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'Monday Night Raw' recap: The Rock, Mick Foley and Twitter

November 16, 2011 |  9:06 am


It was another exciting episode of "Monday Night Raw," with rare appearances by The Rock and Mick Foley. However, it appears they want to change the name of the show to "Monday Night Twitter."

The good: The Rock showed why he is in a different league than everyone else on the WWE roster by cutting an electrifying promo (until it skidded off the rails with his Twitter pandering). Dolph Ziggler continues to shine, and they will hopefully give him a serious push soon.

The bad: The Michael Cole Challenge was just another excuse to try and humiliate Jim Ross. A "Who weighs less" challenge? Really? It has reached a point in which you wonder why Ross puts up with all of this. Maybe he needs the money, but you have to guess he has made a decent sum of money in his career.

The ugly: They bring Mick Foley back after several years, and the best they can do is a "This is Your Life, John Cena" segment that died a slow death? It would have been a lot better, if, instead of The Rock waiting 10 minutes into the segment to give Foley a Rock Bottom, he would have come out immediately and done it. It would have been a nice riff on the horrible "This is Your Life" segment Foley did with Rock several years ago, with Rock not wanting anyone, even John Cena, to go through that again. And it would have built intrigue to Foley's next appearance, whenever that may be.

The mystifying: This continuing obsession with Twitter. The Rock had a great promo going until he tried to get a phrase to trend on Twitter. For the first time in a long time, The Rock came off as less than cool. The annoying pop-ups on screen during the show, letting us know what WWE term is trending on Twitter at that moment. Guys, you look silly with all this constant Twitter pandering. If having a term trending on Twitter doesn't lead to an increase in rating, or an increase in PPV buys, or an increase in website hits, then it's pretty worthless. And looking at the numbers, it doesn't lead to any of those things. So what's the point?

Sunday is The Survivor Series. The Rock and John Cena wrestle R-Truth and The Miz. I'll give you a quick recap of that during next week's "Monday Night Raw" recap.


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: Mick Foley, left, and John Cena during the "This is Your Life, John Cena" segment. Credit: WWE