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'Monday Night Raw' recap: John Cena invades Britain

November 8, 2011 |  7:03 am


This week on "Monday Night Raw" (live from Liverpool, Britain): The WWE has a couple of weeks to kill until its next big pay-per-view, so if you missed this show, don't worry, you didn't miss much.

The good: Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison had an excellent match. The WWE really has something in Ziggler, who is solid in the ring and getting better in promos. Hopefully, it won't pull the rug out from under him like it so often does when young guys start gaining momentum. Also, screen time for John Laryngitis, I mean, Laurinaitis was kept to a minimum. And Kevin Nash gave his best promo since returning to WWE.

The bad: WWE did a more effective job of putting over the Muppets and their appearance on last week's show than they did The Rock and his appearance on next week's show. Maybe the WWE writers are like Benjamin Button and age in reverse. Also, John Cena lost to the team of R-Truth and The Miz at the end of the show, then sold it by sitting up in the ring and smiling. Wow, I really can't wait for the Survivor Series main event now.

The ugly: I really, really hope Jim Ross returns next week and wins "The Michael Cole Challenge," whatever that ends up being, because Cole is unbearable as an announcer. I know he's playing a role, and he plays it well, but it's not the role your main announcer should be playing, as he makes the whole product come off like a big joke.

The mystifying: Beth Phoenix and Natalya are constantly promoted as the two toughest women in WWE, but then they always back down to Kelly Kelly, Eve and Alicia Fox, or any combination of those three. Here's a thought: Instead of telling us how tough they are, why not let them decisively beat all the other women on the roster, building up to their eventual falling-out and a match between the two?  

All in all, it was a treadmill version of "Raw," with everything basically staying in place in anticipation of next week's three-hour episode that will feature The Rock and, apparently, a returning Mick Foley.


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-- Houston Mitchell

Photo: John Cena gives a shoulder block to The Miz on Monday. Credit: WWE