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Late Night: Stephen Colbert begs Herman Cain to stay in race

November 30, 2011 |  9:44 am

The beleaguered Herman Cain campaign is being rocked by yet another scandal: An Atlanta woman named Ginger White claims that she and the former GOP presidential front-runner shared 13-year affair.

No one is more upset by the news than Stephen Colbert.

"I do not want to be alone right now," he said on Tuesday's episode of "The Colbert Report." "Frankly my faith in womankind has been shaken."

Although the media have described the latest allegation involving Cain, coming after recent accusations of sexual harassment, as another case of "he said, she said," Colbert characterized the situation this way: "Technically, I now believe we're up to 'he said, she said, she said, she said, she said she was paid not to say.'"

He called the news that Cain was taking a few days off to "reassess" his campaign "devastating" and "unthinkable."

Colbert begged Cain not to "leave this election-lover's pizza half-baked." "I say this not just as a supporter but as a broadcaster: I need you in the race. Don't leave me with him," he said, referring, of course, to Mitt Romney.

There was still plenty to be optimistic about, Colbert insisted. First, the alleged 13-year affair proves Cain can carry on a committed relationship. Plus, compared with charges of sexual harassment, "these new allegations sound like 'Leave It to -- let's not say -- Beaver,'" Colbert claimed.

He ended the segment on an optimistic note: "If these allegations prove true, that means you are only one extramarital affair behind Newt Gingrich."

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-- Meredith Blake

 Photo: Stephen Colbert, left, and Herman Cain. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times and Dave Martin / Associated Press.