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'90210': The whole gang is asking...trick or treat?

NO207a_0301B In this week’s Halloween-themed “90210,” there was so much partner swapping going on, I thought I was at a yuppie key party. Everyone seemed down with checking out greener pastures.

Ade or Silver?
Teddy has found a new prospect in Silver. They just so happen to be matched up for a class project. She, of course, totally abhors Teddy. Don’t forget, he got her in trouble with Dixon by leaking the Ethan kiss back in this season’s premiere. And most recently, she’s not happy he let Navid in on the secret that he and Adrianna had been lip locking, as well. Do these gals ever learn? Hello, Teddy kisses and tells. I’ll give Silver a pass this week. She decided to move in with her cancer-stricken mother and everyone from her sister Kelly to her friends think it was the wrong decision. She’s tired, stressed, and no one understands her. Enter the smooth and handsome Teddy. He was laying it on thick all episode, but Silver wasn’t budging. Then a game-changer: Teddy overheard Naomi talking about Silver’s mother having cancer. Suddenly, we find out why Teddy has been away for a while. He moved to the East Coast to be with his mother, who was dying of cancer. With this, he found his way in to Silver. This can’t last. First, Ade is going to blow up, and Silver is only a few sleepless nights away from bipolar nuttiness. If Ade doesn’t put an end to it, will Teddy stick around through Silver’s extreme mood swings? Something tells me that’s a wave Teddy won’t ride. What do you think? Is he up to it?

By the way, does Navid have swine flu? Where was he all episode?

Naomi or Ivy?
Liam took his eye off Naomi and slammed into surfer-girl Ivy – literally. They got into a little accident in the beach parking lot. She’s a bit “on the nose” with her surfer talk and fist bumps, but she’s blond and pretty.  If someone was going to dent your car, she’s better than some old guy who’ll actually ask about insurance. At West Bev, I guess everyone pays for his or her damage out of pocket. Ivy is also the newest member of the surf team, “90210’s” genius way of getting the boys shirtless. (Except, has anyone else noticed the guys are a bit pale to be hanging at the beach as much as they do? A tan wouldn’t hurt. Teddy, man, you’re first.) Throughout the episode, Ivy gets all girl power on Liam and they battle back and forth until Liam beats her in a surf-off. I think they’ll be sharing waves by the next episode. How long do you give them?

Richard or Jamie?

After Liam wins the surf-off and makes nice with Ivy, Naomi sees them hugging...
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'90210': Even rich girls get the blues

NO206_0132B.r The poor little rich girls of “90210” just couldn’t catch a break this week. The thing is they all seemed to make decisions that seemed logical to them at the time, but put into motion some pretty terrible events. Let’s look at those defining moments, shall we?

The biggest news of the night is that Adrianna broke up with Navid quite suddenly while they were having dinner. Sure, she could have waited until after he got the shrimp – he debated it long enough – but, the thing is I don’t blame her for doing it. I can already feel the hate tweets coming, but hear me out.

For weeks now, we’ve watched Adrianna shuffle between her attraction to Teddy and the relative safety of her relationship with Navid. Anybody, including Navid if he paid attention, could see the snowball of hurt whirling at him. In a way, Ade was doing him a favor by breaking up with him. The truth is she never really cheated on him. Teddy, at least from my standpoint, initiated all the kisses. Let’s stand in Ade’s trendy and retro shoes for one second. You’re dating a guy who’s great in every way, but you have another guy that piques your interest. He’s handsome, carefree, supports your nutty desire to be an actress, and is totally into you. Oh, and by the way, you’re in high school. I say you need to explore other avenues, test the waters, and break up with your nice boyfriend before you’re initiating the kisses (and then some) with the other man. In my opinion, Navid is better off. The thing is Ade isn’t. Here’s where she may have deserved your judgment …

Navid’s shrimp hadn’t even left the kitchen and Ade was already prepared to text Teddy. That was cold. Teddy is even worse. After spending the day with her, Teddy tells Ade he’s not into relationships, so he’s not playing in her fantasy anymore. Then, Teddy’s still not finished  – he later tells Navid about their kiss. When Ade goes to rekindle her relationship with Navid, he won’t have anything to do with her. So, rather than hating on the girl, shouldn’t we feel bad for her? How will the newly resurfaced “Drama-Adrianna” bounce back from the fallout of her decisions? Let’s hope it isn’t drugs and irresponsible sex – that’s so last season.

Annie had a rough night …

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'90210': It's a scene on Soundtrack 90210 (with a sneak preview from the album)

90210_COV_Final Remember that awesome opening scene in this season's premiere of “90210”? It was the music that made that scene for me. Iconic, retro, youthful – everything you’re supposed to feel as the gals stripped to their bathing suits and jumped into that convertible. That was “Cat and Mouse” by L.A.-based pop-soul duo Nikki & Rich. What about that “random” choreographed dance at the beach club bash? That was “The Freakalator” – a moment brought to you by Soundmaster T and Jah Rista.

My point? The music of “90210” is a huge part of what makes the show as memorable as it is. CBS Records is banking on that with today’s release of "Soundtrack 90210" – 15 tracks that will all have their own starring moments this season. The album includes well-known artists like Adele, N.E.R.D. and The All-American Rejects, but also promises to introduce some artists you may not know like MuteMath, Parachute and Stars Crashing Cars.
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'90210': There are two A's in drama

Silver There’s one thing you can always rely on in “90210”: That you can’t rely on anything. One moment, all seems right, then the skewed morals and the heightened misfortune of the ritzy ZIP Code kick in. Those who were on top are suddenly rock bottom. So, what better way to illustrate how everyone is faring five weeks in than with a first-quarter report card?

Adrianna, Navid and Teddy may be doing a group assignment, but each is earning a different grade. From the way ex-virgin Navid is strutting down the West Bev hallways, you’d think he’s getting straight A’s. The truth is, he has no idea what’s going on, but what’s new? Adrianna is basically waffling between him and Teddy, so she’s clueless too. It seems Teddy is leading the group and making all the right moves. First, he takes the two on a double date, which drives Adrianna into a jealous rage. He then kisses her right under Navid’s nose. For his bold leadership, Teddy gets an Ade, I mean an A. Until Navid starts taking notes again, he’s earning a D. And poor, confused Adrianna? Homegirl better ask for extra credit, because she’s failing.

Silver had a B before this episode for foolishly chasing after Dixon, who doesn’t deserve her, but continuing to be there for her friends. She should get lower marks after this episode, but she got a note from her mother (which just happened to be pinned to a brand-new car). After seeing her mother, Jackie, at one of Adrianna’s 12-step events, Silver finds the new car and a note from Jackie sitting in her driveway. In the note, Jackie invites Silver to a 12-step meeting. After much thought, Silver goes. At the meeting, Jackie delivers an impassioned speech about her regret over being an awful mother, then Silver takes the floor. She basically agrees with Jackie’s self-assessment and tells her off in front of the group. She then throws the car keys at her as she leaves. Later, Adrianna tells Silver that Jackie has cancer. I think Silver deserves a make-up assignment. So, for now she retains her B.

Annie has been inconsistent. ...

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'90210': Trevor Donovan on his scene-stealing abs, Teddy's future with Adrianna and how he's giving back

Donovon_wetsuit In last week’s episode of “90210,” we were introduced to a rising star: Teddy Montgomery’s abs. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen them a few times already but never as up close and personal as in Adrianna’s lusty daydream. Didn’t they seem to have a life of their own?

“You’ve got to imagine that I was standing there with 20, 30 people in dead silence,” explains Trevor Donovan, who plays the show’s newest golden boy and is the owner of the scene-stealing six-pack. “I wasn’t sure how they were going to cut it. You can’t see my face, but some of that movement in my belly was actually laughter.”

OK, so there’s more to the “90210” newcomer than abs. Teddy Montgomery has been shaking up the show pretty much since the moment Adrianna whisked him away from boy-starved Naomi in this season’s premiere. Since then, he has definitely upset the balance at West Bev a bit. “In the beginning, he may have said or done a few things unintentionally that may have offended a few of the people on the show,” says Donovan, 31.

Yet, the biggest offense may be tearing asunder what teen pregnancy and drug rehab couldn’t. “Some things will begin to surface and big things will come between Navid and Adrianna as this love triangle starts to form,” hints Donovan. “There’s some interesting things coming up in this next episode. Definitely some higher tension, higher stakes.”

Around the bend, Teddy may spell further trouble for Annie, as well...

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'90210': Adrianna gets nostalgic, Navid finally gets lucky and Liam tries to get even


I would call this week’s “90210” an “in the meantime, in between time” episode. That’s when nothing really huge happens, but a whole lot of set-up for something really big occurs. Last week’s episode left a lot of questions, but this week’s didn’t quite give any answers. What it did do was hint at what may happen. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Will Adrianna hook up with Teddy?
The show began in the middle of a romantic date between Adrianna and Navid. Suddenly, we realize Adrianna is daydreaming. Navid disappears, and Teddy is suddenly in his place. Before long, he’s shirtless, his chest and abs pulsing for Adrianna to come hither. Then, she snaps out of it. That sets the tone of the show for Adrianna. Is Navid getting in the way of what she really wants?

Adrianna soon finds out that her agent has set her up for an audition for a pilot and threatens to drop her if she doesn’t go. When she tells Navid, he gets all preachy on her about the temptations of the acting lifestyle. Of course, she goes to the audition anyway, and she gets the part. Yay! Let the hedonism begin!

After fighting with Navid over getting the gig, Adrianna finds herself in the comforting arms of Teddy. Finally, he gets that kiss he’s been pushing for since the yacht. Oh, then it gets good – not so much for Teddy (who probably had to take a cold shower). It becomes Navid’s lucky night. In her guilt, she runs back to him, professing that he’s right – she has turned down the pilot, and her agent dropped her. So finally, Navid says good-bye to his virginity. Heck, it may have been “guilt sex,” but it was sex nonetheless. One-ups, Navid! 

Will Sasha find out Dixon is a high school student?

If there’s anyone who believes Dixon’s hype more than Sasha, it’s Dixon. After being kidnapped to Napa, we find him and Sasha in bed. He, of course, never comes clean with Sasha and while she knows nothing real about him, he can’t stop talking about everything they have in common. Later, still driving Navid’s yellow “lame-borghini,” she discovers that the car’s trunk is full of Navid’s dad’s porn. Instead of telling her the truth, Dixon tells Sasha it’s just how he pays the bills while he works on a music career. Argh, it’s so frustrating that he keeps getting away with the charade! But then, there’s a glimmer of hope. Somehow, Sasha took Dixon’s phone by mistake, and so she tracks him down to return it. Just as she and her friend arrive, Dixon returns home in his normal ride – picture a compact rental car – and is greeted at the door by his mom. I think Sasha’s friend put it best, “Who is that white woman, and why is she hugging your boyfriend?” Indeed, very astute sistah, indeed. Oh, please let Dixon get caught next week!

Will Naomi and Liam get revenge on Annie for last week’s yacht trip?

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'90210': Jessica Lowndes fields fan questions on the fate of 'No Drama Adrianna,' her singing career and the new hair


This season on “90210,” Adrianna emerged with a new look, a new moniker (“No Drama Adrianna”), and a new relaxed outlook on her post-drug, post-preggers life. She was doing a good job of laying low – until last week, that is, when she almost kissed Teddy at his yacht party. Is the old Adrianna starting to resurface?

“Something is definitely going to go down,” said Jessica Lowndes, the Vancouver native who plays "90210’s" Adrianna Tate-Duncan. “It’s definitely going to get really dramatic really fast. She’s going to go back to ‘Drama Adrianna.’”

Up until now, Navid has been getting most of the flack for being jealous of Adrianna’s relationship with Teddy. Lowndes says that her character should share in some of the blame. “I think she’s in a little bit of denial with obviously the attraction that’s still there with Teddy,” Lowndes, 20, explained. “I think she realizes there that she still has feelings for Teddy, and Navid was right all along.”

Lowndes took some time out to answer not only our questions, but a few from her fans, as well:

You weren’t supposed to be a regular on “90210,” right?
When I signed on, I was only supposed to be in the first two or three episodes. Next thing I know, my character had a pregnancy and a drug addiction, and I was offered a series regular. I’m still pinching myself because this is so much more than I even thought was possible. I’m also very fortunate that they’ve given Adrianna such real, pressing issues in society, and they deal it with it in such an honest way. I try my hardest. I’m constantly challenged as an actress, because it’s all out of my comfort zone and they’re things I have no experience with.

Adrianna was a child actress, gone wrong, which brings me to one of the fan questions...

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'90210': Finally, Annie rules the yacht while everyone else drowns


I guess I should have expected it. What was I thinking? No “90210” party is complete unless the tables are turned and the homecoming queen is dethroned. At Teddy’s yacht party we saw both -- and then some. So, who rocked the boat and who got rocked? Let’s review the footage, shall we?

It was a long time coming, but Annie has finally taken control of the ship. She showed the kind of devious planning that only the Clark sisters seem capable of. The thing is, Annie really didn’t do anything to begin with and, while I enjoyed her misery for a while, it’s high time she stopped sulking and did something about it. 

How did she flip the switch? First, she convinced Mark, the drunken hook-up who took the naked picture, to expose Naomi as the notorious “sexter” in front of Silver. After that backfired with Silver (who, while shocked that Naomi sent the text and lied about it, was more turned off by the overall girl drama), Naomi declared war on Annie.

Annie, realizing that once they were off the boat Naomi would make good on her threats, decided to strike another blow. She convinced Liam that he needed to disclose whom he really had sex with on prom night. But instead of letting Liam admit that it was Naomi’s sister, Annie lied and said it was she after all. 

It would have been smart to stop there, but as we know Annie isn’t great at slamming on the brakes. To add insult to injury, Annie claimed she was sleeping with Liam the entire time he and Naomi were hooking up. Devious, right? The ball is now in Naomi’s court and I can’t wait for her to take a shot.

Side note: Why was Naomi wearing the Scarecrow’s straw hat? So “Wicked,” but not in a good way.

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'90210': Michael Steger on Navid’s nagging virginity problem


Navid of "90210" is one of those characters who makes me want to scream at the TV like my grandma when she’s watching “The Price Is Right.” I just want struggling Navid to win.

After all, he had one of the toughest storylines to deal with on the show last season: His lingering virginity. And of course there’s the whole thing with Adrianna’s pregnancy by another baby-daddy. But … virginity? With all the body-smacking going on around West Beverly, it’s no wonder that he has gone a little koo-koo this season. A certain All-American hunk named Teddy isn't helping matters, either.

“Navid is not happy, because he’s insanely jealous,” said Michael Steger, who plays the driven-yet-naïve Navid Sharazi. “The thing that drives him crazy is that nothing bothers him. He’s like this ultra-passive-aggressive dude, but Teddy just gets under his skin.”

Judging by these spoilery pictures, Navid has reason to worry. Since telling Adrianna to stay away from Teddy hasn’t worked, Steger says that his character is resorting to other methods.

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'90210': Naomi pushes send, the boys seem hungry, and the sun hasn't come out for Annie

55261 No one would mistake "90210” as a good example of traditional values, but tonight’s episode really drove that point home. I mean, c’mon – right now, Liam is the show’s moral compass? No wonder the entire cast is lost. Let's break it down:

Liam’s loyalty

We spent some time with Liam’s parents in this episode. His mother, who is ambiguously ethnic, plays good cop to his stepfather’s bad cop (latter is played by silver fox John Schneider, most famous for his role in “The Dukes of Hazzard” and Clark Kent’s dad in “Smallville”). Liam’s stepfather comes off as shallow, bullheaded and mouthy. That explains Season 1 Liam. So, what explains Season 2's? Turns out, next time he gets into trouble, Liam is going straight to, wait for it, juvie! I didn’t even know parents used that threat any more! It’s nice to know some things don’t change. 

So, I’d like to think that Liam is trying to save Naomi some anguish, but really he’s just trying to save himself some. His loyalties are still firmly to himself.

Sister, sister

Naomi and Jen still follow rule No. 1: This is their world, you’re just the hired help. Sure, Naomi is only manipulating tech nerds while Jen is juggling Mr. Matthews and millionaires, but it’s only a matter of time before Naomi graduates. I had some hope for her when she started to voice her doubts that Annie and Liam slept together, but just like a comb in that hair of hers, my hope was soon lost. 

Both Liam and Annie have already told her the truth, but does Naomi believe them? No, because the only thing she has known her entire life (as evidenced by her cheating dad and trust fund-stealing sister) is manipulation. The truth is the Clark House is all about whatever makes you feel better. So, back to rule No. 1.... 

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'90210' star Matt Lanter talks about the future of Liam and Naomi

NO204_0353B Liam is the X-factor this season on "90210", I’m sure of it. In last season’s finale, he was calling all the shots with Naomi – dangerous drag races, car hood sex, and then sleeping with the “sis-emy” (Liam, you skank!). Then, in the final moments of the show, and in his own bed for a change, Liam was kidnapped.

And whom did we meet during last week's Season 2 premiere? A softer, more docile Liam, just out of military camp. Naomi, fresh from older-manville, admitted she wasn’t over him. Has he really been tamed, or is Liam just a caged tiger?

Matt Lanter, who plays the jaded heartthrob, says we probably shouldn’t come to any conclusions about Liam just yet. “We’re actually not sure how it has affected him,” explains the Atlanta transplant. “There was actually some discussion before we started the season about how this would change him for the better, maybe not for the better, maybe not change him at all. I think the verdict is still kind of out.”

Liam may be lying low for a little while longer too. “He’s still the same guy; I just think he is trying to reserve the anger a little bit,” Lanter says. “It might offer a little more substance, a little more depth, a little more masking the emotions, which is kind of cool.”

But the actor can’t say the other characters are holding anything back. How long can Liam stay cool with Jen Clark, Naomi’s sister, bossing him around? “Of course Naomi’s sister is one person she really trusts,” explains Lanter. “So, it’s a really sensitive topic, and he is trying to find a way around it. So we are going to see in the next episode and in episodes to come how he deals with that — how it affects him and Naomi, and also him and Jen and some other people too.”

Wait. Other people too?

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Ratings quick hit: 'Melrose Place' debuts in the shallow end

MP100b_350rDid the "Melrose Place" reboot come up short?

The CW's high-profile launch drew 2.3 million viewers in its Tuesday at 9 premiere -- a somewhat underwhelming delivery considering the network's robust promotional campaign, and well below the debut of last year's "90210" redo, which drew a big 4.67 million.

Now revolving around a new batch of tenants and the murder-mystery of original resident Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton), "Melrose" posted an average 1.3 rating among adults 18-49.

The CW's take? The network says "Melrose" ranked second in the hour among its target women 18-34 demo, behind only CBS' "Big Brother." The premiere also outdrew last year's time-period launch "Privileged," which has since been canceled.

There was slightly better news for its lead-in, "90210," which drew 2.6 million viewers (1.3 rating in 18-49) to its Season 2 premiere at 8. The episode pulled in the series' biggest audience since January. 

-- Denise Martin

Photo credit: The CW


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