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Late Night: Barbara Boxer makes awkward 'Daily Show' reference

March 2, 2012 | 10:11 am

Barbara Boxer makes awkward 'Daily Show' reference During Senate debate over the Blunt amendment earlier this week, California Sen. Barbara Boxer quoted at length from a "Daily Show" segment about the proposed measure, which would have allowed any employers -- not just church institutions -- to opt out of mandated contraceptive coverage. 

In the original, very funny bit, Jon Stewart argued that the amendment would create chaos by allowing employers to object to coverage for any reason whatsoever. On Thursday's episode of "The Daily Show," Stewart played a clip of Boxer's stilted Senate-floor recap. 

"Why not just pull my heart out of my chest and eat it in front of me?" he exclaimed. The senator's awkward riff inspired a joke DVD compilation called "Barbara Boxer Meanders Through Episodes of The Daily Show Like One of Your Mom's Friends." 

As Stewart explained, the boxed set includes "all your 'Daily Show' favorites. It's got 'I Can't Believe Fox News Did That.' 'John Kerry Speaks Very Slowly.' 'Dismayed Look.' 'Bemused Look.' 'But John Oliver, That's Absurd,' and of course, 'Newt Gingrich Gets Married a Lot.' "

Correspondent Samantha Bee provided the "voice" of Barbara Boxer, who awkwardly (and at great length) recapped some of Stewart's greatest moments, including his much-beloved attack on Donald Trump for eating pizza with a fork. "So, Donald Trump consumes the doughy wheel of sausage cheese, only -- get this -- he uses a utensil rather than just his hands. Well, Jon is not letting him get away with that. He then proceeds to display the proper method for ingesting the savory New York staple using an Italian accent," Bee-as-Boxer explained. 

We'd love to see how Boxer retells this one. 

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-- Meredith Blake

Photo:  Barbara Boxer at a news conference Feb. 29, 2012. Credit: Michael Reynolds / EPA