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Fox Business: Are Muppets (and liberals) brainwashing kids? [Video]

December 5, 2011 |  5:54 pm


Are the Muppets and Hollywood trying to brainwash children into following a liberal agenda? That's what Fox Business host Eric Bolling suggested Friday during his program, "Follow the Money" on Fox Business.

The source of Bolling's irritation was the villain in "The Muppets," a greedy oilman named Tex Richman (played by Chris Cooper). In the film, Richman secretly plots to gain control of the Muppets' studio in Hollywood and tear it down to get to the oil buried beneath it.

Bolling's guest, Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, responded, "Hollywood, the left, the media, they hate the oil industry. They hate corporate America.... All of these movies attacking the oil industry. None of them reminding people what oil means for most people, which is fuel to light a hospital or heat your home or maybe fuel an ambulance to get you to a hospital."

Gainor went on to connect the proliferation of Occupy Wall Street protesters with kids who had been "indoctrinated" by "Captain Planet" or Nickelodeon's "Big Green Help." "They're all teaching that corporations are bad, oil industry is bad," he said.

"The Five" co-host Andrea Tantaros then joined Bolling. "I thought 'Sesame Street' was supposed to be sharing and being nice to people. But over the years they have gotten more liberal."

Poor Tex Richman couldn't even satisfy Occidental politics Professor Caroline Heldman, who wished that "The Muppets" had selected a villain from the financial sector.

Bolling seemed incensed. "Why do kids have to be exposed to this?... Why is rich evil?... We're teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, communist China?"


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-- Patrick Kevin Day

Photo: Chris Cooper plays "Muppets" villain Tex Richman. Credit: Scott Garfield / Disney