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'Monday Night Raw' recap: Brock Lesnar wants to hurt John Cena

April 17, 2012 |  8:22 am


This week's episode of "Monday Night Raw" came to us all the way from England and was once again highlighted by a strong promo from Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar's only appearance on the show was a taped interview, and it was one of the best segments on "Raw" in a while. The one thing Lesnar brings to the show is an air of danger. As I've often mentioned, an important part of pro wrestling is being able to suspend your disbelief and buy into the idea that the two men in the ring genuinely don't like each other. Lesnar doesn't seem to like anyone, and with his UFC background, you can easily believe that if he wanted, he could destroy everyone on the WWE roster.

Lesnar's interview Monday underscored all of that. It didn't seem scripted, there was no comedy, it was just Lesnar telling the WWE audience that he is tired of all of the comedy, he is tired of John Cena, and he is here to bring legitimacy back to the WWE. And I am not about to get in his face and tell him otherwise.

The only problem with the Lesnar push so far is tying him in with WWE executive vice president of talent relations and permanent "Raw" and "Smackdown" General Manager John Laurinaitis. Later in Monday's show, in response to Lesnar, Cena came out and seemed more concerned about Laurinaitis than with Lesnar. Lesnar should be presented as an unstoppable machine who doesn't like anyone, including Laurinaitis. He should give the F5 to anyone who is in his way, including Laurinaitis. He shouldn't be linked with anyone.

The other highlight Monday was a great match between CM Punk and Mark Henry, ending with a great visual of Punk jumping from the top rope and driving a chair into the chest of Henry. It was another in a long series of solid matches from Punk.

-- Houston Mitchell


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Photo: CM Punk takes to the air in his match with Mark Henry. Credit: WWE