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'Monday Night Raw' recap: The real John Cena finally stands up

February 20, 2012 | 11:50 pm


On this week's episode of "Monday Night Raw," John Cena finally came out and showed why he has so many fans in the first place.

The good: Cena did two things right this week. First, he stood up to the manipulative Eve Torres and put her in her place, and I dare say I believe over some male fans in the process. Second, he came out and cut an outstanding promo on The Rock to kick off the buildup to their match at WrestleMania on April 1. Cena did tell lame jokes, he didn't smirk, he didn't roll his eyes. He just looked in the camera and called out The Rock as being a Hollywood phony who turned his back on the pro wrestling industry, and only comes back now to promote a movie. Meanwhile, Cena has been here day after day, week after week, year after year carrying the torch for WWE. Cena made you think there was genuine bad blood between the two, and WWE has made a lot of money over the year convincing the people watching at home that the two people who are about to wrestle genuinely don't like each other.

The bad: For those of you who turn up your noses at pro wrestling and dismiss it as fake, I invite you to watch the show-ending battle royale. At one point, The Big Show lifted Dolph Ziggler over his head and threw him outside the ring. There, waiting to catch him, was Wade Barrett. Now look closely at Barrett. Watch his left arm. But you might want to watch only once, since he dislocates his left elbow while catching Ziggler. You could tell immediately that Barrett was in pain, and it was a bit surreal to watch medics rush down to ringside as the match continued in the ring. At one point, Santino Marella was thrown over the top rope and landed on Barrett's left arm while the medics were trying to immobilize it. All the WWE superstars are tremendous athletes, and we can only wish Barrett the best.

So, a great "Raw" episode, and I didn't even get to the continuation of the Triple H-Undertaker storyline, which was the highlight of the night until Cena stole the show. It was an episode of "Raw" that makes a person proud to be a pro wrestling fan. Now, WWE has to do it again next week.


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--Houston Mitchell