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'Biggest Loser's' Coach Mike: He talks about Anna, age and the ax

October 12, 2011 |  4:27 pm

Yawn. The black team won the weigh in. Again. And the blue team sent someone home. Again.

But there were a few surprises this week:

We learned that Dolvett Vader has a heart, helping Courtney find her love of sports and encouraging his wards to find solace in doing their best -- no matter what the scale says. We learned that Ramone is an animal, carrying those 50-pound bags up the mountain all by his lonesome. We learned that past competitors such as Marci, and Hannah and Adam Hurtado of Santa Ana are as buff as ever, showing off their stuff on a visit back to the ranch in which they encouraged the competitors to do their best.

And we learned that Bob Harper practically walks on water. Or, at least, the mere sound of his voice can teach a grown man to swim.

But the biggest surprise of all? The axing of Coach Mike. Stone faced, he left the room without so much as a hug. Didn't see that one coming, but neither could we guess that it would be Bonnie -- Bonnie! -- who had all the power and was safe from elimination this week when the blue team fell below the dreaded yellow line.

First off, congrats to Bonnie. But not sure that was a good move. If the blue team has any chance of winning future challenges, it needed Coach Mike. It looks like they are going to have to shuffle the decks soon, or Anna's team will continue to be sitting ducks. What will that mean for Anna?

Coach Mike only had kind words for her at Wednesday's media call. Some highlights:

On Anna: "She is not a rookie, she is not a pushover...she can do the job, no question about it." He said he was "very, very happy I had the opportunity" to have her as his trainer.

He said he went into the elimination room believing he was safe. "I had worked hard, and I had been the leader or the captain of that team from the get-go....I felt good until Bonnie started to talk."

He added: "Although I respect her decision...I obviously didn't agree with it...But things happen, and you just have to face them and go on with them."

So, is age really just a number? "We never really expected to go out and beat up on either of the other two teams," he conceded, but he said that the blue team did excel at showing off their wisdom and determination to find a way and finish each challenge, no matter what. And that includes rain, snow, wind and a climb to the top of a symbolic "Mt. Everest."

In the end, he said, the blue team proved that "We each have a journey, a little bit different but also similar in that if you don't put in the work, you don't reap the rewards."


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-- Rene Lynch
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Photo: Coach Mike, left, and Becky on "Biggest Loser." Photo: NBC