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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Joe holds no grudge

November 9, 2011 |  2:02 pm

Did you watch Ramone Tuesday night and think -- "Dude. Leaders don't act like babies." Or was that just me?

Ramone seemed to think that he was the only person in the house who has formed an alliance and couldn't understand why the rest of the players wouldn't line up to help him save Jessica, his newfound lady love. Like, say, Joe, who ended up casting the deciding vote to send Jessica home last week because he had his own support system that he was trying desperately to keep intact.

Ramone was furious, but Joe is taking it all in stride. It was Joe's turn to be sent packing this week (no doubt Ramone enjoyed this bit of revenge). But he said in a media conference call today that he has no hard feelings against either Ramone or Vinny, who both voted against him.

"Unfortunately, part of it is a game, and we sign up for it," Joe said during Wednesday morning's media conference call. "I consider Vinny a dear friend of mine. It's just part of the process. I don't hold any grudges. I was a threat and I understand that."

Joe said the transition to his home life has been easier than expected.

First off, he's been reunited with his family. (He said he feared his young son was going to forget him. But the toddler ran up to him at the airport, grabbed his face between his little hands and said, "Where you been daddy?")

Joe said he credits Anna Kournikova for the smooth road. Bob taught him the nuts and bolts of diet and nutrition, but Anna, he said, "made me believe I could do it. ... She fixed my thinking."

He said the key to his continued success has been playing. "Make sure you plan your day before your day begins. Know where all your meals are coming from when the day starts."

Since he's been home, he's been approached by many obese people who want to try out for the show. And while he encourages them to do so, he tells them they can do it on their own.

"That is the reality," he said; it's all about eating right and exercise.

Now that he has lost over 100 pounds, he can go on roller coasters with his daughter. But, "I could have been riding coasters years ago. ... I wish I hadn't waited to get on the show to fix this, because it's years that I wasted."

He said that he would love to win the $100,000 at-home prize; his family took a financial hit by his decision to join the show. Among the sacrifices made to pay the bills while he was at the ranch: They sold the family truck. He said, however, that he still feels he's already a winning by getting a new lease on life. That said: "I wouldn't mind cashing the check if they are going to give one away," he joked.

What did you think about this week's challenge? It featured returning champion Olivia Ward and chef Devin Alexander, author of the newest "Biggest Loser" cookbook. The pair judged a competition (above) in which the teams had to come up with the tastiest dish that packed the most bang for the calorie buck. The trainers got to play along too. Do you like it when the get involved? I do. But I dunno what Dolvett was thinking with that still mooing beef.


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--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Chef Devin Alexander, left, and Olivia Ward judge this week's challenge. Credit: NBC