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Late Night: Joel McHale's illegal knife collection


You're probably familiar with the saying "don't bring a knife to a gun fight," but somebody ought to tell that to Joel McHale.

The star of NBC's "Community" paid a visit to "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday to promote the cult comedy's three-episode season finale. After McHale told Jay Leno about a recent opportunity to go feral pig hunting in Hawaii -- he turned it down, if you can believe it -- talk naturally turned to the actor's somewhat unusual hobby: knife collecting.

"I collect illegal knives, and now you know, Los Angeles police," McHale confessed. In particular, he likes jackknives and Bloody Marys, which apparently can kill something other than a hangover. (Badum-bum!)

McHale has a perfectly reasonable explanation for his knife predilection. "If someone breaks in, I would rather have a knife fight than a gun fight, because I would like to turn the last minutes of my life into "West Side Story,' " he joked (we think). "I just figure it's more of a challenge."

Leno asked McHale, who has two small children, where he keeps his cache of weapons. "In the kids’ drawers," he replied. "Because that's the last place people would look."


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