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'Big Bang Theory's' Jim Parsons comes out as gay

Jim Parsons in "The Big Bang Theory"
"The Big Bang Theory" star Jim Parsons is gay. And he's been in a relationship for 10 years.

This bit of personal revelation was shared with the public not in a People magazine cover story but casually slipped into a lengthy New York Times profile of the actor discussing his performance on Broadway in the play "Harvey."

Yes, the actor who plays Sheldon on CBS' hit sitcom finally has gone on record with his sexuality. And though the news may not shock most fans, it's a little surprising how he went about it. The New York Times isn't commonly known as a place people turn to for personal revelations about celebrities. There's a whole army of celebrity websites and magazines that has this corner of the culture staked out and guarded.

PHOTOS: Gay celebrities

Although Parsons has had an extensive career in the theater, it's his role as Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory" that's made him a star. The role has earned him two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award.

The series just ended its fifth season, and its sixth season will begin in the fall. Parsons is using the downtime between seasons to star in "Harvey." Last year, he spent the break starring in the drama "The Normal Heart," about gay men dying of AIDS.


Emmys 2011: Jim Parsons wins lead comedy actor

Bill Prady's 'Big Bang Theory'? Intelligence not always an asset

Stephen Hawking works his comedic chops on 'The Big Bang Theory'

— Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik in "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: Robert Voets / CBS.

Upfronts 2012: CBS unveils fall schedule; 'Men' moves to Thursday


With one of the strongest schedules in broadcast television, CBS made relatively few moves for the upcoming fall season, shifting four returning shows to different nights and picking up three dramas and a sitcom.

The new shows, which CBS executives outlined to reporters at a breakfast in New York on Wednesday morning, are: "Vegas," a drama about the clashes between a sheriff and the mob during the 1960s; "Elementary," a dramatic update on the Sherlock Holmes story; "Made in New Jersey," a drama about a new lawyer caught between classes; and, "Partners," a comedy about work and lifelong friends.

The network also moved "Two and a Half Men" to Thursday, and "The Mentalist" to Sunday. 

VIDEO: Watch 2012 TV previews

CBS will formally unveil its lineup to advertisers in Carnegie Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

Here is the fall lineup: (N denotes a new show; NT denotes a new time slot)


8:00-8:30 PM              HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

8:30-9:00 PM              PARTNERS (N)

9:00-9:30 PM              2 BROKE GIRLS (NT)

9:30-10:00 PM            MIKE & MOLLY

10:00-11:00 PM          HAWAII FIVE-0


8:00-9:00 PM              NCIS

9:00-10:00 PM            NCIS: LOS ANGELES

10:00-11:00 PM          VEGAS (N)


8:00-9:00 PM              SURVIVOR

9:00-10:00 PM            CRIMINAL MINDS



8:00-8:30 PM              THE BIG BANG THEORY

8:30-9:00 PM              TWO AND A HALF MEN (NT)

9:00-10:00 PM            PERSON OF INTEREST

10:00-11:00 PM          ELEMENTARY (N)


8:00-9:00 PM              CSI: NY (NT)

9:00-10:00 PM            MADE IN JERSEY (N)

10:00-11:00 PM          BLUE BLOODS



8:00-9:00 PM              CRIMETIME SATURDAY

9:00-10:00 PM            CRIMETIME SATURDAY

10:00-11:00 PM          48 HOURS MYSTERY


7:00-8:00 PM              60 MINUTES

8:00-9:00 PM              THE AMAZING RACE

9:00-10:00 PM            THE GOOD WIFE

10:00-11:00 PM          THE MENTALIST (NT)


Upfronts 2012: ABC reveals 2012-13 schedule

ABC cancels "GCB," adds more series to lineup

ABC renews "Scandal," picks up five new series

-- Martin Miller

Photo: A scene from CBS' new drama "Vegas." Credit: Lorey Sebastian / CBS

'Big Bang Theory' finale blasts into space with a real astronaut


A wedding and a launch into outer space. There aren’t many TV shows that would attempt to tackle both of those in under 30 minutes, but “The Big Bang Theory” does just that in its Season 5 finale, which airs tonight.

The episode, “The Countdown Reflection,” features Howard (Simon Helberg) onboard the space capsule awaiting its launch, cut with flashbacks to the days prior, when he and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) scramble to finally get a wedding together before he leaves for Russia’s launch site.

Following up on the recent guest appearance of Stephen Hawking, the CBS show has brought in another man who’s had a few real-life brushes with science to play himself: NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. Massimino, who has been on two Space Shuttle missions, compared the experience on set to his real journeys into the final frontier.

“Being around [the cast and crew] felt like being around a family,” Massimino told press at the Paley Center for Media last week. “That feeling was similar to what I feel at NASA.… I felt the same camaraderie when I was on the set with these guys.”

The astronaut-engineer also affirmed “Big Bang Theory’s” reputation for scientific accuracy. Not only did he give his stamp of approval to the replica of the Soyuz space capsule — on display at the Paley Center — but he also said how the scene on the launch pad plays out is pretty close to reality.

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CBS' 'Big Bang Theory' tops ratings for first time this season

Last week's episode of the CBS's "The Big Bang Therory" was No. 1 among adults aged 18 to 49 for the first time this season, according to Nielsen
It's the revenge of the nerds: "The Big Bang Theory" was the top-rated TV show among young adults last week.

Last week's episode of the CBS sitcom about the lives and loves of science geeks was No. 1 among adults aged 18 to 49 for the first time this season, according to Nielsen. Actually, it tied with Fox's "American Idol," but first place is first place.

Partly as a result, CBS ended up tied with Fox in the 18-to-49 demographic, the one most advertisers watch.

"Idol" used to be invincible in the ratings, but those days are long gone. This season, "Idol" has won outright just seven of 16 weeks. It failed to win or tie during weeks that included the NFC championship, the Super Bowl, the Grammys, "The Voice," the NCAA basketball tournament and now "Big Bang."

What do you think of "Big Bang"?


"The Voice" reveals season 2 winner

Kentucky Derby ratings up as women tune in

Stephen Hawking turns up on "Big Bang Theory"

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik in "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: Sonja Flemming / CBS

Stephen Hawking works his comedic chops on 'The Big Bang Theory'

Stephen Hawking on "The Big Bang Theory"Stephen Hawking may have an impeccable understanding of space-time, but his comedic timing is pretty good too. At least that's according to recent costar Simon Helberg on Twitter, who noted the theoretical physicist's "understanding of comedy in relation to time" during his appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" on Thursday.

In the episode, Howard (Helberg) subjects Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to a series of humiliating acts before he will hand Sheldon's research thesis over to the scientist. Of course, Hawking wants to compliment Sheldon in person (and point out an error in his work), so the famous scientist appears in person.

It's probably the first and only time you'll ever hear a brilliant scientist say the word "boner" on network TV.

Even though Hawking suffers from the degenerative disease related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which leaves him almost completely paralyzed and requires him to communicate through a computerized voice, he's managed to be a very visible media presence over the years.

He always plays himself, making guest appearances on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Futurama," "The Simpsons" and serving as host on the anthology series "Masters of Science Fiction."

Hawking is just the latest geek icon to guest star on the hit CBS sitcom. In past episodes, Leonard Nimoy, LeVar Burton, Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak all have made appearances.


Bill Prady's 'Big Bang Theory'? Intelligence not always an asset

'Star Trek: TNG': LeVar Burton engineers new career chapters

William Shatner boldly goes just about everywhere in his career

-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Stephen Hawking and Jim Parsons on "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: Sonja Flemming / CBS

Bill Prady's 'Big Bang Theory'? Intelligence not always an asset

The Big Bang Theory

"The Big Bang Theory's" Bill Prady credits the success of the show to the fact that he has often felt like an outsider and that most people have at one point or another felt like an outsider.

But as he stood tall and confident in a dapper tuxedo at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday, it was hard to imagine him feeling anything remotely close to an outsider.

Prady, however, disagreed.

PHOTOS: The scene at the Producers Guild Awards

Bill Prady


"'The Big Bang Theory' is all about the possibility that the feeling of being an outsider is part of the human condition," said the executive producer, who was nominated for the Danny Thomas Award for outstanding producer of episodic comedy television, which went to "Modern Family."

"It shows that intelligence is not always an asset. That's me -- I identify with that."

While the whole premise of the show is based on an overwhelming, Woody Allen-esque feeling that Prady likened to the idea that everybody "on the other train" is having much more fun, when it comes to awards season Prady is no outsider to fun. And what does he enjoy most when it comes to awards season events like the PGAs? Without missing a beat, Prady says "a drink!"

Who wouldn't want to be on Prady's train?


SAG Awards: Jim Parsons among the TV snubs

Producers Guild Awards: 'The Artist' takes home top honors

Golden Globes: 'Big Bang Theory's' Johnny Galecki heard mid-email

— Jasmine Elist

Top photo: Jim Parsons, left, and Johnny Galecki on "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: Robert Voets / CBS.

Right photo: Bill Prady on set in 2009. Credit: Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Los Angeles Times.


Golden Globes: 'Big Bang Theory's' Johnny Galecki heard mid-email

Johnny Galecki gets a Golden Globe nomination

Johnny Galecki is probably the only person in the history of Golden Globe nominees who can say he was emailing a member of the alt-rock band My Chemical Romance when he got word of his nomination for lead actor in a comedy for his role as Leonard on CBS' "The Big Bang Theory."

"My phone started buzzing," said the first-time nominee. "It was Warner Bros. public relations, and I thought they must be drunk or confused or misfiring. I did honestly accuse them of that. I really thought there was no way this could possibly be true."

Maybe that's because it's usually his costar Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, who gets the award love. In any case, Galecki is looking forward to the big night and whatever host Ricky Gervais might have up his sleeve. "I can’t wait. I’m such a fan of his," Galecki said. "If he doesn’t make fun of me in some way, shape or form, I’m going to be very disappointed."

Hear that, Gervais?


Golden Globes: 'Enlightened' creator Mike White is 'happily shocked' by nominations

Golden Globes: Bryan Cranston says nomination is like 'bumping into an old friend'

Golden Globes: 'Homeland' creators discuss the show's nominations

Golden Globes: Zooey Deschanel on 'New Girl' nom--'It's like cake and ice cream'


— Martin Miller and Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Johnny Galecki, left, and costar Kaley Cuoco in a scene from "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: CBS.

SAG Awards: TV surprises and snubs

Melissa McCarthy of "Mike and Molly" and Showtime drama "Homeland" were surprisingly among the missing when the nominees for the 18th Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced
Melissa McCarthy of "Mike and Molly" and the Showtime drama "Homeland" were among the huge raves of the TV season, but both were surprisingly among the missing when the TV nominees for the 18th Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced.

McCarthy scored an upset in September when she won an Emmy for lead actress in a comedy series for the CBS sitcom, but on Wednesday she was left out of SAG Awards' outstanding performance by a female actor in a comedy series category (though she did get a movie nod for "Bridesmaids"). Those nominees include Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara ("Modern Family"), Edie Falco ("Nurse Jackie"), Tina Fey ("30 Rock") and Betty White ("Hot in Cleveland").

Other prominent actresses that were omitted included Amy Poehler ("Parks and Recreation"), Zooey Deschanel ("New Girl"), Laura Linney ("The Big C"), Laura Dern ("Enlightened") and Christina Applegate ("Up All Night").

 PHOTOS: SAG Awards top nominees

Meanwhile, Ed O'Neill and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were the only adult cast members of "Modern Family" who did not score an individual SAG nod. In addition to Bowen's and Vergara's nods, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell were nominated for outstanding performance by a male actor in a comedy series. O'Neill and Ferguson were included in the comedy ensemble nomination for "Modern Family."

Also missing among major actors in the comedy categories were Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory"), Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother") and Louis C.K. ("Louie").

"Homeland," starring Claire Danes ("Temple Grandin"), Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin, has been one of the critical highlights of the season, but the show and its performers were left out of the nominations.

A major surprise in the drama category was the nomination of Patrick J. Adams in USA's "Suits." Lewis beat out more well-known performers, such as Hugh Laurie ("House") and Kelsey Grammer ("Boss").

Who do you think should have been nominated? Vote in the poll below or let us know in the comments.


The complete list of nominees

Complete list of TV nominations

 PHOTOS: SAG Awards top nominees

-- Greg Braxton 

Photo: Damien Lewis and Claire Danes in "Homeland." Credit: Kent Smith / Showtime

Kaley Cuoco to host 2012 People's Choice Awards

Kaley Cuoco of 'The Big Bang Theory' will host the 2012 People's Choice Awards.Kaley Cuoco of the Emmy-nominated uber-geek comedy "The Big Bang Theory" will host the 2012 People's Choice Awards, the organization announced Thursday.

Which pretty much means Cuoco is landing more hosting gigs than her "Big Bang" alter-ego is landing hemorrhoid commercials.

"We are thrilled to welcome Kaley as the new host of the People's Choice Awards," executive producer Mark Burnett said in a statement. "She's been making people laugh on top-rated comedy series for the last decade.... I'm looking forward to working with her on a fun-filled, comedy-packed show in January."

Cuoco hosted the Teen Choice Awards last August, where she competed for the spotlight with teens more interested in flailing their arms in front of the cameras than answering her loaded questions about the debt ceiling. But how else is a girl to prove that teens are smarter than we think? She may be better suited for the slightly older crowd drawn in by the People's Choice Awards.

She plays funny-girl-next-door Penny on the top-rated CBS comedy, which won the 2010 People's Choice Award for comedy series. The 25-year-old actress also starred in the final season of syndicated supernatural drama "Charmed" and the now-defunct series "8 Simple Rules," the favorite new TV comedy award winner in 2003.

She'll next appear in the independent feature film "The Last Ride" with Jesse James and the Lifetime television movie "Untouchable: The Drew Peterson Story" with Rob Lowe.

The 2012 People's Choice Awards, in which fans determine the nominees and winners in 41 music, movies and television categories, will air Jan. 11 on CBS.


PHOTOS: Best & Worst: 2011 Teen Choice Awards

The Muppets take TV, crash WWE 'Monday Night Raw'

Silas Wier Mitchell is the not so big, bad wolf on NBC's 'Grimm'

— Nardine Saad

Photo: Kaley Cuoco at the 2011 Emmy Awards. Credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times.

Emmys 2011: 'Big Bang' star explains Charlie Sheen chat

Jim Parsons

When Charlie Sheen presented Jim Parsons with his award for lead actor in a comedy, “The Big Bang Theory” star appeared visibly uncomfortable. But after the handoff, Sheen was nothing but nice to Parsons, the Emmy winner told reporters backstage.

“He just congratulated me and said, ‘That’s awesome,’” Parsons recalled of the post-win exchange with Sheen. “It was that sweet and that banal, I’m afraid. I wish there was something lurid to say.”

There was also nothing all that dramatic about him beating costar Johnny Galecki, Parsons insisted. The actor said that Galecki –- a first-time nominee this year –- sent him a text message earlier in the day relaying his anxiety over the impending telecast.

“We did text today, and he mentioned to me that it was a butterfly-making day and he’d been on-and-off the treadmill all day,” said Parsons. “I texted back and said, ‘I agree. It’s nerve-racking, and the treadmill definitely helps.’ I happened to do the elliptical this morning, but close enough.”

Parsons, who took home the same award at last year’s event, said he was more shocked to win the prize the second time around –- especially with Steve Carell as a favorite for his final season on “The Office.”

“That was what my mother had said, along with other prognosticators,” he said of Carell’s likely win. “It would have been very richly deserved on his part. He’s just done such a wonderful job on that show for such a consistent, long time period. That’s really who I thought it would be. I really felt it would be anybody but me, and Steve had a better chance than maybe the rest.”


Emmys 2011: Jim Parsons wins lead comedy actor

Emmys 2011: Or is that the 'Modern Family' awards?

Emmys 2011: Who's who in the opening number

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: Jim Parsons holds the Emmy for lead  actor in a comedy series backstage at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Credit: AP Photo/Jae Hong

Emmys 2011: Chuck Lorre stays mum on Charlie Sheen


Showrunner Chuck Lorre wasn't giving anything away when it came to his reported drama with former "Two and a Half Men" costar Charlie Sheen. Asked if he was anxious about running into the actor, Lorre replied: "No, not particularly," and quickly began saying how excited he was for his other shows, "Mike & Molly" and "The Big Bang Theory." As for Monday's big season premiere with Ashton Kutcher, he was equally close-lipped. "You'll just have to watch it," he shrugged.

"The Big Bang Theory" has five nominations tonight, including for comedy series.


Emmys 2011: Lea Michele has moment in sun

Emmys 2011: Live coverage, photos, fan chatter, twitter and more

-- Amy Kaufman

Photo: The new cast of "Two and a Half Men," from left, Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Angus T. Jones are shown during their presentation at CBS' Upfront at Carnegie Hall in New York. (AP Photo / CBS, Jeffrey R. Staab)

Emmy Roundtable: Watch out, Ty Burrell, Walton Goggins wants to meet you

We're just hours away from TV's biggest night. Soon stars will be making their way down the red carpet for the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.

Before checking out the red carpet coverage, check out the last set of videos from our Emmy Roundtable, which gathered first-time nominees Josh Charles ("The Good Wife"), Johnny Galecki ("The Big Bang Theory"), Michelle Forbes ("The Killing") and Walton Goggins ("Justified").

In the first video, Charles discusses playing a multi-layered character on television. In "The Good Wife," Charles stars as Will Gardner, a cunning attorney who is "everything. He's good and bad. He's a flawed, complex human being. ... I like open-ended things. I'm not interested in having it all figured out."




While the actors who participated in our discussion provided thoughtful insight into their performances and the nature of acting, they're fans too. Among those Goggins is excited to encounter tonight: Ty Burrell and Jon Stewart. 

--Yvonne Villarreal

Video credit: Jason Neubert / Los Angeles Times



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