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'Monday Night Raw' recap: John Cena has no emotions

November 22, 2011 |  7:44 am


It's the day after the Survivor Series on "Monday Night Raw," so what will the fallout be to The Rock giving John Cena a Rock Bottom at the end of their match with R-Truth and The Miz? Not much, apparently.

The good: CM Punk started the show with a bang with some excellent mic work. He made the WWE title seem important (something it rarely has in the last couple of years). Hopefully they will give him a long run with the belt. Punk said it was a really big deal for him to win the WWE title at Madison Square Garden (site of the Survivor Series), and it seemed to be a genuine emotional moment.

The bad: They go out of their way to show how popular Zack Ryder is becoming, even showing a clip of The Rock talking about what a big fan he is of Ryder's. Then what do they do? They have Ryder lose quickly to Alberto Del Rio without getting much offense in at all. Why? Ryder has the potential to be a breakout star, but you get the sense that because the fans made him a star (thanks to Ryder's hard work on the Internet), and not the WWE marketing machine,  the company wants to thumb its nose at the fans and say "You don't decide who you cheer for, we do."

The ugly: There actually wasn't anything ugly on this show. It was a pretty solid effort all around.

The mystifying: John Cena doesn't care about anything. The Rock gives him a Rock Bottom to end Survivor Series, and Cena comes out on Raw the next night all smiles. He does this all the time. Lose the title? Come out the next day all smiles. Get double-teamed by R-Truth and The Miz? Come out the next day all smiles. Lose a handicap match? Sit up and smile. If nothing seems to matter to Cena, why should we in the audience care?

Late-breaking news: Did you wonder why they had The Miz attack R-Truth and seemingly knock him unconscious Monday night? Well, on Tuesday WWE announced that Ron Killings, who plays R-Truth, was suspended 30 days for violating the wellness policy.


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: CM Punk sits in the ring during "Monday Night Raw." Credit: WWE.