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Camera-shy Bigfoot in commercial, TV and movie spotlight [video]

March 27, 2012 |  1:17 pm

Click for more photos of Bigfoot in pop culture

It sure is squatchy around here. Sasquatchy, that is.

The wily creature known as Bigfoot, though historically camera shy, is getting major face time through a current crop of commercials and cable TV shows. And Hollywood and Madison Avenue seem to be just getting started in spotlighting the hirsute man-beast – there are more advertising, feature films and TV movies on tap.

Even some scientists are getting involved and are conducting DNA testing of purported Bigfoot hair and tissue samples. The results of this long-gestating and highly controversial study are in peer review now, according to its Texas-based authors, on the way to possible publication in a scholarly journal.

PHOTOS: Bigfoot's pop culture footprint

A well-known Idaho State University anthropology professor, who’s often called upon to unravel Bigfoot hoaxes, is working on several Sasquatch-related projects that aim to bring more gravitas to the ongoing “is-it-possible” debate.

Advertising, always ready to ride a pop culture wave, is using Bigfoot as a punch line in a number of campaigns aimed at the young and hip. The current ads follow the immensely popular “Messin’ with Sasquatch” spots from Jack Links Beef Jerky that have played pranks on the legendary creature for years.

Stride Whitemint gum puts a Yeti front and center in its new ad, also starring Olympic medalist Shaun White, and Skittles has made “Sasquatch the Rainbow” part of its new online ad series that features touch-screen tricks.

Carmaker Hyundai launched a Sasquatch-centric Super Bowl ad in Canada that shows a shocked driver passing a creature on a desolate mountain road, saying, “Holy crap, was that a Sasquatch?”

The man-animal hybrid looks at the spiffy 2013 Genesis Coupe and responds with, “Holy crap, was that a Hyundai?” The ad and its behind-the-scenes “Sasquatch on Set” vignettes have become YouTube and viral hits.

“It’s all about the element of surprise – the driver being surprised, the Sasquatch being surprised, and the viewer being surprised that Sasquatch can talk and that he speaks perfect English,” said John Vernile, Hyundai Canada’s vice president, marketing. “We thought about using Elvis, but we settled on Sasquatch. We figured everybody would get a chuckle out of it.”

Judge for yourself, Show Trackers. And read more here about Sasquatch’s time in the spotlight.


Hyundai's addition to the genre:


And Skittles:



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-- T.L. Stanley

Photo: A 1967 photo supposedly showing Bigfoot in Northern California. Credit: Associated Press