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Was Fox News too tough on Mitt Romney?

December 1, 2011 |  1:46 pm

Mitt Romney is evidently not happy about his recent sit-down with Fox News.

The GOP presidential candidate felt the network's approach was "overly aggressive" and "uncalled-for," according to Bret Baier, who conducted the Tuesday interview.

Baier asked Romney about his reputation for flip-flopping on key issues, such as immigration and abortion. The candidate replied icily that Baier had his facts wrong and then changed the subject to talk about President Obama's record.

Was Fox News too tough on Romney? Judge for yourself here:


The reaction is already complicating Romney's efforts to paint himself as the GOP frontrunner. On Twitter, wags are filling a feed with the hashtag #QuestionsMittLikes. Among them: "Truffles or caviar?" "Vanilla or French vanilla?" 

It's not as if Romney hasn't had a lot of practice swatting the flip-flopping charge in previous interviews. Here's a 2007 clip when he faced much the same question, with much the same result:


So, what do you think? Is Romney justified in complaining about his treatment on Fox News?


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-- Scott Collins