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'Biggest Loser's' Emily Joy: New York roomies with Cassandra?

March 15, 2012 | 10:27 am

EmilyHere's what viewers did not see during this week's episode of "The Biggest Loser": Emily Joy standing on the scale, dumbstruck, knowing that her elimination was a foregone conclusion after she failed to lose enough weight to keep her above the dreaded yellow line.

"There was like literally three minutes of me not speaking," Emily said during Wednesday's media conference call. "Because I couldn’t believe it. My heart just broke. At first I had to figure out that it was actually five pounds. I thought it was a joke in the beginning. But I just knew right then and there that I was going home."

In a way, elimination has provided a bit of relief for Emily, 29, of Huntersville, N.C. It has allowed her to jump-start the rest of her life, which she hopes will soar to operatic heights.

The self-confidence and courage she gained at "The Biggest Loser" ranch has encouraged her to give opera singing a try. (Note to producers: How about a scale-top aria at the finale?)

Pursuing that dream and a love of New York City seemed like a far-fetched scheme until Emily arrived at the ranch and bonded instantly with fellow New Yorker-in-training, the recently eliminated Cassandra. Emily said the two women spent their down time at the ranch chattering about the Big Apple. The pair are even talking about becoming roommates in New York City after the finale.

Emily said she has made peace with her elimination, and now sees it as a compliment. "I definitely was seen as a threat. I was told I was a threat ... that’s fine with me and I am glad to go out that way."

And she is using that to fuel her desire for sweet revenge at the finale.

"I'm strong and I'm going to hit it hard and win that at-home prize," she said. As a result, she declined to discuss her weight loss since her elimination, preferred to leave that as a surprise for the finale.

She did say that the same excuse she had going into the house -- trying to make enough time to eat right and exercise -- continues to be an issue. But as this is the season of no excuses, Emily says she simply accepts that reality. "Time" to work out and prepare meals will never just fall into her lap. She has to make the time. A teacher, Emily says she puts in one hour of cardio before going to work, and then five hours -- yes, five hours -- of working out when she gets home. There's no secret or magical solution to this.

"I come home and I just have to bust it. I fit five hours in."

Viewers saw Emily struggling to deal with her fears that she was constantly disappointing her father. She said her relationship with him has only blossomed since her return home. "He can't be prouder of me and he lets me know that and I love it."

Emily said she's also thrilled that trainer Bob Harper has caught her passion for Olympic weightlifting, and said the two shared the slogan "crazy loves crazy." 

Emily also declined to talk about the rumors of a mutiny on set, with players threatening to walk out because of new twists thrown into their midst. "Stay tuned," she said, promising that viewers would not be disappointed: "It'll be interesting."


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