got so many complexities to him that it's just a joy to play him.

What's the relationship like between Joseph and Sam?
At the beginning of the series, it's relatively strained. Obviously, the circumstances of the tragedy exacerbate the difficulties that the brothers had, and the brothers have a very different opinion of the world that they live in. Joseph is someone who's been trying to assimilate into the Caprican life while Sam is steadfast in staying loyal to Tauron and the Tauron community and has absolutely no interest in assimilating into the Caprican world. So those differences sort of come to a head, especially in the aftermath of the bombing and the loss of his wife and daughter.

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