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Late Night: Jon Stewart tries, fails to dislike Brad Pitt

February 2, 2012 |  8:16 am

Wednesday on the "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart discovered something most of us have known for a while now: It's virtually impossible to dislike Brad Pitt.

Pitt and Stewart discussed the actor's Oscar-nominated role in "Moneyball," as well as the work his charitable foundation, Make It Right, has done building sustainable housing in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward. 

"We came in with a lot of friends to help the families that did want to return to their homes," Pitt explained. "In the process we discovered gross inadequacies in low-income buildings -- toxic materials, crappy appliances -- that was actually keeping families in the poverty trap. We were trying to build sustainable homes that would treat the families with more dignity, and get 'em down to a compatible price to a sub-standard home."

Pitt also announced plans to take the organization nationwide, starting with a new project for veterans in Newark. 

"How many of these can you build?" Stewart wondered.

"There's no end," Pitt said.

Stewart was won over by the actor's optimism. "I wish when you came on I was like, 'Wow that guy's condescending,' but the whole time I'm just like --"  he said, gazing dreamily at Pitt. 

Welcome to the club, Jon. 



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— Meredith Blake

Photos: Brad Pitt, left, and Jon Stewart. Credit: Scott Gries / Getty Images, left, and Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press