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'The Biggest Loser': Jeremy fears gaining back all the weight

May 2, 2012 |  2:56 pm

Jeremy BrittJeremy Britt is the winner of Season 13 of "The Biggest Loser" after shedding 199 pounds -- more than half of his body weight. But on Wednesday, he admitted that he worries about gaining it back.

"Absolutely," Britt said. "You're an idiot not to worry about that."

Britt, 23, of Rockford, Michigan, said he is only too well aware that weight loss can be temporary.

He said he spent Tuesday night partying after the finale. His voice was hoarse, and he sounded exhausted. But with that out of the way, he's ready to get back to the gym, the active lifestyle, and the strict eating plan that helped him lose weight in the first place.

In fact, he said he's scheduled to be on the golf course precisely one hour after his flight home lands. (Presumably, he will be lugging his clubs along, not taking the golf cart.)

He said that he understands that maintaining the weight loss will be a challenge, calling it "a battle I'm happy to take on." Speaking during a media conference call, he added: "I'm gonna give it everything I have," he said.

Other highlights from the conference call:

-- He said he hopes to figure out a way to demand public accountability for his continued health and fitness. That will help provide the leverage and motivation needed to keep the weight off, he said. Some possibilities include finding a way to help other young adults battle their weight. "I'm definitely trying to pay it forward," he said.

-- He said that he couldn't have had a better partner on the show. Conda (or Ana-Conda to the rest of us), helped spur him on to do the best he could. While he favored her at times, such as when he handed her the keys to the Jessica Simpson shopping trip, the pair were highly competitive and that helped keep them both on track. "Me and my sister are competitive in everything that we do," he said. "I wanted to beat her and I wasn't going to take it easy on her at all." Note to Jeremy: Lots of other people wanted to beat her, too.

-- He said he wished that America had seen more footage of First Lady Michelle Obama's visit with the competitors. He said she was amazingly "down to earth" and spent a considerable amount of time with each competitor, but unfortunately the extent of it all just didn't make the show. "She was very personable about it," he said.

-- Britt said he never had any doubt that he'd win the challenge that allowed him to grab hold of a spot in the finale. Audiences will recall that it involved standing on a pole for nearly four hours, and spend a good chunk of that time standing on just one leg. "I'd still be on the pole right now if I had to," he said. (That win goes down in "The Biggest Loser" history books, along with Tara pulling the car, am I right?)

-- He said he feared Kim at the final weigh in. "I knew that Kim was going to give me a run for my money," he said. However, he was confident of all the work he put in. "There was no way she could have possibly been outworking me," he said.

-- Right now, his focus is on gaining muscle, not necessary losing more weight. "I'm not trying to be the Hulk or anything," he added. He is currently 190 pounds, and said that his goal is to remain under 200 pounds for the rest of his life.

-- He also confirmed that the first thing he will purchase with his $250,000 payday will be a van for Buddy, who said that all he wanted from the show was the chance to win a van for his financially-strapped family. Too bad Buddy quit the show instead of trying to win the van himself for his family.


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Photo: "The Biggest Loser's" Jeremy Britt. Credit: NBC