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KTLA weatherman on his 'hissy fit': 'It wasn't a pretty sight'

December 22, 2011 | 11:04 am


KTLA weatherman Henry DiCarlo, who stormed off a recent broadcast during a live report, expressed some regret over the incident, although he didn't entirely apologize.

"It doesn't matter what the circumstances were — it wasn't a pretty sight for me to act like that, and I get that," DiCarlo said as he appeared on the "KTLA Morning News" to explain. He was seated alongside one of the show's producers, who was at the studio working with DiCarlo when he erupted during the live segment at Union Station.

But he added to his colleagues: "But personally, you guys have seen much worse from me, so I didn't think I was that bad."

DiCarlo was at Union Station conducting an interview for Toys for Tots. Afterward, when he started his weather report, a full screen graphic appeared and DiCarlo was heard to say, "You know what, it's so interesting, I'm in the communications business and it seems like there's so little communication. When you send a weatherman out to do the weather but you also want him to do a story, you might want to give him a little extra time. But that's just me."

He became more agitated, said someone else would handle weather in the studio, and then exited — as the camera showed DiCarlo storming off.

The producer, who was identified only as "Roxane," gave her side of the episode: "He was supposed to do the weather first, then whatever time was left, he was supposed to get into the segment. I felt that people needed to get their weather first. I might have been yelling a little loud in his ear to get to the weather."

DiCarlo said he was planning to do a four-minute segment, but the producer started yelling at him about 35 seconds after he started. He also joked that he didn't have breakfast or enough coffee that morning.

At the end of the discussion, DiCarlo pointed to his producer and said, "She's great at what she does."


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