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Late Night: Why Jon Huntsman said 'hell no' to Donald Trump

February 8, 2012 |  8:51 am

Watch out, Donald Trump!

Tuesday on "The Tonight Show," former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman lashed out at the reality star and wannabe conservative kingmaker. 

It all began when Jay Leno asked Huntsman why, unlike many of his Republican opponents, he never sat down for a pow-wow with The Donald.

"I said 'No, hell no.' I'm not going to do those things. I'm just not going to show up for Donald Trump," Huntsman said.

In contrast with his one-time rival Mitt Romney, who happily accepted Trump's endorsement at an event in Nevada last week, Huntsman thinks the real estate magnate should quit meddling with the campaign: "If you want influence in politics, get in the arena, become a candidate. Get out there and fight and slug it out instead of trying to control it from the outside. I just don't have any respect for people who try to do that. So when he called for a debate I was the first one to say 'No way.' "

Trump has yet to respond to Huntsman, but the combative star isn't typically the kind to turn the other cheek. Stay tuned.




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— Meredith Blake